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The Top 30 Amazon Deals Under $20

There are so many products online that can easily change your life, you just haven’t discovered them yet. It can be a simple innovation to an old product, or a straight-up new invention — you just have to know what to look for. For example: before shaving cream was invented, people didn’t know they needed it. They scraped and cut their skin, and it was typically an uncomfortable experience.

Have you tried treating your migraines with a compression sleep mask? Or maybe you need to add some hooks in your car to transport your dry cleaning? I’ve put together this top 30 list of my favorite low-cost-yet-life-altering discoveries so you can benefit from my leg work. There’s essentially no risk in trying these products because everything is under $20, proving that great things can come with small price tags.

Now, on to the list!

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Strain Your Beef Like A Pro With This Easy Greasy Strainer

If you don’t strain your ground beef after you cook it, then you’re not enjoying your meat properly. Have you ever had greasy ground beef at a good restaurant? No, you haven’t. This BPA-free strainer will quickly remove unnecessary fat from your meals, keeping you in shape for that post-COVID beach bod.

Keep Your Top On Lockdown While You Exercise

Are you an active lady who feels like their bra isn’t supportive enough? Research shows it can actually be pretty damaging to let the twins bounce around during exercise, so let the Buband tame the herd — for your health! This simple, comfortable, and adjustable strap contours to all body types and bust sizes, keeping any chest supported.

Use This To Reroute Steam From Cooking Appliances

Do you love your small kitchen? Do you love your pressure cooker? And do you hate pressurized steam shooting directly into your cabinets above said pressure cooker? If you’ve answered yes to all these oddly specific questions, then I’ve found something oddly specific for you. This thing redirects the steam from your pressurized cooking appliance to a 90-degree angle, blasting steam somewhere else in your kitchen and saving your cabinets or shelves from humidity rot. It’s simple and does what it says, a rare sight these days!

Get A Bump Of Freshness From This Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler From Boom Boom

Add these all-natural nasal inhalers to your fanny pack (I know you have one) to clear your nose and your mind in one big sniff. Boom Boom uses Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Menthol, as well as natural fruit oils, to create a blissful way to relax while simultaneously providing sinus relief. These are perfect for allergy sufferers who hate traditional nasal sprays.

Enter The 21st Century With This Digital Thermometer That Links To Your Smartphone

Start making your own medical records at home with this smart thermometer which syncs to your phone. It has it’s own dedicated app that will quickly put everything into perspective, organize your history, and even gives you personalized recommendations of what to do next. Great for busy folks with small children!

An Ice Scraper With A Built-In Glove

Sick of getting your hands frozen off when you have to scrape ice off your car? Keep one of these ice scraper mitts in your glovebox and always be prepared for inclement weather, even if Phil Connors is still convinced that the storm won’t hit Punxsutawney. It has a cozy fleece interior and a waterproof oxford exterior, keeping your scraping hand warm and dry the whole time you chip away at that icy windshield.

A Shower That Fits In Your Pocket

Going directly from the airport to a meeting with no time for a shower? Freshen up with these body wipes from Hustle Clean and feel clean in under five minutes. They’re free from parabens, alcohol, and sulfates, so they’re great for folks with sensitive skin. Spend more time doing and less time grooming.

Attn: Hydrobros—You Need This

How do you clean your water bottle? If your answer isn’t these tablets, then you’re making your life needlessly difficult. BOTTLE BRIGHT makes cleaning your water bottle (or any bottle) super easy with their all-natural chlorine-free tablets. It removes stains, kills bacteria, and makes your Nalgene from high school look brand new again.

You Need This Waffle Bowl Maker In Your Life ASAP

It’s not every day I advocate for devices that push unhealthy diets on folks — but today is different. Today is Waffle Day. Well, maybe it’s not literally Waffle Day, but it is for me because I’m writing this while eating ice cream out of a waffle bowl. You can live your best waffle-inspired life, too, when you grab one of these bowl-shaped waffle iron. Yes, it is absolutely perfect, thanks for asking! Just read the description on Amazon if you don’t believe me: “Makes a 4-inch waffle that’s thick, fluffy and tender because it’s a *real* waffle”

A Cheeky Notebook To Store Your Passwords In

Picture this: you’re waiting patiently for the next shipment of PS5 consoles to be restocked on Amazon. You’ve never been more excited. At five minutes to midnight on restock day, you try to log into your account to make that purchase, and *POW!* — you don’t remember your password! Save a hard copy of your passwords and other keys in this aptly titled Shit I Can’t Remember notebook, and leave your absent-minded days behind you.

Add Internal Storage In Your Car With These Headrest Hooks

Stop ruining your nice clothes by getting them wrinkled and messed up when you toss everything onto the backseat. Get these headrest hooks from EldHus and neatly hang anything that needs to avoid rough handling. They can support up to 44lbs, making them strong enough for suits, dresses, bags and purses, misbehaving children….uhh, I mean…a guitar.

These Caffeinated Mints Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Sort out your lack of energy and dank breath all at once with these supercharged mints that contain 40mg of caffeine each. No need for an energy drink, just slam back a couple of these mints and get your energy back on track. Your co-workers will think you have the freshest, fastest talking mouth in town, but you’ll know deep down inside that you’re just addicted to caffeinated mints.

Remove Your Makeup With This Eco-Friendly And Reusable Nanolon Towel

Are you asking yourself: “What the heck is nanolon?” I did, so I obviously had to buy one of these things — in the name of research! The washing side is seriously so soft, but tough enough to easily scrub away your makeup with just a splash of water. The reverse side has a rougher material that will remove any dead skin and stubborn makeup, leaving you radiant, clean, and exfoliated. 10 out of 10 experience. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and a no-questions-asked returns process, but you won’t need it.

Get This All-Inclusive Bluetooth Rig And Protect Your Old Car From Giving Up The Ghost Prematurely

Something will eventually give out on your 2004 Kia Sophia, so why not enjoy it’s twilight years in style by giving your old clunker some Bluetooth capabilities? Apple doesn’t even make phones with a 1⁄4” jack anymore, so if you’re an iPhone owner — you may be stuck between a rock and a hard place without this thing. It comes with everything you need to get set up: a magnetic mount, a controller, a charging port for your cigarette lighter port (remember those?), and a cable to connect everything via the car stereo auxiliary input. They also make a version with an FM transmitter for those driving a 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit without a stereo input.

This Giant Cupcake Kit

Name a more iconic confectionary than a cupcake. Trick question, there are none. That’s why you need to take your dessert game to the next level by creating cupcakes approximately 25x larger than normal for your next party. Yup, you read that correctly — 25x. This kit includes a mold and all the tools you need to help make massive eight-inch tall cupcakes, and, subsequently, make you look like some type of dessert alchemist to all your friends. The only thing not included in this kit is the cake mix because you can use any (I’m thinking a 10lbs black forest cupcake, yeah?)

Try This IMAK Compression Pain Relief Eye Mask Next Time You Get A Migraine

When you get a massive headache, what is the first move you make? If you’re like me, you put your arm over your eyes and try to adjust to the pain. Take your arm out of the equation with this compression eye mask that applies exactly the right amount of pressure to your head while also blocking out all the light. It works great for easing your sinus pressure, eye strain, tension headaches, sleeping troubles — anything to do with your dome, really.

Get Every Last Drop Out Of Stubborn Bottles With The Zero Waste Reusable Cap

For real, this thing makes easy work of retrieving every last bit out of your ketchup bottle. It comes with a couple different thread sizes to fit almost any bottle, making it perfect for everything from mayo to shampoo. It works by allowing the bottle to stay upright while inverted, allowing that sweet sauce to fall from the deepest regions and easily pour out the next time you need it.

Preserve Your Walls With These Damage-Free Magnetic Poster And Picture Mounts

Have you ever moved out of an apartment and looked at all those scars you left on the walls? Your landlord definitely did, and they probably mumbled some nonsense under their breath at the same time. When you move into your forever home, consider preserving those walls with these magnetic clips for all your mounting needs.

Power On All Your Lights On This Motion Sensor And Forget About Switches Forever

Did you know Bill Gates’ house can change the art on the walls depending on who walks in the room? I’m pretty sure that’s true, but tbh, I’m not 100% positive and I’m too lazy to google it. Anyway, you can have your lights turn on and off depending on if you walk into a room with these awesome motion sensors. Quickly install right in place of your current light switches, and use this as a starting point on your journey to modernize your house. I don’t think these sensors can do all that Bill Gates stuff, but still pretty cool that he can do it. That rich mf.

Increase Your Closet Capacity With These Innovative Hangers

“Keep it simple, stupid!” is what my high school marketing teacher Mrs. Z always told me. Turns out she was right. These are the simplest, yet most versatile hangers I’ve ever seen. There are so many ways to use them — extend your closet space vertically by flipping a hanger on its side, or categorize your garments by style but using several hangers horizontally. Hang all five of your hats on one rack, I don’t know! Really, it’s your closet so anything is possible.

Fight Planned Obsolescence With These Cable Protectors

Why are our phone charging cables built like such crap? The great thinkers in history have pondered this since ancient times. “My iPhone cable broke in order for scientific advancement to continue” were wise words back when Karl Marx first uttered them. Or was that Mike Lindell? Honestly, I don’t know — never mind. Protect your wallet and fight Big Tech by extending the life of your cables with these durable reinforcement coils from Atoll. They basically act like a brace on the ends, keeping you from making too many bends or pulls at the weakest point on all your charging cables. Great for lightning cables, USB-C, power cables — everything!

Zip Up Any Zipper Without Assistance Using The Zipuller

No, those aren’t MF DOOM lyrics (RIP) — this is a real-world product solving a real-world problem. Why do they even make dresses with impossible-to-reach zippers? Get ready on your own time with this zipper clip equipped with a long leash, allowing you to pull it at any distance. Maybe you just have a bad back? Hurt elbows? Rusty fingers? Laughing fits? Dance plague? Don’t worry about all that because the Zipuller will help you zip any zipper that zips out of reach.

A Portable Lock For Those Sketchy Travel Digs

We’ve all stayed in a less-than-ideal Airbnb in our lives, right? Next time you go out on the road, maybe pack one of these nifty portable locks to toss up at night for added peace of mind. It fits almost any frame that opens inwards, and works by simply sliding into place when you close the door. No tools required, made to be reusable and only $18 — sounds like a good price for safety.

Bring Your Cutlery Back Into The Spotlight With This Stylish Kitchen Organizer From Joesph Joesph

The saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” could be referring to how poorly you treat your forks. Your cutlery has spent too much time in the shadows, forced into dark drawers for days on end, and receiving none of the attention it deserves. The least you could do is consider this modern storage design that keeps forks, knives, and spoons organized. It keeps everything handle-out, making sure your poor cutlery is at least comfortable in that dark dungeon of a drawer.

Create Illusions With This 3-D Mirascope

Make your children (or drunk neighbors) scream in delight as you make an object appear to float above this fun mirror illusion toy. Don’t tell them how you do it, and disguise the base to make holograms appear out of anything. Maybe you can put a regular sized cupcake in there, but then pull out that 25X-sized cupcake you made for the party — just spitballing here. It’s only $7, pretty cheap for a fun party trick.

A Portable Iron That Works Incredibly Well Despite Its Size

This ultra-portable iron heats up in under 15 seconds, giving you the ultimate wrinkle-killing power wherever you happen to be. It works on both US and EU power grids (100v and 240v), making it one of only a handful of appliances I’ve seen able to do this. Smash those unwanted folds out with the Steamfast.

Fix Your Feet With These Amazing Compression Socks

Do your feet constantly hurt? Why do newer shoes offer no arch support? These are important questions in 2021. Pick up a pair of these awesome compression socks and bring your foot pain to its knees (hehe). These little bands give much-needed focused support to the arch of your feet, providing effective relief to any discomfort you typically experience. They’re also extremely thin, making it easy to slip a pair of normal socks over them for comfort.

Forget Needlessly Overpriced Gold Wedding Bands, Get A Long-Lasting Silicone Band From ThunderFit Instead

If I had known about these chic silicone rings before I got married, we wouldn’t have spent several paychecks on two rings. They’re smooth, lightweight, and come in virtually every size and color — yes, even gold. Heck, these rings have accumulated 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, which is better than some actual gold rings I’ve seen on there.

Finally, A Laundry Bag That Considers The Transportation Side Of This Age Old Chore

Why are all laundry baskets so bulky that we have to move our clothes into, like, 3 different receptacles until they’re finally tossed in the washing machine? So frustrating! Change all that with this laundry tote bag I found. It’s perfect for college dorms, backpackers, or just folks looking to streamline their laundry routine. These bags can fit up to 15lbs of your dirty clothes and then quickly transform into a backpack for easy transport. Don’t fuss with multiple hampers ever again!

Make The Best (Regular Sized) Cupcakes Or Muffins With This Silicone Baking Pan

Okay, I get it. Maybe a 14lbs cupcake wasn’t on your to-do list. It’s not for everyone. That’s why I added this awesome silicone baking sheet that makes perfect regular-sized cupcakes to this list! Forget metal pans that overcook the bottom or call for added non-stick spray — these BPA-free silicone baking sheets take out all the guesswork of baking. With one of these, you won’t even need cupcake or muffin sleeves anymore — because this high-quality silicone is a better non-stick surface than paper ever was! You may end up buying a bunch of these, as I have.

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