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The Most Impactful Household Items Found On Amazon

Remodeling your home is a big job. Not only do you need to hire someone to do the actual work, but the cost of materials alone can put a sizable dent in your bank account. It doesn’t have to be this way! Using sites like Amazon, you can find exciting new products to refresh your living space without going over budget.

From satin sheets to LED showerheads—there are so many items that can turn the most mundane parts of your home into the most exciting with just a few clicks. How do I know? Because that is exactly what I did—and I also know that finding the right stuff on Amazon can take more time than I care to admit. I gathered some research and wrote this guide to the most affordable items that will absolutely reinvigorate your living space.

I came across so many good things, I don’t know where to begin. Whether you want to spruce up your bathroom or completely upgrade your kitchen—I have you covered on this list. Get ready to change your home without having to leave your seat!

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

A Trash Can That Clips To Your Counter

Improve your cooking space and eliminate messes with this hanging trash can that clips to your cabinet doors. It has room for 2.4 gallons of waste, which is enough to contain all your scraps but not enough to strain the floating mounting system. It can also be attached to any wall with the included adhesive hooks!

These Mountable Remote Control Holders That Can Be Placed Anywhere

Everything has its place — except the remote control…until now! Stop wasting your time looking for the remote every time you want to watch TV, and pick up a couple of these storage cups for your wall. Easily mount next to the couch with the included adhesive tape — no tools required! Keep your remote in control and pick a couple of these up from Amazon while they’re cheap.

A Modern Lamp With USB Charging Ports

Quickly and efficiently charge all your devices right next to your bed using this luxurious lamp equipped with three 5A USB ports. Built into the base are three individual docks to keep all your devices safe while they charge. Its slick design can easily upgrade any space into the modern era!

A Space-Saver To Organize Your Coffee Pods

Whether you have a Keurig or any other automatic coffee machine, this sleek drawer will store your pods and keep your flavors organized. It’s sturdy enough to support your machine, so you can keep all your coffee supplies in one place. You’ll never need to hunt for your pods again!

A Set Of Three Magnetic Spice Jars That Can Mount On The Fridge

Running out of storage space on your spice rack? You should consider moving some of the more frequently used spices to the fridge using these magnetic spice jars. Each container has an ultra-strong magnet to keep it safely attached to the refrigerator until you need it. The lids also feature a see-through window, so you can always identify whatever is inside. Easy to use, easy to clean, and a great addition to any kitchen.

A 6-Pack Of Magnets For Storing Your Keys

Never misplace your keys again with these genius magnetic pads for your walls. Made with strong magnets that can hold up to 4lbs, they contain enough power to support your entire keychain and all its accessories. Peel and stick anywhere with the included 3M adhesive, and instantly upgrade your key storage.

These Motion Sensored Night Lights For Your Home

Don’t get left out in the dark! Grab this three-pack of motion sensor lights to brighten your way no matter what time it is. Attach to the wall with the included mounting system,and the long-lasting LED lights will keep your movements illuminated whenever you stumble around in the dark. They sense movement up to 10 feet away and turn off automatically after 15 seconds of stillness — so you’ll always be sure-footed without having to turn on bright overhead lights.

An Auto-Watering Flower Pot That Keeps Your Plants Alive

Need to step out for a few days but worried about your plants? This self-sustaining flower pot is exactly what you need. Made from ultra-tough polypropylene, this virtually unbreakable pot comes with everything you need to keep your plants alive for up to two weeks without your help. It’s lifted design prevents root rot, and can even deliver added nutrients if required. Don’t kill any more innocent plants — pick up one of these miracle pots and get some help with your green thumb today!

These Non-Slip Rug Grippers Keep Your Rugs In Place

Dealing with a sad lumpy rug? Check out these ultra-thin rug grippers that attach to the corners of your rug and keep it taut. They use tiny suction cups to lock everything in place, so you’ll never deal with a bunched up rug again. They even come with a 1-year money-back guarantee, so if you’re not not satisfied then simply return for a refund.

Smart Plugs That Give You Complete Control Over Your Power

Smart plugs are the future, and you can join the party for under $15. The Kasa Wifi-Enabled Smart Plug is easy to set up — just plug into any existing outlet, pair with your smartphone, and you’re ready to go! You can set a timer, or control from anywhere with the handy Kasa app. The nearly 70,000 positive reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong.

An Ottoman That Doubles As Extra Storage Space

Upgrade your living room with this sleek and modern ottoman. It includes 15 cubic inches of internal storage to fit all your extra blankets, and comes in a variety of colors that suit any room. The collapsible design makes putting it away both quick and space-efficient. All for under $40.

Mug Storage Hooks For Your Cabinets That Easily Slide Into Place

Do you have waaaay too many mugs? I recommend picking up some of these awesome, easy-to-install hook racks from Ecrocy. Installation is easy, simply peel off the plastic adhesive strips and slide it into your cabinets. Each rack comes with six hooks, and there are three racks per order — so you can free up a lot of cabinet space for under $15.

This 4-Pack Of Customizable Mirror Tiles

Create the perfect reflection of your style with this 4-pack full-length mirror set. They work for everything from home decor to exercise mirrors, and they even come with sturdy double-sided tape for a quick setup. Take control of your surroundings by rearranging, combining, and mounting the mirrors in any configuration that suits you.

A Laundry Bag That Hangs From Anywhere

Toss your dirty laundry into the future by using one of these Fine Living Company Door Hanging Laundry Bags. Each one is made with thick, rip-resistant fabric, so this may be the last laundry bag you ever have to buy. It even comes with two ultra-strong door hooks to help streamline your entire laundry process.

An Extremely Affordable Bluetooth Soundbar With A Built-In Subwoofer

Not all Bluetooth speakers are built the same. Case in point: the amazing sounding Bowfell speaker from Majority. Use it in the kitchen with your phone, or in the living room with your TV — this over-powered speaker will fill any room you place it in. It comes with a remote for quick sound adjustments.

A Drying Rack That Fits Over Your Sink

Love cleaning dishes by hand but hate the clutter that the dish rack creates? This roll-up dish drying rack from Koroda might be your solution. It slides right over your sink to eliminate any accidental flooding, and even rolls up for easy storage when you’re done. Made from stainless steel and featuring a non-slip rubber base, it’s the perfect rack for reliable, mess-free dish cleaning.

A Toilet Paper Dispenser With Room For More

Chances are you have some surplus toilet paper laying around from last year’s buying spree. Now it’s time to put them to good use with this rack from Bjiotun that has two toilet paper dispensers. It even has a built-in shelf with an added lip to protect your phone from unexpected falls. Pick up one of these and keep everything close while you do your business!

A Whiteboard For The Fridge That Helps You Plan Your Meals

Having trouble keeping track of your diet? Slap one of these magnetic whiteboards on your fridge and organize your eating habits all in one place. With space for meals, a shopping list, and notes — you’ll know what food you have and what you need to buy at all times. Don’t leave meals to chance, and start planning your diet responsibly for under $15.

A Toothbrush That Uses Magnets For Storage

Oral-B says using a cup for toothbrush storage is not hygienic, and i’m inclined to believe them. This modern toothbrush has a magnetic handle that attaches to the included base, which can be mounted on any wall. It even comes with an extra brush head, making it two toothbrushes for the price of one! Store your toothbrushes the safe way — on the wall,and isolated from other toothbrushes!

The Shower Head That Filters While It Changes Color

I know what you’re asking, “it changes color?” Yup. This funky shower head uses LED lights (powered by the flowing water) to change colors and make your bathing experience more fun! The Zen by Kairey filters the water with Anion Energy Balls, which removes impurities and leaves you feeling cleaner. Simply detach your current showerhead and replace it with this one, no special tools required! Don’t be thwarted by cheap imitations — this is the real deal.

The Pet Paw Washer That Keeps Your Floors Clean

There is nothing worse than letting your dog inside and having them track mud all over your pristine home. The MudBuster eliminates this issue by cleaning your pet’s dirty paws before disaster strikes. Just add water, pop your little buddy’s paw in, and twist — that’s it! The patented silicone bristles get between all the dirty paw pads and leave them dirt-free, keeping your floors clean and your doggo a happy pupper.

The Yankee Candle Fragrance Beads That Lasts Up To 30 Days

Yankee Candle has become synonymous with good smells. Their fragrance beads are the perfect way to keep the good smells rolling without buying an expensive candle every couple of days. The patented diffuser allows them to last longer than a month, keeping your aromatherapy costs way down. With over 20 scents to choose from, there is something here for everybody.

A Twin Pack Of Blackout Curtains For Your Bedroom

Rest better with this pair of insulated blackout curtains from Nicetown. They come equipped with pre-installed grommets, making them the perfect choice for any window that has curtain rod mounting. 50,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon say that these are the best on the market!

Repair Your Sagging Couch With This Support Insert

If you want to restore your couch to its former glory, this supportive couch insert is for you. Easily fix any dips or bumps in your furniture by slipping one of these under your cushions, and experience the comfort of a brand new couch. They’re made with vinyl-covered engineered hardwood, ensuring support for years to come.

The Floor Mat That Reduces Fatigue

This versatile mat offers whole body support while also relieving joint and back pain. Perfect for the kitchen or at the office, the portable Anti-Fatigue Mat helps provide firm yet comfortable footing wherever your day takes you. If you’re looking for something under $35 that can change your life, this is it!

A Ridiculously Cheap Microfiber Sheet Set

Go to sleep in luxury by picking up this set of ultra-soft microfiber sheets from Pure Bedding. It comes with all the sheets you need to turn your dull bedding into a legit experience, including insanely comfortable pillowcases. Definitely one of the best values under $25 on this list. Don’t believe me? Just read the verified purchase reviews over on Amazon.

Reduce Clutter With This Bedside Storage Organizer

Organize your bedside with this nighttime organizer from mDesign. All you have to do is slide the rust-resistant metal support between your mattress and the frame to add accessible storage right where you sleep. It features four different pockets to put a phone, a book, a TV remote—even a water bottle! This might pair nice with those microfiber sheets, and for only $11 it’s basically essential.

A Colorful Workspace Organizer That Protects Your Furniture

Pick up one of these Multifunctional Desk Pad from YSAGI and change the way you organize your workspace. Reign in your coffee, phone, notebook, and laptop from the desk by setting a boundary with this comfortable pad and help yourself feel streamlined while you work. It’s even reversible, offering maximum customizability with multiple color options for each side.

Maximize Functionality With This Paper Towel Dispensing Shelf

This functional paper towel dispenser has an added shelf for storage that will help you organize your kitchen in style. Perfect for those looking to modernize their home, it’s brilliant all-metal design can give your kitchen just the spark it needs to pop.

An Effective Trap For Problematic Ants

Have a pest problem? Easily stop ants in their tracks with the Liquid Ant Killer traps from TERRO. Each pack comes with twelve Borax bait stations, allowing for you to cover the entirety of the affected area. Stop fussing with toxic aerosol sprays and eliminate the infestation quickly and safely with these traps. They’re super easy to use, just pop open the top and you’re ready to go!

Super Soft Covers For Your Couch Pillows

You can really liven up your couch with these vibrant velvet pillow covers from MUILEE. Their 12×12 design will fit almost any standard couch pillow, and they come in so many colors that you won’t have any trouble finding a match for your couch. Each cover has a perfectly sewn seam to protect against tearing, and even an invisible zipper for a touch of class.

A Stackable Can Rack That Can Reorganize Your Pantry

Is your pantry a mess? Are you sick of looking for that one can you need in a sea of unorganized ones? Pick up a can organizer (or two) from SimpleHouseware and free up a ton of underutilized storage space in the process. Each rack comes with room for 36 cans, and if that’s not enough just stack another rack on top.

This Socket Cover That Assists In Cable Management

Having a bunch of power strips coming out of your wall is a bad look. That’s why I picked up this razor-thin outlet cover that discreetly extends the outlet by 8-feet, making my walls feel less cluttered. The thin build of the Slick Socket proves that it’s easy to hide the extension cable along the wall or across the floor — if you design it right! This fact alone makes it an obvious choice for this list.

Copper Wire Fairy Lights That Will Warm Up Any Space

I definitely don’t need oppressive lighting on my face during every waking hour. Sometimes, it’s nice to flick on some mood lights and relax into the evening. This battery-powered string of LED fairy lights will help you do just that! Just put in some batteries, string it up anywhere with the sturdy copper wire, and relax in a perfectly lit area.

A Lint Brush To Clean Your Dryer Vent With Ease

The standard removable lint traps on your dryer vent aren’t perfect. Lint build-up can still occur deep within the vent, which can lead to problems with your dryer… or worse! This flexible brush helps you get into hard-to-reach places and stop the problems before they have a chance to start. This set comes with two durable, long-lasting brushes for only $10.

All-Natural Bamboo Charcoal Bags That Indicate Foul Smells

Place these bamboo charcoal bags around your home or office and eliminate bad smells for good. Made without chemicals or perfumes, these bags work by using charcoal like a sponge that essentially soaks up unwanted odors. It doesn’t just mask bad smells, it works by actively removing them from the air. This pack comes with fifteen 100g bags, each big enough for one medium-sized room.

Clean Your Microwave With A Volcano

This volcano helps clean your microwave. Like, literally, it’s crazy. It’s all-natural too —just pour some water and vinegar into the top, briefly place it in your microwave, and watch this thing in action. It uses steam to help loosen up any gunk stuck to the walls of your microwave, reducing your overall cleaning time significantly.

Upgrade Your Closet With These Awesome Non-Slip Hangers

Be honest — how many different coat hangers do you have in your closet? If you’re like me, too many to count. Pick up this 30-pack of beautifully colored hangers from Jeronic and reinvigorate your closet for under $25. They feature a non-slip material on the arms to keep your garments from slipping off onto the floor.

A Basket That Catches Food Scraps In Your Sink

Stop clogging your sink with food scraps and start behaving like an adult with this sink strainer basket. It attaches perfectly to the corner of any sink and uses disposable mesh bags to filter your food waste. Simply throw the bag away when it’s full and replace it with a new one. It makes cleaning up so much easier, and you won’t have to fuss with a clogged kitchen sink ever again.

A 12-Pack Of Storage Hooks For Added Wall Storage

These hooks are perfect for everywhere, from the hallway to the bathroom. Add a coat rack to the front door or a towel rack in the kitchen. These versatile hooks come with adhesive that’s rated to hold up to 12lbs, making it strong enough for almost everything you throw at it. It works on most types of walls, including tile!

A Wi-Fi Range Extender For Increased Router Performance

Is your bedroom the furthest away from the router, resulting in a bad signal? Give this wifi range extender a try and begin to experience internet speeds you never thought possible (at least for me!) NETGEAR has made it easy to boost the signal all over your house, allowing wifi speeds of up to 750mbps (that’s FAST!) Stop the lag and grab one of these ASAP.

The Genius Solution For Organizing Container Lids

YouCopia has stepped up to solve one of the biggest clutter problems in the kitchen: food storage lids. The StorLid Food Container Lid Organizer makes finding the correct lid super easy, eliminating the mess lids usually leave in their wake. It works with any brand of food storage lid easily and uses adjustable dividers to keep it all organized.

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