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20 Of This Year’s Best Christmas Decorations And Accessories

Putting up your Christmas decorations isn’t an easy task. You already decorated for Halloween, took that stuff down, and then decorated for Thanksgiving. Now, you’re supposed to take all that down and decorate for Christmas!? Give me a BREAK! It’s been an overwhelming couple of months to say the least.

It’s not easy to remember every little detail of your normal decoration routine, so I’m here to help you with some ideas on how to make sure you get it just right. Here are 20 decoration ideas that will hopefully spark your creativity and allow you to enjoy the holidays, instead of turning the whole season into another job!

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The Perfect Christmas Wreath

Let’s be honest, a great wreath is a necessary part of the holidays. The National Tree Company, which also makes an awe-inspiring fake tree as seen in our article here, has made an incredibly realistic and weather-proof artificial wreath that is adorned with all the extras. If you were to buy one of these at the store you would easily pay double, so don’t pass up this offer on Amazon!

This Toilet Santa

The bathroom seems to get the least amount of holiday decoration attention. Why? It’s one of the most popular rooms in the house! Some days I don’t even enter my living room….but my bathroom? I’m there every day, without fail. Why not give your toilet some holiday cheer? For $24 you get everything you see in the photo, which includes a seat cover! Great deal, if you ask me.

These Grinch Window Decals Are Cheeky Christmas Decorations For Your Kids

Sure, window decals might not be the most traditional decorations, but your kids are going to love these ones. My kids wouldn’t allow me to decorate their rooms, except for maybe a couple of candle lights in their windows, until these arrived. Christmas manger scenes from their windows? Never. The Grinch stealing Christmas from their windows? Always.

295Ft Of Christmas Lights With Color Control

No need for an explanation, these 720 LEDs with a remote to control the many colors, lighting program, and brightness are exactly what Santa ordered. The lights are not daisy-chained like the old type of Christmas lights, so in the unlikely event one goes out — you won’t lose the rest of them.

The Most Affordable 6′ Artificial Tree On Amazon

This Dunhill Fir tree is one of the best all-around fake tree on the market. It’s not too expensive, it’s not overwhelmingly difficult to put together, and it looks great. Plus, National Tree Company is one of the most respected Christmas tree manufactures. If this one is too basic for you, or you need a different size, I recommend checking out our article on artificial trees!

If You Get A Real Tree, You’ll Need This Stand

If you opt for a real tree, you’ll need this top-rated stand from Kinner. Not only is it the #1 selling tree stand on Amazon, but it also has every feature possible: drainage, adjustable stability, and foot-powered levers for hands-free operation. If you’ve ever used a cheap stand before, you will definitely appreciate this one because it’s a game-changer. Just check out the reviews!

How About Grinch Ornaments, Anyone?

Are you considering an alternative tree-topper this year? If your kids are as Grinch-crazy as mine are, they might appreciate these furry green limbs and head that reach from the tree to steal your presents. I love the imagery the Grinch brings during Christmas because every holiday needs a villain!

This Awesome Electric Fire Logs Heater That Will Turn Your Non-Functional Fireplace Into A Christmas Miracle

Woah! This heater is SO COOL. I know a lot of people who live in cities with fireplaces in their homes, but they are completely decommissioned and for decorative purposes only. Well, today is their lucky day, because the LIFEPLUS Electric Fireplace Log makes it look like a real fire is going on while also radiating an amazing amount of heat. This might be my favourite dual-purpose piece of Christmas decorations ever!

Custom Stockings For The Whole Family

Stockings are definitely the #2 part of Christmas decorations, right behind the tree itself. I decided to do an upgrade last year and bought one of these for each person in my family, custom embroidered of course. It was a great decision, mostly because my living room now looks extra classy, but also because they look great with my new fake fireplace.

An Outdoor Electrical Timer For Your Lights

Another must-have is outdoor lights. The most common issue people run into is how to power them. Luckily, that’s an easy fix with the BN-LINK multi-socket outdoor timer, which comes with a built-in 6ft extension cable and six input sockets, more than enough to power all your lights and animatronic reindeer. Set the timer and never have to remember to turn on your lights again!

These Twinkling Light Curtains Rule

I love these window curtain LEDs, they look great draped over any ledge — inside or outside. They have eight different programs for different lighting effects. Personally, I have these mounted inside on my stairs banister, and they’re on the slow-wave effect 90% of the time. What a deal for under $20!

Of Course We Have Some Tomtes On Here

Tomte’s are my new holiday obsession, as you may have read previously (see my halloween article). It doesn’t even matter which holiday, I need these in my house for ALL holidays. They’re adorable, and something about them just feels…I don’t know…comfortable? These two goofballs stand at almost a foot tall, so your dog is definitely going to be confused.

A Fake Snow Tree Skirt

Hide that hideous tree stand and turn it into a mountain of snow with this Buffalo Snow tree skirt. You could put some lights and Tomtes down there and turn the bottom of your tree into a winter wonderland. This is one of those extra fine details that will separate your home decorations from the normies in your neighborhood.

This Indoor/Outdoor Reindeer Family

Here’s the thing. I know these light-up reindeer aren’t for everyone, but if you are going to get one — you may as well buy the best. These particular furry friends of Santa have great reviews on Amazon, with some people having them for many, many years. The whole family looks great and function perfectly, and that’s all you’re really after when you buy a life-sized wild animal frames with embedded LEDs, right?

These Lawn Penguins Are Adorable As Christmas Decorations!

Following the same train of thought, I think these penguins are also super cute!

You Might Need These, Too!

Not much to say about these lights except that they’re vital to your Christmas decorations, and these ones are some of the most versatile you can get on Amazon. Totaling more than 70 feet of lights, this should be sufficient to cover an entire section of your house. Joiedomi also offers a satisfaction guarantee, so if you have any issues customer service is just a message away.

Ornaments, Also!

Sometimes you need to focus on aesthetics, and I totally get that. My Christmas tree generally looks like a hodge-podge of different ornaments, none of them match each other. This year I left the sentimental tree decor in the box and bought this slick set of 129 matching ornaments. It feels like someone else decorated my tree this year because of how good it looks. I definitely recommend these!

How About This Masked Santa?

But hey, maybe a cheeky masked Santa will work, too. Christmas decorations don’t always have to be traditional! I stuck this on the tree and it blends in so well. It’s like my little secret.

Everyone Loves An Advent Calendar!

Not really a Christmas decoration per-se, but I used to love advent calendars when I was a kid. Nothing is more exciting to a child than a piece of chocolate every day until Christmas! That being said, I don’t need sugar every day anymore, but I still want an advent calendar. Sand Mine made that possible with this wooden advent calendar that has drawers for each date, allowing you to use anything as the surprise.

Don’t Forget The Tablecloth!

Let’s be honest, you’re going to need a good table cloth. Not just because it is a vital part of decorating, but because your husband or boyfriend is sloppy and will probably ruin your table. Seriously though, this one is great because it’s water-resistant, and you can simply give it a quick wipe after Christmas dinner.

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