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25 Items That Will Make Your Tiny Living Space More Comfortable

In the US, the average home size has been decreasing since 2015. Bigger isn’t always better, especially if you like to travel and accumulate savings! With rents exploding everywhere, it’s time we start thinking about how to maximize our available cubic feet.

Just because your apartment is only 100 cubic feet doesn’t mean you can’t live comfortably. A few storage and decluttering tricks can get your home feeling spacious and leave you feeling more relaxed during your downtime.

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Keep Sounds And Smells Outside With These Adhesive Door Sweeps

Draft blocker installed on bottom of door

Does your front door open into a shared hallway, constantly drafting in smells and noise from your neighbors? Maybe you have a cold hallway that you can feel the draft from during the winter? That’s all an easy fix with these draft stoppers from Suptikes. Each pack comes with two easy to install flaps for your doors, complete with included adhesive.

Organize Your Untamable Cables With This Cable Management Sleeve

Wires wrapped up in cable organizer

Sick of your cables constantly tangling and making your desk look like a bomb dropped on it? Use this cable management sleeve cover from AGPTEK and reform your home office (or TV stand, or wherever). It’s super easy to adjust and add more cables, and it’s fire safety rated beyond the required limits — keeping you safe. Hide the wires and let the decluttering begin!

Free Up Storage Space By Hanging Your Shirts On This Rack

The organizer holding 16 T-shirts while hanging in a closet

Put your t-shirts on full display, saving your drawer space for more important things — like your nice dress clothes that your girlfriend is begging you to wear more often, but they’re constantly wrinkled because you store them in your closet on the ground (cough cough, Mark). This handy rack hangs from anywhere and keeps your clean t-shirts on full display for quick selection

Mount Your Phone Anywhere At Anytime With This Amazing Gooseneck Stand

Smartphone placed in mount attached to laptop

I have been watching movies and TV more and more on my phone over the past year, but the main issue I’m having is holding it up the whole time. Then my friend bought me one of these gooseneck phone holders, and holy crap — this thing rules. The gooseneck makes it so you can put your phone virtually anywhere around you, and it stays perfectly still for however long you need it.

Stop Stacking Your Pots And Pans And Finally Get Them Organized With This Rack

The organizer placed horizontally

Keeping your pans from scratching and chipping should be your number one priority, especially if you have non-stick pans. If you’re stacking them all in a cabinet, you’re going to end up with some problems. Stop stacking and start racking with this awesome cabinet organizer, and treat your pots and pans how they should be treated: with respect.

This Compact Strainer Will Save You A Whole Step In The Kitchen

A reviewer dumping grease with the strainer

It’s time to get rid of that 18th-century strainer you have and get one of these silicone strainer attachments from Kitchen Gizmo. It clips right into most pots and allows you to simply pour out the water, leaving you just goods. This bad boy will save you space, time, and sanity.

Store All Your Kitchenware Together With This Drawer Organizer

The tray with slanted slots to separate the utensils

Chances are your cutlery isn’t well-organized, and it’s time to make a change before it’s too late! The DrawerStore from Joseph Joseph is the next generation of utensil storage, allowing you to maximize your drawer space and keep all your cutlery together. I have two and my tiny kitchen has never felt more organized.

Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh With This Powerful Dishwasher Cleaner

Before results of inside dishwasher after using Affresh cleaner

Dishwashers can be a hotspot for unwanted odors in your home, especially if you don’t often run a cleaning cycle on them. It’s time to make a change and start using these Affresh tablets on the most important appliance in your kitchen. With regular use, your dishes will come out cleaner, and you’ll never have to deal with dishwasher stink again.

This Yogurt Storage That Frees Up Tons Of Fridge Space

Four tubs of yogurt placed in yogurt holder inside fridge

I know, I know — it’s not easy to keep the fridge organized, mostly because the contents are an ever-evolving mish-mash of different-sized containers. My fridge was contantly filled with greek yogurt, and it was becoming hard to maintain. Then I found this storage device that puts yogurt cups onto the walls of the fridge, freeing up precious space for other groceries. 10/10, would buy again!

Clear Up Your Coffee Table By Storing Your Remotes And Tablets In This Couch Caddy

Reviewer's couch caddy placed over arm rest

Keeping all your remotes and tablets on the coffee table is causing clutter, and there are a few ways you can go about handling it — the best choice, to me, is to grab one of these! Throw all your nick-nacks into this sofa pocket and secure more table room for pizza. I bet the Ninja Turtles have this thing in the TV room of their sewer hideout, considering the amount of pizza they chow.

Eliminate Pet Accident Smells On Your Carpets Once And For All

The spray bottle

Let’s face it, bad pet odors are among the worst possible scenarios for the inside of your home. There are so many remedies on the market, but how many of them have worked for you? Rocco & Roxie’s Stain Eliminator, which uses enzymes that feed on the ammonia in the pee, works like some sort of witches potion. BOOM! — smell gone! You’ll feel like Merlin or Gandalf while shooting magic from your fingertips whenever it’s cleanup time.

A Lightweight Bed Frame That Is Easy To Assemble And Doesn’t Need A Box Spring

A reviewer's bed

The days of bulky bed frames are over, thanks to this new stream of high-quality, low-impact, boxspring-included frames you’ve probably seen online. Zinus has been making some of the best, and my new queen set (which was under $200) is absolute proof of that. It’s designed with a low profile, but it also allows for some storage underneath — it is the perfect bed frame for my tiny apartment.

Hang Your Fruit And Veggies In This Hammock To Make More Room In Your Kitchen

Fruit in the hammock hanging from some cabinets

Keep your fruit and veggies up and out of harm’s way by storing them in one of these cool macrame baskets. Each one comes with some hooks that are super easy to install anywhere, and then you just toss the basket up. It also comes with extra attachments to dangle bananas, since bananas tend to release more ethene than other fruits, and can cause pre-mature rotting.

Modernize Your Waste Receptacle With This Voice-Operated Bin From Simplehuman

A person throwing an orange peel in the trash can

Your waste bin needs an upgrade — it’s not a question of “if,” it’s a question of “when.” Treat yourself (and your friends and family) to this awesome multi-compartment bin from the geniuses at simplehuman, and welcome into your life the latest tech in home waste management. Imagine telling your trash to open the lid so you don’t have to touch anything? Yeah, it rules.

This Multi-Purpose Cutting Board That Fits Comfortably Over Most Sinks

The cutting board and strainer with peppers over the sink

Do you ever wish you could speed up the process of chopping and cutting veggies by adding some extra functionality to your cutting board? Well, wish no more! This bad boy slices and dices with the best of em’, plus it also allows you to use the basket with or without being attached to the cutting board. Love it.

Open Up Floor Space By Moving Toward Vertical Storage

A reviewer's photo of the bookshelf in warm walnut and black

If you’re trying to save space in the living room or bedroom, don’t discount the space-saving ability of vertical storage. This minimalist shelf from Nathan James is the perfect example of blending elegance and usefulness to its most perfect form. The Theo shelf comes with everything you need to install in under an hour, no need to hire a professional.

Reduce The Amount Of Cables In Your Life With A Pair Of AirPods


Don’t act like you don’t know about Apple AirPods, probably the most popular headphones ever made. I threw these on the list because, hey, everyone deserves to listen to music in style. They’re easily the most compact headphones ever created, perfect for you.

Consolidate All Your Cleaning Products By Picking Up This Amazing Do-It-All Paste

A sink before and after using the do-it-all cleaner

Have you heard of Bar Keepers Friend before? Well, if not, strap in, because I’m about to summarize for you. This stuff is an amazing power cleanser, quickly and easily removing gunk and grime off of basically any surface. It makes easy work of demolishing stains, seriously. Bar Keepers Friend comes in two forms, pre-mixed and powdered.

Keep Your Wood Surfaces Radiant With This Orange Oil And Beeswax Polish And Conditioner

A before and after of a wooden table where the polish was used to clean

Now that you’re properly cleaning stained surfaces with Bar Keepers Friend, let’s talk about polishing those beautiful woods you have. Howard’s Feed-N-Wax is so good at what it does that it’s #1 on Amazon in wood polish. There is literally nothing better than this stuff, so don’t waste your time with cheap imitations.

Open Up Your Shelf Space With These Awesome Dividers

Make better use of your closet space by installing some of these Bee Neat acrylic dividers, and in turn, capitalize on the free space being overrun by sloppy item arrangement. You’re probably a millennial, so I’m sure your organizational skills are lacking. You need the help these dividers provide, trust me.

These Oversized Clothes Pins Will Hang Your Towels In Style

three jumbo clothespins hanging on a wall holding towels

Of course you need giant clothespins to hang your towels in the bathroom, what did you think this was…just a list for small items? Pretty rude of you to assume, ngl. For real though, these things add such a nice camp vibe to any bathroom, plus they look really cool.

This Hanger Organizer Will Declutter Your Entire Closet

clothes hangers in a tangled jumble in a black trash can

I’m sure you have unused hangers building up a good amount of clutter in your closets. Stop the insanity and grab one of these hanger stackers from NAHANCO, giving your idle hangers a place to live during their time in wardrobe purgatory.

Keep Your Makeup Visible And All In One Place

bathroom counter scattered with makeup and bottles

It’s no secret that an organized bathroom means an organized life, and we can hyper-focus even closer into the depths of your makeup drawer. It’s time to pull it all out and display it all in this neat rotating organizer, allowing you easy access to everything. Be honest with yourself, most of the time your makeup didn’t look good was when you couldn’t find your good stuff.

Quiet Down Your Drawers And Doors With These Tiny Bumper Pads

Photo collage of the transparent stickers applied on different surfaces

Do your drawers bang pretty loud whenever you close them? What about your closet doors? It’s actually a pretty easy fix, all you gotta do is pick up this pack of rubber stoppers and bring down the resting dB in your house. It turned my apartment into a silent sanctuary.

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