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10 Cheap And Easy Cinco De Mayo Decorations

Everyone loves Cinco de Mayo. For Americans, it’s like another St. Patrick’s Day, and by that I mean it’s an easy excuse to party. I mean, what better excuse to party than the independence day for our neighbour to the south? It’s not the time for siesta, it’s time fiesta!

Let’s go over a few quick things you can grab today to turn your May 5th taco party into una fiesta Mexicana grande!

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This Fun Mexican-Inspired Tablecloth

First things first, you’ll need a table cloth to keep your tables clean. Each order comes with four full-sized and well-made tablecloths with a Mexican-themed print which will boost your party into Fiesta Mode™. These are cotton, too, so you can reuse them as much as you’d like!

These Mexican Banners

How are you going to celebrate Mexico without some papel picado? You aren’t. Don’t worry, the pieces aren’t made from paper as the name implies, they are plastic, so they’re extremely easy to store and totally reusable. Each banner has twelve beautiful traditional designs strung along a 90ft rope.

These Cinco De Mayo Beads

Maybe you need 20 beaded necklaces for your Cinco de Mayo party, who are we to judge? These are super festive and will be great for everyone, kids to adults. Each order comes with five of each design shown, meaning you only need one or two orders of these to make sure your whole party has the right fiesta gear.

An Inflatable Festive Alpaca

A 5ft inflatable alpaca for your Cinco de Mayo party might seem excessive, but hear me out: this thing is awesome. It is packed with LED lights, making it perfect for when the sun goes down. No set-up is required, as it comes with its own pump! Just plug-in, in and turn it on! You’ll be the only fiesta in the neighborhood with an alpaca, trust me.

This Poncho For The Life Of The Party

A poncho is exactly what you need to take your Cinco de Mayo fiesta to the next level. More of a costume than a decoration, ponchos are a huge part of the experience! Del Mex makes actual high-quality ponchos, so this isn’t a toy! These are washable, and you’ll own them forever.

You’ll Need Some Sombreros

Don’t even get me started about sombreros, you’ll absolutely need one if you’re going for authenticity! While these hats are a bit more of a toy than the ponchos, they’re still just as important! At under $4 each, this is a great bulk deal for all budget fiesteros. Every order comes with twelve sombreros, each made with woven straw and prominent traditional designs.

Some Sombreros For Your Cervesas

A dozen tiny sombreros to put on hot sauce and beer bottles? Sign me up! These tiny details will wow your all your guests, but will only put you out a few bucks!

This Taco Hat

Nothing says Mexico like tacos, so unless you plan on making a bunch of tacos for your guests, I’d say bring this hat to the party instead. One size fits all, but one taco is never enough—buy a couple!

This Traditional Donkey Piñata

Are you telling me you don’t want a donkey piñata for your party? It’s Cinco de Mayo, it only happens once a year—don’t screw it up! Buy some candy and stuff this donkey full, then let the kids (or childish adults) take a couple wacks at it with a blindfold on. Only then will it be a true Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

Some Maracas, Too!

Keep the kids entertained with these mini maracas that come in a bunch of colors and designs. These are not plastic, these are real wooden maracas that are just slightly smaller for children’s hands. Each order comes with 12 pairs, which comes out to less than $2 per maraca! Bring the noise!

This Mexican Flag

And last (but certainlynot least) the Mexican flag. It’s basically the most important part of your Mexican independence day party. This flag exists because of Cinco de Mayo, and so Cinco de Mayo cannot exist without this flag! Fun fact: although visually similar to the Italian flag, the Mexican flag has been in longer continuous use (since 1821).

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