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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts of 2022. Period.

Mother’s Day is on May 8th, and it’s coming quickly! How prepared are you for it? If I had to venture a guess, I’d say that you’re not.

Whether you’re shopping for a new mother or a grandmother, it’s important to remember that celebrating moms is hot this year, and Mother’s Day is an extremely important holiday. This isn’t Father’s Day, you actually need to pay attention to these gift recommendations.

Let’s get to it!

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

A White Noise Box For New Moms

New moms are maybe the most important component of the Mother’s Day celebrations. If you have a new baby mama in your life, this white noise machine could be a lifesaver for them. The signature sounds that emit from this Yogasleep speaker will invoke restful sleep for the baby, which will undoubtedly give restful sleep to mommy. Trust me, this thing is worth its weight in gold (to a sleepless mom, anyway!)

These Blue Blocking Glasses For Tech Moms

Working from home generally means staring at a computer screen all day long, and that can be straight-up bad for any mom’s eyes. She has to keep track of those children, so how is she supposed to do that if she’s going blind from all that blue light? In all seriousness, these blue-blocking glasses are lightweight and fashionable enough to wear all the time. They don’t magnify anything, they only block the blue light from computer screens, which can harm sleep cycles. Moms need sleep!

This LifeStraw For Outdoorsy Moms

Some moms like to be in the woods, and that’s okay! What is not okay is drinking the water from streams and other bodies of water, which is exactly why LifeStraw makes the best gift for the adventurous moms in your life. Thirsty moms deserve clean water, and if they cant get it on the side of a mountain, well… That would be a shame! The LifeStraw works as described; simply suck the questionable water up, the LifeStraw filters out impurities, and the body is happy.

These HQ Coat Hangers For Organized Moms

There’s nothing my wife likes more than having our closet organized, and she thinks I should put these hangers on the list because good closet organization is a “universal sentiment,” as she says. For about $1 each, you can score this set of hangers that will make your favorite mom’s closet an oasis for their clean clothes.

This CBD-Infused Salt Soak For Relaxing Moms

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath? I’m suggesting this as a father, but honestly, I can’t even imagine a mom who wouldn’t appreciate this CBD-infused bath soaker. Each one also contains Meadowfoam and Safflower seed oils for healthier and more radiant skin. Also, if you want to buy me a Father’s Day present early, this will work!

This Sleep Cap For Moms With Fancy Hair

Some moms like to keep their hair perfect, even when they sleep! This should no longer be an issue, especially if you get said mom this satin-lined sleep cap from Grace Eleyae, which keeps the static away from her perfect strands, keeping that mane in order.

A Digital Photo Printer For Camera Moms

Digital pictures are great and all, but they can disappear in an instant if you lose your phone or password. Then what? What is a technologically-deficient mom going to do? Here’s my idea: get your favorite mom this KODAK printer to print those photos before it’s too late! I think everyone can appreciate the ability to print out physical photos, especially a mom. Let the scrapbooking continue!

Bath Soak Especially For New Moms

New mothers and relaxing, name a more unrealistic combination. Seriously, I think it’s time for new moms to take a load off and sit in a tub for 4 hours and listen to podcasts about anything except children. Get your favorite mom this bath soak with Dead Sea salts, herbs, magnesium and witch hazel, combined and crafted specifically to heal postpartum bodies.

This Neck And Back Pain Relief For Sore Moms

Acupressure is a wonderful way to relieve stress, and it’s possible to do right at home with this pillow and mat. I can’t think of a better gift for a holistic mother who only has a few minutes to herself than this super versatile acupressure neck and back relief pad from Nayoya. This bad boy helps ease away stress and pain without drugs, without a doctor, and without discomfort.

A Wake-Up Light For Calm Moms

Rude awakenings come with the territory of being a mother, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. This wake-up light can allow moms to wake up without loud noises, on the mornings that allow for that, of course. You can also use this bad boy as a normal alarm clock, as well as a radio and a bunch of other stuff; but the sunrise light is the main selling point for me! I truly believe many people will be using these in the future.

This Bath Bomb Box For Fresh Moms

Bath bombs are a luxury item, but you can get them without the luxurious price tag, thereby making them the perfect gift for the water-loving mom in your life. Each bomb is packed full of shea and cocoa butter, as well as a safe fizz made with sodium bicarbonate. These are great as an alternative to the overpriced soap store at the mall, and these are *actually* made by hand!

A Neck Massager For Achy Moms

This shiatsu neck massager is something that would have cost hundreds of dollars back in the day but is now available at a fraction of that. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want this, especially moms who are balls of stress. Speaking of balls of stress, this neck massager uses four heated spheres to crush the pain out of your muscles. Just check out this review!

This Custom Family Wall Art For Decorative Moms

Custom wall art of someone’s entire family? Could a more perfect gift Mother’s Day gift exist? For under $30, you can get your favorite mom up to five family members and two pets hand-painted onto a 10′ by 8′ piece of cardstock. Just check out the reviews, the artist does a fantastic job!

This Wearable Blanket For Chilly Moms

My wife got one of these wearable blankets from her friend last Christmas, and I’ve been wearing it non-stop ever since. Seriously, The Comfy is so comfortable that they put it in the name! This is the #1 wearable blanket on Amazon, and it’s no mystery why. They come in several sizes, starting at men’s 5XL.

This Fancy Candy Bento Box For Sweet Moms

Candy is always a crowd-pleaser, especially for sweets-loving moms! Why not go all out and get your favorite mom the best for Mother’s Day? Sugarfina is a Los Angeles-based artisanal candy company that has been sending their delicious treats around the world for a decade. If the mom in your life loves sweets, these are a perfect gift idea!

A Jewellery Display Case For Flashy Moms

Here’s a quick idea: a glass-topped jewelry box for the dresser. It’s an easy gift that’s sure to please, just do some recon before you buy to make sure the mom in question doesn’t already have one!

How About This Crazy Massage Gun For Relaxing Moms

I have one of these things and absolutely love it, and so does my wife and everyone else in our family. People come over to our house these days, and they’re like, “where’s the massage gun?” No more “Hey! How are you?” It’s understandable, I can personally attest that these bad boys are amazing. This one comes with eight interchangeable heads and five vibration intensities, but be warned: the top level is borderline punishment.

This Facial Roller For Smooth Moms

I love how my wife’s facial roller feels on my face. I totally understand why these are the hottest beauty product right now, not to mention this one vibrates. It’s also waterproof, so you can massage your face while you shower. Honestly, this is a mom’s dream machine! Bring back that glow to your skin by boosting collagen production!

Help Mom Take Perfect Scrapbooking Pictures!

Maybe the mom in your life is no good a digital photography, and that’s okay! Not everyone can operate an iPhone camera (looking at you, mom!) That means my printer idea won’t work. A good compromise would be this awesome Instax Mini 9 instant camera from Fujifilm, which takes great pictures that work perfectly for scrapbooking. This thing brings instant photography into the 21st century!

Don’t Forget The Film!

A Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

This water This water bottle not only purifies the water but cleans itself frequently enough to prevent any build-up of bacteria. LARQ bottles are incredible and need to be seen to be believed. One of these is a perfect gift for moms who love to stay hydrated and active. If you’re interested in the science behind how this magic device works, check out this breakdown.

This Yoga Starter Kit

Not all moms are built the same, but all moms are superheroes. If the mom in your life is looking to become even more of a superhero, I recommend this yoga beginner’s kit. It comes with a printed mat, a yoga block (this is super helpful), and a strap.

A Travel Cosmetic Kit

Everyone needs a little toiletry bag, especially new moms. How else are they supposed to carry around all those wipes and snacks? This thing is pretty small, but incredibly very well designed. It comes with an internal hook, so you can hang it from anywhere when needed.

This Spa Sisal Dry Skin Brush For Moms Who Scrub

This body brush is made from sisal fibers, which are sourced exclusively from the agave plant. This all-natural brush works effortlessly to brush away dead skin and promote healthy circulation. Not only do these bad boys work well, but they feel so good.

Shower Steamers For The Clean Mom

Turn your favorite mom’s shower time into a spa session with this 12-pack of shower steamers from BodyRestore. Each tablet is individually wrapped and ready to go in one of three scents: grapefruit, cocoa orange, and citrus. 

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