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Beach Gear You Need In 2022

It’s probably been a few years since you’ve got out that old beach gear, but times have changed, and your old cooler doesn’t keep your kombucha cold anymore. These days, you can charge your phone using the sun, and that raise at work means you can finally afford a beach tent.

Your summer just got a whole lot sandier.

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When people talk about the dangerous affects of the sun on their skin, it’s not a question of if our own star will get you—it’s a question of when. Johns-Hopkins recommends using sunscreen everyday! Let’s be honest, if you want to live to be 200 like Elon Musk says we can, you better take care of your largest organ: your skin! The beach is the sun’s killing ground, so lather up!

This Solar-Charging Power Bank

Harnessing the power of the sun: that’s where we are as a civilization. Too bad you can’t convince the oil conglomerates of that! Anyway, you can do your part by charging your phone from the sun! This bad boy can hold up to 10,000mAh, meaning you’ll be able to charge your phone several times over even if you have no direct sunlight. It also charges from a normal wall port, in case you live in a cave!

A Quick-Dry Towel

It’s easy to think a towel will always do its job when you need it, but that’s not always the case. What if you need to use the same one twice in one day, but after the first use it’s totally soaked? Well, I’m sure you’ll be upset that you didn’t pick up one of these quick-dry towels from Seaview. Each towel even comes with its own carrying bag!

The Beach Blanket Of The Future

Think of this beach blanket like a clean floor for the beach. It’s sand-proof, meaning that when you get this bad boy wet—sand won’t stick to it. Extra windy? No issue, this bad boy comes with stakes to keep it nailed down even if it’s gusty. OR—if you’re somewhere with a hard ground, you can actually use small corner pockets to fill with sand to anchor yourself.

…With A Beach Tent To Go With It

Escaping the sun isn’t easy, especially at the beach! These days, I always come prepared with a tent and gallons of sunscreen on my body. I’m not going to say the sun is actively trying to kill me, but…yeah, no, actually, the sun is actively trying to kill us all! Protect yourself with one of these small beach tents, which are rated at SPF 50+.

…And A Chair

You’re going to the beach, you need a chair! Stop sitting on the sand like a slob! This chair from Tommy Bahama is like the Swiss army knife of chairs, it has so many useful beach features! Neck pillow? Check. Beer koozie? Check. Lay-flat ability? Check!

This Collapsable Dog Bowl

If you plan to bring your doggo to the beach, make sure you pack them some water! This dog bowl collapses to the size of a small frisbee, so you can bring it with you everywhere your doggo goes!

This Body Surfing Hand Board

Body surfing is one thing, but how about throwing one of these handboards into the mix? These are so much fun! Just strap it on your dominant hand, and hit the waves! It acts as a rudder and helps you stay afloat while your body skims the water. Best purchase of 2022, hands down! (Pun intended.)

Or Even A Double-Wide

Sometimes you just need a loveseat at the beach. Kelty is one of the most respected outdoor brands, and this seat comes with a lifetime guarantee AND puppy-proof fabric! It may be a little expensive, but watching the sunset from this seat might be the best thing to happen to you all year.

A Multi-Color Flame Log

If you live somewhere that allows for fires on the beach, then boy do I have something special for you: these multi-color flame logs! Turn your ordinary bonfire into an extraordinary event! Each order comes with 12 magical flame pouches that you simply toss into a burning fire with magical results (hence the name).

This Travel Trowel

Sometimes you need to do a little burying, especially if you’re going to a secluded beach without services! This handy-dandy trowel will do the trick for the cost of a bottle of water (which you should also bring to the beach, by the way).

Waterproof Playing Cards

Playing cards are always fun, but they would probably get ruined at the beach! Best solution? These awesome waterproof cards! Not much more to say about these, except that they are an awesome addition to the beach life!

This Cooler Backpack

Carrying all those cold beers might be a burden unless you get yourself a fancy backpack to bring it all in! This one serves the purpose beautifully, and can handle 10L of stuff (probably about 12 beers total!)

An Inflatable Outdoor Couch!

These inflatable couches are so cool! Easy to set up, ultra-portable—it’s no wonder these are considered the next generation of beach gear! No poles to maneuver around to the beach, seriously! It only weighs 1 kilo!

A Booze Suitcase? Sure!

Maybe a backpack isn’t your style, and you want a hard case for your libations—no problem! StowCo has you covered with their cooler suitcase that’ll keep your beers, wines, or whatever you are drinking cold and safe! Best part is they offer a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied just return it!

This Action Polaroid Camera

Sure, you could buy a GoPro for like $5000, or you can buy this underwater Polaroid Action Camera for $40 instead. Film your whole family doing beach stuff, or river stuff, or mountain stuff—all the stuff! It just requires an SD card, which comes separately!

You Might Need A Wagon

You gotta lug your beach stuff around somehow, especially if you have kids! Enter: the Outdoor Utility Wagon from MAC Sports! It’s essentially a 2ft-by-3ft wagon that you can bring everything from the car to the sand in, including your children themselves!

The Best Beach Towel

A micro-fiber beach blanket for the solo sunbather? Yes, please! This beautiful blanket from Eccosophy is almost like an ornate tapestry in its quality, and virtually a cotton ball in its comfort. I bring mine with me everywhere, even if I’m not planning on going to the beach. Why? Because you never know!

This 6-In-1 Snorkel Kit

Sometimes you simply want to see what’s lurking beneath the surface. Not me, personally, but if you’re into the monsters of the deep—this kit is for you. Mask, snorkel, a wet bag, some flippers—and more! This kit is a great way to get everything you need to explore the deep blue for a great price. Me, personally? I’ll keep my eyes above water.

These Woodies

Woodies are amazing, and I’ve personally had an extremely reliable pair for just short of a decade. I highly recommend these over other over-priced sunnies, like Ray-Ban, because the quality of the build is similar but at 10% of the price. Each arm is built from 100% Zebra Wood, and the lenses offer full UV protection.

Water Shoes Are A Must

You might not think that water shoes as a necessary addition to your beach kit, but hear me out! No more gross sludge foot, no more slimy sticks, no more gross stuff on your feet—all because you wore these! There’s a reason these are the #1 water shoes on Amazon for both men and women!

You’ll Need A Pick-A-Nick Basket, Too!

If you’re planning on a huge picnic somewhere, and the cooler briefcase or the chill backpack won’t do, get this 30L soft bag instead. This bad boy is big enough to bring an entire hot meal for your family to beach, or 30 ice cold beers—your choice!

These Can Savers

Getting sand in your drink is a nightmare, but bringing a few cold ones to the beach is the whole point. So, what can we do? Get these can-sealing toppers and forget about the threat of a sandy mouthful. They also come in handy back at home if you don’t like to finish an entire can of soda in one sitting—these will keep an open can effervescent for much longer in the fridge!

This Collapsable Water Bottle

How much water do you need for your beach trip? Well, regardless of your answer, this bottle will carry it! When the liquid is all gone—just collapse and put it away. It’s made from BPA-free silicone, meaning it’s safe and durable. Overall, this is a great water bottle for any occasion, especially when space is at a premium.

This Long-Sleeve Women’s Bathing Suit

By now you probably know how I feel about the evil fireball in the sky AKA the sun. Wrap your most sensitive organ (your skin) up in this UV-protected swimming shirt. Protect your skin up to UPF 50, just don’t put it in the washing machine!

This Long-Sleeve Mens Bathing Suit

And I believe the boys want protection as well, so I’m including this bad boy! Same idea as the women’s version—essentially, it’s a swimming shirt that fights the sun!

This Straw Hat

Straw hats are in this year, and you’re probably going to need one. Why not pick one up now so you’re ready when beach day hits! Comfortable and well-made, and a steal under $20—this Furtalk hat is the perfect choice.

Toys, Obviously!

If you plan on bringing the kids with you, you’ll need to keep them busy on your beach adventure! This kit comes with everything they need to, later on, make a mess of sand in your car. No, but seriously, Click N’ Play included 18 of the most used kid’s beach toys into one package, making your life easier and your kids’ lives more fun.

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