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20 Cheap and Easy Memorial Day Decorations

Memorial Day is coming up, and if you’re planning to have a party, you might want to prepare early this year to stay in front of supply chain issues. The past few years have been crappy, so go ahead and use Memorial Day weekend to party with your friends.

A good party calls for good supplies, and a decorative house calls for special touches—I’ve got you covered with all that. From pillowcases to bunting, let’s go over what you need for killer decorations without breaking the bank.

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These Fan Flag For A Festive Porch

If you grew up in the countryside, you probably saw these old school banners hanging from folk’s homes as far back as you can remember. Something about old-timey flags is enchanting, and that’s exactly why I put them on the list. Each order comes with two 3′ x 1.5′ pleated flags with three high-quality brass grommets for hanging support.

A Dozen American Flag Sunglasses

If you’re having a party, make sure all your guests are well equipped to handle the sun in style. For just about $2 per pair, these are the cheapest UV protection you can get with American flags printed on them. Party on!

This Tablecloth For A Patriotic Picnic

You’re probably going to want to have a barbeque for your party, and that requires a decorative table cover that can take a beating. These sturdy plastic tablecloths are perfect because they’re ultra waterproof and completely disposable, plus they will also protect your outdoor tables from unsightly stains. Each pack comes with two, so you’ll be ready for the unexpected!

This Miscellaneous Decoration Set

If you’re into covering all the details, you may as well cover all the surfaces around your house with decorative stuff! This 36-piece set covers all the basics, and you’ll have glittery and spinny things all over your yard in no time.

You Always Need Bunting!

Maybe outright banners and frillies everywhere isn’t your thing, and that’s fine! Just pick up some of these bunting streamers. Each piece comes in at 8′ in length with a handful of 5″x7″ flags strung along it, an easy crowd-pleaser.

And Star Streamers!

Or maybe instead of flags, you’re more into stars. That’s cool! How about these star streamers? Each order comes with eight strands of star garland, and each of those strands has eighteen stars. The stars are about three inches across, so there’s enough to cover a good amount of space however you choose to use them.

And Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are the modern-day disco ball, and by that, I mean used all the time totally out of context, but they always look great! Pop a few of these on some trees in your backyard, and instantly add ambiance to your party setup! Each order comes with twelve 12″ lanterns.

Paper Streamers!

If you’re going with some paper lanterns, you’ll probably also be into some paper streamers. Not much more to say about these things, they’ve been the same since your great-grandparents were kids. Each order comes with nine rolls at 84′ each—more than enough.

This LED Flag

Nothing says you’re ready for Memorial Day like a giant 6.5″X3.4″ LED flag. This bad boy is probably the easiest way to bring some life to a party after the sunset. This particular LED flag has impeccable reviews, and you should have a look at what people have said about it here!

This Runner

How about focusing on some seasonal interior decorations, like this beautiful table runner. This one is thick, durable, non-slip, anti-wrinkle, anti-fading, heat-resistant, and most importantly: cheap! It’s a perfect fit for regular 4-6 person dining tables, or along the fireplace shelf—anywhere, honestly!

These Pillow Covers

Growing up, my mom changed the pillowcases on the couch pillows a few times each year to match the seasons, so I’m totally into doing the same thing. I love these ones for Memorial Day—they’re beige, so they match basically any couch color; and they’re traditionally designed, so they work with any decorative style you’re going for. Plus, they’re cheap!

Star Clings!

I always have some star window clings on hand for the kids because they’re a cheap and easy crowd-pleaser. These work great on windows and mirrors without leaving behind a gross residue. Applicable for any holiday!

This Giant Burlap Door Bow

A door bow is the perfect cherry on top to your seasonal decorations. Memorial Day stuff is great because you can reuse most of the stuff for the Fourth of July as well, and this bow is a great example of that!

This Set of Disposable Tableware

If you’re going to have a patriotic Memorial Day barbeque, you’ll need the paper plates and napkins to match everything else you’ve painstakingly prepared! This complete dining set comes with everything you need to get started, and at a fraction of what you’ll pay at the grocery store. Prepare now, relax on Memorial Day!

These Lights

Like every other holiday, themed LEDs are the go-to for outdoor celebratory illumination. Dress up your bushes, line your house, or just bring your living room to life. With 300 LEDs strung over about 100ft, you’ll be able to cover a good amount of space with these patriotic lights for under $20.

This Tinsel Flag Garland

Who doesn’t need 26 feet of decorative tinsel with flags? I’ll wait.

These 36 Pinwheels and Flags

How many Patriotic Pinwheels (yes, that’s the brand name) do you need? If your answer was 12, I have you covered. Not only that, but you’ll get 24 little flags too. This neat little kit is definitely enough to line your walkway or backyard with American pride without taking out a loan from US Treasury.

These Wicker Stars

A couple of wicker stars never hurt anyone, right? They also look fantastic scattered around the homestead, popping a little American cheer into each room. If subtle decoration is your thing, these are for you.

Or A Patriotic Wreath

Who doesn’t love a good wreath around the holidays? What’s that? No, I don’t mean just at Christmas—I mean every holiday! Why not? They look great, and your door/window will look great with one of these proudly displayed.

This Inflatable Patriotic Eagle

I can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t own this giant inflatable eagle to display all the heckin’ time in your yard. Memorial Day, 4th of July—you name it! This thing is hilarious, fun, and screams PARTY! Uncle Sam has never looked more fun (and kind of angry, why is this eagle so angry?)

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