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30 Of The Best Inventions Found Only On The Internet

What’s better than a new gadget? Well, in my personal (and highly regarded) opinion: NOTHING! That’s why I put together this list of affordable new gadgets I found online, essentially giving you keys to the future. There are so many items on this list that make your life easier — in fact, I predict some of these things will actually solve some of your problems!

Who doesn’t want a custom-sized tuna can strainer, or a salt gun to eliminate bugs? Like, a literal bug gun called a Bug-A-Salt Rifle — almost guaranteeing you’ll be roleplaying a Bruce Willis/Duke Nukem hybrid in your living room before the week is over.

TL;DR? Keep scrolling and improve your life.

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A Lightning Cable Actually Built To Last

How many iPhone cables have you bought in the last five years? Too many to count? That’s because most lightning cables are absolute crap and rarely last longer than a year. Don’t fall victim to this textbook planned-obsolesce tech scam again! The Amazon Basics supercharged 2.4A cable comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered if it ever fails. Charge your way into the future.

This Filtering Shower Head

Purify and enhance your bathing water with this high-pressure revitalizing shower head from Lokby. It has a built-in fifteen-stage filtration system, which easily removes metals and other impurities that are typically found in municipal water systems. The filter even adds vitamin C back into the water, resulting in more vibrant skin. If you’ve never used a filtered shower head, you’re missing out.

Pee Wherever And Whenever You Need To, Girl!

Don’t let pesky societal norms with basic anatomy stop you from going pee when nature calls by picking up a GoGirl female urination device. It’s essentially a portable pee funnel, allowing you to just open your zipper and let freedom ring like every god-fearing male has done since the beginning of time. Don’t let long hikes or outdoor festivals cause you any more stress, when you need to go — just go, girl!

Forget Dryer Sheets And Embrace This 6-Pack Of Ridiculously Cute Dryer Penguins

Where do you think all the junk in your dryer lint trap comes from? It comes from your wardrobe slowly disintegrating due, in part, to the harsh chemicals in your detergent and dryer sheets. Curb that issue with these all-natural Friendsheep Wool Dryer Balls. They’re made from 100% New Zealand cotton and are totally chemical free — be honest, who doesn’t want ecological penguins in their dryer?! They can even reduce drying time by up to 40%, which will save you money on electricity bills in the long run.

A Customizable Multi-Tool Keychain Made From Carbon Fiber & Stainless Steel

Remember how cool it was to have a multi-tool back in elementary school? Now you can relive your social glory days with this updated and customizable multi-tool from Clips. Easily add or remove accessories to the carbon fiber base using the removable screws, with room for up to 28 keys! Each order comes with everything you need to get started — including a bottle opener, a SIM card pin, a bunch of rubber washers, and even a separate cash stash container.

The Thanos Bottle Opener That Gives You The Strength To Pound Evil (Or Drinks)

Not only is this bottle opener functional, but it’s also the perfect addition to your unlicensed Marvel merchandise collection. According to the Amazon page…actually, you know what? You should just click this link now and read the in-house product description in its entirety — you won’t regret it!

End Tangled Headphones Once And For All

Stop fussing with mangled headphone cables and start placing them in this cord organizer from TOPHOME. The simple yet modern design keeps your headphones untangled by wrapping the cord around a sturdy base with perforated edges, using a button flap to lock everything in place. It’s made with 100% genuine leather and the button is stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart after a month.

A Whistle That Extends Your Signal Range By Two Miles

Have you ever wanted to make sounds from your mouth louder than most local noise ordinance thresholds? These loud (+142dB) whistles will do the trick. Easily amplify your calls for help in the wild (or calls to settle down your out-of-control roommate) by simply blowing on this ultra-powered HyperWhistle, and you’ll be heard for miles. It comes packaged with hearing protection, something you’ll definitely need.

Magnetize (Or Demagnetize) Anything In Your Toolbox

Have a screw loose? Grip it safely by magnetizing your screwdriver before you start the work. The Katzco Precision Magnetizer will polarize your tools both ways, keeping unwanted magnetism under control, or adding charge to anything that needs it. Screwdrivers, screws, nails, hammers, washers — magnetize whatever!

The Electric Makeup Brush Spinner That Will Change Your Life

Stop mixing up your blush shades with that overused and under-washed makeup brush. This is not healthy for your brushes, and it’s definitely not good for your expensive makeup. Stop committing fashion crimes, stop being a coward, and start washing your brushes with the machine brush cleaner from CCHOME. This $20 device will extend the life of your makeup and brushes, and it will pay for itself 10 times over within the first year.

A Hair Catcher For Your Drain That Will Keep Your Pipes Happy

It’s insane how much of my hair comes out in the shower. The hair slowly builds up in the drain, and eventually, like clockwork, issues arise. It’s not something I enjoy dealing with — at all. The TubShroom eliminates the problem altogether by creating a trap for loose hairs, saving your drain (and your morning) from certain doom. It’s the perfect solution for all the longhairs out there who tend to shed in the shower. Heck, it was even a 2018 Time Magazine honorable mention for best inventions of the year, and it’s only $12!

This Comb That Stashes All The …”Stuff” You Need Hidden

Effectively hide all your private items inside this multi-functional hairbrush. The cavity is 4 in x 1.25 in, making it perfect for stashing cash, or any other stuff you need to conceal from prying eyes — like ‘dry herbs.’ It also comes with a smell-proof bag, so you can stop your stinky ‘dry herbs’ from attracting prying noses as well.

A Beard Shaping Tool That Takes Your Manscaping To The Next Level

Stop trimming your facial hair all willy-nilly and get this beard shaping tool from Monster & Son. The curves and angles on this handheld trimming guide make it easy to look like a more successful version of Dan Bilzarian. To be honest, that’s not very difficult because he basically lied about everything he did — but his beard did look cool.

The Batter Dispenser That Perfects Your Pancakes

Stop making a mess of breakfast and get this pancake mixer/dispenser into your cooking arsenal. It’s super easy to use: just put the mix into the bottle, add water, add the whisking ball, and shake vigorously. Then, just pour the batter from the bottle to the hot griddle and you’re done. This thing makes perfect pancakes every single time.

The Magical Stainless Steel Rub-A-Way Bar That Removes Odors From Your Skin

Full disclosure: I have no idea how this thing works. It’s literally just a stainless steel block shaped like a bar of soap (or a fish, or a bulb of garlic?) Yet, somehow, it removes any sulfuric molecules on your skin, apparently leaving you clean. Can someone please explain this to me? I assume it has some sort of black magic embedded into the cell structure, because this thing absolutely works — both in the shower and in the kitchen. Who figured this technology out? Keebler elves? Elon Musk? I need to know.

These Small Charcoal Purifying Bags Made For Your Shoes

Do your shoes stink so much that you’re aware of it? Stop being sus and pick up these charcoal-based odor-removing shoe bags from Moso Naturals. They use bamboo charcoal to quickly absorb the bad smells instead of covering them up, making your shoes stink-free in time for post-COVID dinner parties.

This Hanging Storage Basket For All Your Bathroom Beauty Tools

Get your bathroom appliances out from under that sink and put them somewhere more practical. This door-mounted basket has enough room for all your beauty devices, and even has two holsters for additional brush and blow dryer storage. It’s a win-win, reducing the clutter and adding storage — my two favorite outcomes.

A Portable Steamer That Keeps Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free Anywhere

Don’t waste your time ironing outfits in a hotel room and start packing the PurSteam Garment Steamer in your luggage. It works by shooting out high-pressure steam from the spout, effectively melting away wrinkles from all your garments. Warning: once you try one of these, you will almost certainly throw away that 19th-century ironing setup you have at home.

This Tactical Pen That Makes Jim Watkins’ Stupid Bic Collection Look Ridiculous

A pen that doubles as a multi-tool? Sign me the heck up! This bad boy comes with multiple pen tips, a bottle opener, an LED flashlight — and so much more. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it extremely durable and ensuring a long lifespan. TakeFlight is US veteran-owned and manufactures all their products right here in the good ol’ USA. This pen is literally mightier than the sword.

This Bathroom Light That Takes The Phrase Lighting Up The Toilet Literally

Do you need a blue aura illuminating the inside your toilet bowl? Yes, yes you do. This toilet bowl light might be listed as a “gag gift,” but I guarantee it does what it claims — light up your bathroom with 8 different colors from inside the toilet. Its motion detected, making it easy for your family to find the toilet even in the dead of night.

These Stainless Steel Cubes That Replace Ice

Put these gold whiskey stones into your drinks and be the strangest person at any party. These things are essentially gold-colored stainless steel cubes used to replace ice cubes in a cold drink, and they work amazingly well. They’re totally food-safe, but beware — people are going to stare at you and your gold cubes.

The Mighty Handle Helps You Carry More From The Store

Who couldn’t use a few more hands when shopping? Pick up one of these grips and be amazed at how strong you actually are. The Mighty Handle will have you feeling like The Rock in The Mummy Returns when you leave the store handling 15 bags by yourself. They use hooks to distribute the weight, keeping you balanced to and from your car (or pyramid tomb.) Pick a couple of these bad boys up and activate Beast Mode on your next shopping trip.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Cutting Cheese

Cut the cheese at your next party and have the guests cheering with excitement! Okay, now that we got those jokes out of the way — seriously, this cheese slicer is perfect. Cut slices easily and evenly all the way down the block, every time. Great for cheddar and other medium-hard cheeses.

A Condom To Prevent Any Accidents…For Your Wine Bottle

If you’re drunk enough to spill the wine, then you’re drunk enough to need protection…for your wine bottle. The Wine Condom is another gag gift that proven to be a runaway success, this time by solving an age-old question: how do you reseal a wine bottle? Slip one of these booze johnnys on your next bottle of Vinho Verde if the afternoon bubbles start getting to your head too soon.

A Strainer Specifically For Your Canned Goods

Have you ever wanted to strain the liquid out of a can while also keeping everything else in said can? If you answered yes, rest assured that this product does exist. The Amazon gods have listened. Be Thankful.

Charge Your Phone Wirelessly And Step Toward The Future, Pleb

Your phone probably allows wireless charging, but my guess is you’re still using outdated last-gen cables like a dope. Stop! It’s about time you consolidate all your charging needs to this wireless charging pad and enter the next stage of smartphone evolution.

The Angry Mama That Cleans Your Microwave Without Complaining

Clean your microwave the modern way — by placing water and lemon juice into a silicone cartoon character and turning the microwave on. No, this isn’t a fake Tik-Tok lifehack — it’s simply how us millennials have shaped the future to be.

A Lightweight Travel Blanket That Keeps The Sand Out Of Your Butt

Carry one of these BEARZ Outdoor Pocket Blankets with you to always be ready for a picnic, the beach, or anything in between. This thing packs down to the size of an apple and only weighs about 4 ounces, so it’ll definitely fit in your bag. You can even use it as a poncho if it starts to rain — you’ll honestly be ready for anything. Except maybe a zombie apocalypse; you should get additional supplies for that.

The Car Seat Buckle That WOWed The Shark Tank Panel

Car seat buckles may be designed for safety, but my god, they could have come up with a better system than a button that is impossible to press. Well, one grandma eventually did come up with a better system: the UnbuckleMe buckle assist. This thing went on Shark Tank and received offers from all five sharks. Basically, it works by offsetting the button and creating a simple lever, allowing you to use less force in order to release the buckle. If you have arthritis, or just a fussy car seat, this is perfect for you.

Put Down Doom 3 VR And Fight Mutant Bugs For Real With The Bug-A-Salt 3.0 Rifle

Make pest control fun by hunting vermin with this literal salt rifle. I don’t know what more to say about this one, to be honest. If you like fun and hate bugs, then Amazon has a gun to sell you.

Clean Your Cast Iron Pan Correctly With The Ringer

If you use soap on your cast iron pan, you’re an idiot. I’m sorry, but it’s true. The whole point of a cast iron pan is to season it with oils and fats to create a natural (and flavorful) non-stick surface. Start cleaning your cast iron correctly with this chainmail net that scrubs away scraps while preserving the oils — and most importantly won’t scratch the pan. Just some water and scrub with this net, that’s it!

Magnetic Silicone Twisties To Help Organize All Your Cables

Do you have a mess of cables by your TV or computer? Organize all of it with these colorful magnetic ties that mold into whatever shape you need. Want to keep your gym towel off the ground? Pop one of these onto whatever machine you’re using and instantly have a hook. To be honest, you can use these for basically anything…

A DIYer’s Dream Magnetic Wristband

Always have the correct nuts and bolts at hand…literally. Turn your wrist into storage while you work on your projects using this magnetic wristband from MagnoGrip. Never let a lost screw pull you out of the zone while you’re working again.

A Kitchen Rack For Your Utensils While You Cook

Is there anything more annoying than trying to figure out where to place your sauce-covered cooking utensils while preparing a meal? This rack solves that problem by giving you an elevated spot for utensils, complete with a surface to catch any saucy drippings. Keep your cutting board clean and your spoons saucy.

A USB-Powered LED Clock Fan That You Never Knew You Needed

This fan uses tiny LEDs on the blades to magically display a clock face while it spins. I mean, it’s not really magic actually — but anyway, I digress. You can also program it to say whatever you want. For instance, you could show the dystopian nature of our reality with “Be afraid: I am sentient” or “The Matrix is real.”

A Silicone Phone Mount With An Internal Wire That Is Incredible Versatile

Keep your device upright on a table to watch reruns of 90 Day Fiance, or keep it attached to a pole so you can pretend to exercise while scrolling through memes — it’s all possible with this bad larry. But in all seriousness, this thing works great for keeping your phone accessible while biking or anything else that requires a mount or stand. Fits and secures almost any device!

Keep Your Produce Longer With The BluApple Freshness Preserver

Fruits and veggies become ripe by secreting ethylene gas. Unfortunately, this process never stops and will end up ruining your produce as quickly as the fall of the USSR. Enter the gas-absorbing BlueApple. Don’t let another single over-ripe banana destroy your stash of perfectly grown organic romaine ever again. One bad apple might spoil the barrel, but one of these good apples might actually save everything else in your fridge.

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