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The 30 Most Useful Items On Amazon

Let’s not beat around the bush: having the correct item on hand for completing it’s designed task can be one of the most validating feelings on the planet. The right tool can save you time, get the job done, and keep you in good spirits. In my opinion, it’s not a question of if you’ll ever need specialized products — it’s when. What do you think life was like before we had something like…oh, I don’t know…coffee grinders? I’ll give you a hint: it was terrible.

For example: when you have a sleepless night, you may find it handy to have these melatonin gummies in your medicine cabinet. They work wonders and are much safer than relying on OTC sleep aids like Benadryl. Or what if you want to reinvigorate that old leather jacket in your closet? Well, that could be a problem if you don’t already have this Leather Honey in your DIY arsenal. It’s always better to be prepared.

That’s why I put together this list of the most helpful items on Amazon, hopefully saving you from frustration in the future. Keep scrolling and prepare to be enlightened!

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Taking your boots off after a long day is one of my favorite things to do. The issue is I’m usually so tired that it can become quite laborious to bend over and sort it out — especially if my boots are wet and muddy. Not anymore, thanks to this remarkable boot jack from Minuteman International. This thing made out of indestructible cast iron, so it won’t move around or break when you use it. Also, it’s shaped like a cricket — who doesn’t want that in their foyer? It’s like a piece of art!

This 100% BPA-free nylon spatula is more than just your average spatula. It’s a fork, a meat tenderizer, and an herb grinder all in one — saving you time, and creating less dirty utensils to clean. It’s strong enough to withstand heat up to 500°F, so it won’t melt away unexpectedly…just don’t use it on an open flame!

Cutting your own hair can be a real chore, especially if you want it to be short and actually look nice. The hardest part is the back of your head, and more specifically, squaring up your neck. This neckline template from Quality Time takes all the guesswork out and leaves you perfectly lined up every time. Just strap it to the back of your head and shave away!

I’m sure your house is overflowing with bobby pins — under the couch, in your bed, on your shelves; everywhere. Then, when you actually need one, there are none to be found. HairpinPal was aware of this problem and came up with an ingenious solution: this magnetic bowl that prevents your bobby pins from going astray. The magnet is so strong that you can literally toss bobby pins in its direction and they will snap into the bowl. You’ll save money and sanity with this thing. 10/10.

Did you know the reason that some wines give you a headache is that they’re loaded with sulfites? These ionized sulfur compounds can naturally appear during the fermentation process — however, many winemakers add extra sulfites to prevent bacteria growth. This can cause headaches, hangovers, and even histamine reactions in some people (like me) — leading to endless sniffles and bright red skin flush. The Wand Wine Purifier helps you take sulfites and other impurities out of wine completely with its simple submersible filter. It can even aerate already open bottles to bring back the original flavor after a few days of sitting. Finally, I can get wine drunk again without the fear of looking like a bee sting victim!

Not many products have 10,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon, but the Original MakeUp Eraser has achieved just that. How? By creating one of the first microfiber towels that gently scrubs away all your makeup using only water. If you haven’t tried it, you’re in for a real treat.

My last detangler was a nightmare brush that would constantly tighten hair knots and leave my kids begging me to stop. I went on Amazon to look for a solution, and I discovered one thing: not all detangling brushes are built the same, and the amazing Crave Naturals Glide Thru detangling brush is proof of that. Its soft bristles will not pull or destroy hair, and your kids will thank you for it. I actually have two, one for me and one for the kids!

Having trouble sleeping at night? I’m not surprised, considering how difficult this past year has been. Don’t turn to prescription sleep aids, try these amazing night-time gummies by OLLY and fall asleep naturally! They won’t leave you groggy because they only use naturally occurring melatonin, L-theanine, chamomile, and lemon balm to do the trick. They’re honestly delicious too, so don’t eat too many and keep them out of reach of the kids!

How many times have you opened your dishwasher and not known if things were dirty or clean? It’s one of the downsides of having a dishwasher, and sometimes I end up using dirty utensils by mistake. Well, I used to, anyway, before I got this idiot-proof sliding magnet that sticks right to the dishwasher. Just flip it to dirty after you’ve emptied it, then flip it back to clean once you turn on a wash cycle, and boom! — no more guesswork!

Every time you use a new plastic bag for each different bit of produce, you’re contributing to the global plastic dilemma. Get yourself out of the habit of using plastic altogether by picking up the ingenious reusable mesh bags from ECOfreshMAX. Each of these seven bags has the empty weight tagged on the side, so you can easily tare the scale when weighing your fruit and veggies.

Do you have hundreds of batteries of unknown remaining charge littered around your house? Pick up this battery organizer and literally consolidate your power. The case itself is constructed with high-quality scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and water-resistant materials, making it one of the most durable on the market. Inside it’s equipped with spots for basically every battery type, and even has a voltage meter included so you can determine which rogue cells need to be tossed (properly, of course!)

Because I store all my clothes on shelves in my closet, the biggest issue I run into is that after a few days everything becomes wholly disorganized. I realized the problem was I had nothing separating the shirts from the pants from the sweatshirts. So, as a result, the shelf would become messier — but not anymore! Thanks to these shelf dividers from Mebbay, my closet has become a bastion of organization. This pack of 12 will neatly organize any wooden shelf, not just your closet! They’re great for the kitchen, bathroom, and workshop, too!

Maybe you prefer drawers instead of shelves, and in that case, I seriously recommend these foldable drawers from Sorbus. Fold and roll up all your clothes to fit into the tiny sections of each drawer, reducing the space they take up while keeping everything accessible. Then, slip these drawers into your dresser drawers and feel the satisfaction of decluttering an entire wardrobe. You’ll honestly be surprised at how much space this saves and how efficiently this can organize your stuff.

This is hands down one of the most comfortable belts I own. I think the overall design is a critical innovation to belts in general. It uses clips to hook onto your belt loops, eliminating the need for a buckle and giving you way more flexibility to make adjustments. Simply pull the straps tighter or looser to get your desired fit. This belt is so popular on Amazon that it’s rated #7 in women’s belts and #1 in women’s plus-size belts. It even comes with a handy buckle clip, just in case you need a more formal look.

If you’ve read any of the other articles I’ve written, you’ll know walking is just about my favorite activity. When I was younger, my feet were invincible and I could hike for days without even thinking about my poor feet — sans a few blisters. Now that I’m approaching middle age, my feet require more and more attention after each excursion. I couldn’t believe how much relief I felt after just one massage with the Dr. Achy Foot Roller I bought from Amazon. Just strap your foot in and massage away, no need to pay for expensive foot rubs to ease the pain! After each use I’m back to my old self and ready for the next adventure!

I always make a huge mess by not greasing the pans properly before I cook or bake, sometimes completely ruining whatever I’m making. The problem is I don’t like soaking my food in oil because it ruins my recipes! This non-stick oven liner from Grill Magic was the lifesaver I was looking for. This bad boy is heat resistant up to 500°F and completely dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Cookies, pizza, roasted chicken; you name it — this thing does everything without adding globs of fat.

Perfect eyebrows are one of the most popular beauty trends these days, and there is no shortage of products attempting to fill the demand. Unfortunately, they don’t always function as anticipated — that is until WUNDERBROW came along. This is not just your typical eyebrow shading product, and that’s because the WUNDER2 actually contains hair-like fibers to fill out your brows, making them a focal point. This technology allows you to define and shape your eyebrows however you want, without plucking or ruining your natural look. Get the brows you always wanted in just a few minutes!

My dryer used to sound like it was full of rocks as it shook and bounced all around my basement. I knew something was wrong, but I honestly thought I just needed to buy a new one. Turns out, the problem was the rubber pads on each corner of the bottom had worn away due to the concrete floor. The result was a bad combination of exposed metal bouncing on concrete. I immediately did a deep dive on Amazon to find a solution, and, of course, they had one — these unbelievably beneficial rubber mounts from STEADY-PAD. No more loud drier, no more crazy vibration, and no more “walking” across my basement. Honestly, it’s amazing how a few simple pieces of rubber can solve so many problems!

Are you trying to add some extra excitement to a DIY project? Rub’n’Buff helps make it happen. It works as a polish and contains pigment, allowing you to buff in additional luster wherever you see fit. It comes in a range of colors, but I have been using this gold pigment on some old furniture and it looks astonishing. It does more than just shine — this stuff seems to glow!

Everyone knows you’re supposed to oil your leather, but how many people do it? It keeps your leather healthy and prevents it from drying out — but if you forgo oiling for a prolonged period, it could cause lasting damage. In much the same way Rub’n’Buff rejuvenates your wood, Leather Honey rejuvenates your leather. With Leather Honey, each application helps maintain your leather for up to 6 months. It works for interiors, jackets, baseball gloves — anything made from good old-fashioned cowhide!

Tiles are a luxurious aesthetic to have in your home, that is until the grouting starts to become discolored. This is perfectly normal, but it can be a bit unsightly and cause you to seek out complicated solutions like applying bleach or other chemicals. Skip the literal headache and pick up a Grout Pen from Rainbow Chalk Markers. It’s durable and comes in many different colors, and works just like any other marker. Simply color along the grout lines and then wipe the excess paint off the tiles when you’re done — leaving your tiling looking brand new.

Are you a hat person? I had what feels like hundreds scattered around my closet, adding to the impending anxiety attack each time I opened the door. That’s why I had to grab one of these door racks that places my hats front and center, and allows me to quickly choose which one to wear right before I head out. It fits 18 hats and requires no tools to install — just clip it on the door, and you’re done!

Much like the Makeup Eraser microfiber towels from earlier, these microfiber household rags will let you tidy up your entire house with minimal effort. The kitchen, bathroom, dusting, scrubbing — microfiber does it all with finesse. It’s just $14 for 24 rags, so they are infinitely more cost-effective than paper towels

You probably struggle to keep the duvet within the bounds of its cover. It can be SOOO annoying. Mine was constantly bunching up in the corner until I picked up these nifty Corner Keepers Duvet Cover Snaps. All you have to do is iron on the patches to both the duvet and cover at all four corners, then easily snap them into place. They’re virtually seamless, so you won’t feel them in the fabric like standard duvet clips. Perfect for sleepers who tend to toss and turn — like me!

Brown sugar can quickly dehydrate and become hard as a rock, as I’m sure you’ve probably experienced. But did you know there is a way to prevent that? The Brown Sugar Bear holds a small amount of moisture that radiates into your brown sugar when stored together, eliminating any clumping. It not only prevents dryness, but it can altogether revive brown sugar that has turned into a massive brick.

Don’t waste your time trying to scrub out difficult stains with traditional cleaners, try these chemical-free eraser sponges from Oh My Clean instead. They work by using a material called melamine foam that hardens to be as strong as glass. It’s remarkably abrasive to stains while not scratching your delicate surfaces. At only 50¢ per sponge, you’re saving more than 50% over the name brands, and you’re getting a better product.

I know what you’re thinking: you want us to microwave eggs? Yup. The Egg-Tastic Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker cooks moist and fluffy eggs right in the microwave, making breakfast in a breeze. We love it because it’s simple enough that the kids can use it without the risk of setting the house on fire, and it’s versatile enough to be able to cook cake-in-a-cup recipes, too!

Speaking of my kids, they hate tying their shoelaces. As a solution, I found these impressive elastic laces that not only work well, but they come in so many colors that my kids just “had to have them.” Whether you’re a parent of kids or a big kid yourself — these laces are one-size-fits-all and will work with any shoe!

My kids also love mounting posters on their bedroom walls. The problem comes when it’s moving day and you’re left with hundreds of tiny holes all over the place. Fear not, concerned friend! The 3M All-in-One Small Hole Repair applicator will fill, smooth, and sand small holes, bringing your walls back to their original state. I can think of thousands of uses for this stuff, so we always have a tube or two in our home!

Keeping your butter cold but soft has never been easy, and to me it seemed like it was only possible in a fancy restaurant kitchen. Lucky for you, I discovered the secret! They all have something like the Butter Bell Crock, which utilizes water to prevent the butter from hardening in a refrigerator. No more destroying your toast with butter that’s solid as a rock, just use this bad boy to keep it smooth as silk permanently.

Water is water is water, right? Wrong. Not all water is created equal. That’s because different municipalities use different sources and filtering, giving you an unreliable estimation of the mineral content. This ultimately changes the taste of your coffee, for better or worse. Luckily you can now experience how coffee is supposed to taste by using these mineral additives from Third Wave. I first saw these on Shark Tank and was blown away by the concept, and now we never use tap water to brew coffee in my house. The difference in taste is something I didn’t even think was possible, it’s like a proper coffeehouse exists in my kitchen every morning.

Who remembers those old school label makers? The ones with a huge spinning wheel for each letter and took an hour to write a sentence with. Well, apparently, label makers are back and they’ve been updated for the twenty-first century. The Brother P-touch has a built-in keyboard for quick typing and even has tons of different label tape designs and colors to use. Label your phone charger, your plants, your luggage, your work lunch — anything. I may have labeled too much stuff in my house…with absolutely no regrets.

Are you aware of the L14 pressure point? It’s right in between your thumb and pointer finger, and applying the Acculief here can quickly ease the pain from migraine symptoms. How? Well, I’m no acupressure expert, but I think it has something to do with black magic or sorcery because this clip actually works. Miracle? Maybe. Functional? Absolutely.

I’m sure you have all types of tables in your home, but do you have one that folds for portability? If you don’t, consider this one from Lifetime. It holds up to 40lbs easily and is made out of virtually indestructible polyurethane, making it perfect for basically every occasion. From TV dinners on the couch to picnics on the beach — you’ll find 1001 uses for this thing just like I did.

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