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Our Guide To Christmas Gifts For Dad

Buying gifts for dad isn’t always an easy task. He probably already owns everything he wants anyway, so you have to think outside the box if you want to surprise him. Luckily for you, thinking outside the box is my specialty.

I went all out with this article, and by that I mean I called my dad up and asked him about things he would never buy for himself but would love as a gift. He delivered (sort of), and now you get some authentic suggestions from a real deal dad. That’s thinking outside the box for ya!

Keep reading to get ideas for your pop-pop’s holiday gift.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. All prices are accurate at the time of publication.

A Pair Of New Balances

“I always need a good pair of shoes,” my dad said when I called. And what kind of shoes do most dads wear, you ask? Well, New Balances, of course! These 515 are everything, both stylish and comfortable. New Balance has been a leader in quality footwear for decades, and with good reason. They make the most comfortable shoes in existence, not to mention they specialize in odd sizes, so your dad’s wide foot is going to fit just fine!

This Amazing Yeti Cooler

The next thing my dad talked about was his fishing trips. “You can never have too many cold beers, is beer okay for your website?” I told him no, but the cold part is perfect. Yeti makes the best coolers on the planet, complete with a proprietary cooling system that keeps your brews cold for the long haul. Drinks will be frosty, and Saturdays with the boys will continue to be excellent for dad.

Dads Love Cookbooks

“How about some food?” my dad said. I think he was literally asking me to go get him some food, but I ignored him and put a cookbook on the list anyway. This one is great because it gives your papa tons of easy and delicious recipes, ones that are so easy even a cooking-impaired dad could make. When I asked him if he would be excited about this book; my dad said, “I’m hungry.”

Every Dad Wants Nice PJs!

“I’m going to bed,” my dad said after twenty minutes on the phone. “Do you have pajamas?” I asked. “Nope,” he said. Perfect idea! Get your dad some frickin’ PJs and let him live in comfort. I mean, at least sleep in comfort. These bay boys have some of the best reviews on Amazon, and for under $50, you may have to consider this option!

This GPS Watch From Garmin Is Amazing

My dad is always talking about how he needs a new watch. I feel like he’s been saying he’s “on the market” for one since I was a kid, and for whatever reason, he has done nothing about it. Full disclosure: I didn’t get this recommendation from him, but instead, I got this FOR him. This watch is super awesome because it has a built-in GPS, which is great for my dad because he couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag.

Dads Always Need Tools!

When I asked my dad what he really wanted this year, he said “buy me a hammer.” I think he was joking, but honestly, a toolbox full of tools is a great idea for any handyman. My dad isn’t a handyman, but he would think he was if I got him this toolbox with over 250 tools. The Mr. Fixit in your house can now pretend to live up to his claims.

This Carhartt Jacket

My dad has been wearing a Carhartt jacket since the beginning of time. The same one, I’m not kidding. These coats last FOREVER, and the company itself even guarantees their products against any defects. If your dad has ever complained about his jacket, this will put a massive smile on his face.

Ray-Bans With Video and Audio Capture

My dad is a sunglasses guy, and although he didn’t recommend these himself, I bet he would love them. Not only are these incredible Ray-Bans, but they also have a nifty camera built right inside the frame. It captures at 2K, so it’s better than HD, and you can stream the video right to your phone. Another cool feature the frames have a pair of discrete speakers, allowing you to listen to music without headphones. Your dad can now listen to Creedence while he walks along the boardwalk next summer, taking vids of the beach life. I’m pushing for tech dads in 2022, it’s honestly my new life goal.

This All-In-One Indoor Grill

If you got your dad the cookbook, he’s going to need a way to cook all that food in various ways. What could be better to assist old pop-pop than the Ninja Foodi? This thing does it all and can cook enough for a whole family of 4 within its confines. The grill, air crisp, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate functions will allow your pops to get his cooking on like a pro.

A Meat Thermometer With An App

“For Christmas, you can tell your mom to cook the meat correctly,” my dad said after his boys fishing trip. He was joking, of course, but that gave me the idea to include this amazing meat thermometer that links to your phone. You dad will never have another meltdown because he overcooked his steak.

This Deep-Tissue Massager

Nothing wrong with a little R&R, and I’m sure your dad needs it. I found about these from my father-in-law, so it’s 100% dad approved. It comes with a bunch of different massage tips, allowing you to get to the bottom of whatever knots are aching in your muscles. But seriously, your dad is going to love this.

This Portable Speaker

Let your dad listen to the Stones or Creedence on the fishing boat in amazing high-fidelity using this perfect BOSE speaker. Bose has been the leader in producing great quality home audio for decades, so it only makes sense that they make the best portable speakers, too.

What About A Venus Flytrap?

I’m not saying your dad needs a venus fly trap, but I am saying that he’d definitely love one. This is a cheap gift that I feel like anyone would like…I mean, it’s a carnivorous plant for gosh sakes!

This Amazing White Noise Machine

Have you ever used a white noise generator to sleep? In my opinion, it’s legitimately the best way to remedy insomnia without medications. I know from experience. I got one of these for my dad last year, and he won’t shut up about it. “You’ll never top last year’s gift,” he told me. Whatever dad, you’re getting coal from me this year.

Give The Gift Of Food Science!

Maybe your dad wants to get into cooking, but he’s also an amateur scientist. This little fermentation book might be the answer to your gift hunt. I don’t think my dad would ever use this, but if your dad is actually cool (unlike mine), he will probably love it.

Dads Hate Alarms, Get Him A Wake-Up Light

Speaking of sleep, let’s talk about waking up—the worst part of the day. This light alarm clock could be the answer to all your pop’s problems, assuming he is part of the Audio Alarm Hater Club (AAHC). It works by simulating the sunrise in your room, allowing one to wake up naturally. Seriously, this is a great gift because I doubt your dad even knows it exists.

This Awesome Projector

Every dad wants a projector. My dad was always buying bigger and bigger TVs since I was a kid, and now he just can’t stop. Every year, a new TV that isn’t any different from the old one except the screen size. The solution? A projector. Let him make the image as big as a house, why not? When the Fish game is on the screen, because going big is how dads do it.

A Real Espresso Maker For Your Coffee Addict Dad

Do your parents use a Keurig or some other ecologically problematic coffeemaker? Well, take them back to basics by getting them this hand-powered espresso press. It works exactly how you think, coffee plus hot water, then you just press out that sweet caffeine juice.

For the model with a pressure gauge:

Or, for the basic model:

Does Dad Like Soda? Get Him This

Dads also love soda, so why not let them make their own? Even if it’s just soda water that they’re into, this is a perfect gift. This one is much better than a Soda Stream in my opinion. So, blast that carbonated goodness into basically any liquid, but don’t try it with wine…that causes problems.

Is Dad A Hot Sleeper But Mom Is Freezing In Bed? A BedJet 3 is The Solution!

Let mom and dad sleep in harmony with this miracle in a box. It actively does climate control in dual areas under your bed, allowing one side to be warm, while the other is cold. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, as a famously hated Queen once said.

Give Dad A Thrilling New Toy

Okay, the idea that a dad is going to want to scoot around town with a motorized scooter might be counter-intuitive, but this thing is actually a great gift. Papa will get outdoors more, and he won’t be complaining about gas prices as much.

These Glasses Are Perfect For Any Anthony Bourdain Fan

Dads love Anthony Bourdain, there’s no doubt about that. Let your dad own some nice glasses for once, a pair whole-heartedly endorsed by the travel legend himself. These acetate frames have real scratch-proof glass lenses, they’re so sturdy enough to take all sorts of abuse no matter what part of the world you dad plans to travel to.

Help Dad With His Crap Golf Swing

How is your dad’s golf game? Embarrassing? Let’s help him out with this SelfieGOLF golf swing assistant. It’s basically a stand and app for your phone that analyzes your current swing and gives you pointers on how to improve. Will he become Arnold Palmer? Probably not, but he will THINK he is becoming that good, and that’s all we could ever ask for with old pop-pop.

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