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The Best Stuff On My 2022 Amazon Wishlist

Shopping on Amazon can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. An online marketplace with literally every product ever made creates the possibility that you may even give up browsing simply because of the sheer amount of choice. Let me take some weight off your shoulders.

I’ve put together a list of must-haves for this summer and beyond. Don’t waste your time trying to decipher the quality of products based on the listing alone — let my research guide you to the ultimate bargains of 2022.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

A Professional Tweezer Set That Packs Everything You Need For Perfect Hair Care

Haven’t made it out to the waxing salon in over a year? Same here. Picking up this tweezer kit from XOOL is one of the most economical ways to end this self-care drought. With ten non-magnetic and anti-static tools; and all for under $15 — this may change your approach to hair removal forever.

Take Your Chef Skills To The Next Level With This Handy Digital Meat Thermometer

Cooking your meat without a thermometer is like playing baseball without a bat. Sure, you can play a little defense – but you’ll never hit a home run! Grab one of these super simple digital meat thermometers from ThermoPro and cook your meat to perfection. The simple design means anyone can use it, and it folds up neatly when you’re done. Stop overcooking your steak!

Crazy Charcoal Toothbrushes That Will Blow Your Mind

Charcoal and toothbrushes are not two things you would usually associate together — but hear me out. These toothbrushes are truly amazing. The charcoal-imbedded bristles are abrasive enough to help deep clean the plaque, but are soft enough to promote strong teeth and healthy gums. It’s always good to have some spare toothbrushes!

Repair Dry Skin With A Real Skin Lotion

Have dry hands but hate scented, ineffective lotions? O’Keefe’s is for you. Their unscented hand lotions are old school, and they’re considered a favorite among folks who work with their hands. Pick up this 3.4oz tin for under eight bucks. Try it, it just works. They back up their slogan of Guaranteed Relief! with a 100% money-back guarantee.

A Massaging Face Brush With 5 Different Brush Heads

If you’ve never had a personal massaging face brush, now is the time to pick one up. For less than a large pizza, you can have one of these magical devices in your personal arsenal. Easily swap heads to change its functionality, and flip a switch to ramp the intensity. Stimulate the growth of collagen and feel good doing it. Under $15.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A DSLR Clone With This 3-In-1 Clip-On Lens

This may be one of the most expensive items on this list, but it’s also one of the coolest. For under $20, you’re getting a 198° fish-eye lens, a 120° wide-angle lens, and a 20X zoom micro-lens. Take those Instagram shots on your next vacation without a filter. Your friends will wonder when you became a professional photographer. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Change Your Life With This Microfiber Towel Specifically Made For Hair

Taking care of your hair is something you think about more and more as you get older. Using a blowdryer every day severely damages your hair, and if you use dye — forget about it. You should at least treat your hair with some respect when you dry it. These microfiber towels are specifically designed for your hair and will leave you wondering why you’ve never used one before.

Workout In A Whole New Way With This Sliding Pads

Maneuver yourself in ways that weren’t possible with these sliding workout pads from Elite Sportz. Glide your limbs into position on any surface, even carpet! Made for cross-fit trainers, don’t avoid your next workout because there is nowhere to do it — don’t give yourself an excuse! Pack these wherever you go, and slide your way to fitness.

24K Gold Eye Patches To Relieve Puffiness And Dark Circles In Style

Once again, I’m bringing you another cheap and cruelty-free beauty product! Grab these awesome eye patches from Demora, made out of real 24-karat gold. Begone, dark circles! They’re easy to use — just give your face a quick wash, then apply the patches under your eyes for 30 minutes. These no-fuss patches will yield incredible results with minimal effort.

Bamboo Pillow Cases That Are So Soft They’ll Improve Your Sleep

Did you know microfiber isn’t the best thing for the environment? It’s an artificial material made from petroleum, and the tiny strands are linked to increased pollution in our oceans. Ocness has brought together the softness of microfiber, with the organic and durable properties of bamboo. These pillowcases are as soft as silk and as durable as nylon but made without synthetics or processes that damage the environment. Breathable and moisture-wicking, you’ll never go back to cotton or nylon pillowcases again.

Magical Native Body Washes That Bring Your Bathing To A Whole New Level

Native is a well-respected brand in the body care world. These new body washes are made with naturally derived ingredients, including coconut-derived cleaners — and without chemical foaming agents like SLS and SLES. Grab one of these 3-packs with amazing scents: lavender & rose, cucumber & mint, and coconut & vanilla. For under $25, you’ll smell stunning for the next few months without worrying about harming the planet.

Homeopthic Stress Relief Tablets That Simply Work

Stress relief is a big money-maker for pharmaceutical companies. Fortunately for us, there are other ways to get relief from the chaos of life. Bach’s has crafted an alcohol-free and vegetarian-safe lozenge that will calm your nerves without the need for narcotics. Formulated with rock rose, clematis, impatiens, cherry plum, and star of Bethlehem — this multifaceted stress reliever is safe and effective for all ages.

S-Shaped Hangers That Revolutionize Clothing Storage

Is your closet a hot mess, and you’re unsure how to organize it? Grab these unique multi-function hangers from Myflorena. Designed in an S shape, these hangers will allow you to layer entire outfits on a single hanger and truly solve several problems at once. Easily remove one article at a time, or take the whole thing down to speed up your morning — having a clean closet has never been this easy. The stainless steel build ensures a long shelf life (pun very much intended.)

Nylon Shoe Bags So You Can Bring Your Footwear Everywhere

Do you have a bunch of fabulous pairs of shoes that you hate leaving at home when you travel? These cheap and lightweight nylon shoe bags from Yamiu open up a whole new way to bring your flashy kicks (or heels) on the road. Virtually indestructible and completely waterproof, these bags also come with a lifetime guarantee — so you can rest easy knowing there are close to zero risks involved here. Keeping your shoes separate from your other belongings but also keeping them close at all times has been a revelation for me!

This Strange Looking Footwear That Can Help Relieve Pain

Speaking of footwear, how are the balls of your feet doing? Do you occasionally get pains that aren’t so easily quelled? Has a year of inactivity left you sore or blistering every time you go for an extended walk? Dr. Frederick’s has just the thing for you. This 4-pack of metatarsal gel cushions sticks easily to the balls of your feet and eliminates any pressure points and awkward rubbing, which are the sources of your pain. One size fits all, so no need to search for custom cuts. Dr. Frederick’s also has a subscription service, so you’ll never run out of these life-preserving insoles.

Reduce Your Plastic Usage With These Reusable Mesh Bags For The Grocery Store

I’m a huge fan of reducing the use of single-use bags, specifically plastic ones. Foldable, washable, and reusable — these mesh bags are the environmentally conscious way to bag up your produce at the store. No more using harmful, chemical-based plastic bags to grab some onions, BahrEco has made it extremely affordable to help save the planet by using their mesh sacks — one carrot at a time!

An All-Natural Sunscreen That’s Gentle Enough For Sensitive Skin

Sunscreen is a major part of a healthy skincare routine, and unfortunately it’s usually overlooked. Not only is sunscreen good for your skin, it’s recommended by doctors. This 100% mineral-based sunscreen from Etude House is a welcomed addition to my collection. With no harsh chemicals to be found, it’s made up of over twenty plant ingredients and clocks in at over 50 SPF. Protect your skin from UV rays without the weird ingredients.

A Gratitude Journal With Motivational Content That Will Push You To Change Your Life

Have you ever tried reading a motivational book but can’t get past the condescending language and tone? The Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal is nothing like that. Filled with motivational quotes, relaxing coloring pages, and spiritually charged writing prompts — this book will pull you out of your slump and set your mind straight on the right path. Sometimes we only need a little push, and this handy little book does the trick.

Effective All-Natural And Reusable Dryer Balls For Better Smelling Clothes

Forget those name-brand chemical dryer sheets you’ve been using that are made in a lab somewhere, and try these odorless SnugPad Wool Dryer Balls instead. Made durable enough for over a thousands reuses and safe on both colors and whites — buying this 6-pack means you’ll never need to buy another dryer sheet again.

This Versatile Unrefined Coconut Oil That Is Both Edible And Topical

First, it was charcoal, and then it was avocado — now it’s Coconut oil. Health trends don’t always get it right, but this time it’s the real deal. This multipurpose oil is good for everything from baking to skincare, and everything in between. Viva Naturals uses 100% organic coconuts to produce pure, unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil, and the quality is noticeable. Whether it’s for your keto diet or your dry skin, this thrifty purchase is sure to be the right one for you.

A Hemp Oil And Vitamin-E Spray To Improve Your Skin

Advanced Clinicals isn’t messing around with their new face oil. Powered by hemp’s twenty-plus amino acids and all-natural omega fatty acids, this ‘cosmeceutical’ mist is sure to bring back dull skin to its natural state. Paraben and mineral oil-free, you won’t need to worry about any nasty chemicals in this bottle. Easy to apply, easy to enjoy — Chicago-based Advanced Clinicals has done it again.

A Heel Balm For Repairing Dry And Damaged Feet

I’ve addressed the balls of your feet, now let’s focus on the heels. It’s quite possibly the driest place on your body, and now is the time to change that. Grab a bottle of Flexitol Heel Balm to revitalize the skin on your heels and turn those ugly dogs into beautiful puppers. It exfoliates while it moisturizes, so you don’t have to use multiple lotions to get to the root of the problem. Its clinically proven formula will deliver results in less than 24-hours, and it comes with a money-back guarantee. Not bad, eh?

Invigorate Your Old Car With This Simple Bluetooth Receiver

Have a smartphone but a less-than-smart car stereo? That’s easily fixed with this Bluetooth adapter that turns any 1⁄4-inch audio jack into a full-blown audio receiver. Simply plug this into your stereo, pair your phone — and boom! You can finally stop listening to that bad classic rock station on your way to work, and listen to your favorite podcast instead. You’ll be able to make hands-free calls at the touch of a button. For only $16, this is a must-buy for those who still drive their hand-me-down 2007 Honda Civic.

Vibrant Colored Pens For Journaling That Won’t Dry Out Unexpectedly

Keeping your notes organized isn’t always easy. A simple way to remedy this is with these superfine-tipped colored pens from iBayam. Each pack comes with 18 water-based colors, making it a breeze to categorize your writing or create stunning drawings without worrying about unwanted smudging. They come with their own hard case, so you can keep these high-quality pens separate from the inferior products you already have in your art supply box.

A Magnetic Phone Mount That Keeps Your Phone In Place In The Car

Now that you set up your car with Bluetooth capabilities, where are you going to stash your phone? How about right in front of you! Grab one of these clever WixGear phone mounts that sticks onto your dashboard with a residue-free adhesive, and keeps your phone in place with the power of magnets. Simply attach the included magnet to the back of your phone, and watch as it easily stays in place on the mount. As opposed to most phone mounts for the car, this one won’t block your air vents — saving that cold air for your face!

A Vitamin-C Eye Gel Helps With Dark Circles And Puffiness

Crows’ feet, fine lines, dark circles — this Cosmedica Skincare eye gel does it all. Harnessing the power of vitamin-C, it helps boost the production of your own collagen, blocks UV rays, and reduces the appearance of wrinkly, dull eyes. Whereas most creams are just a remedy, this one is the real deal.

A Body Massager 2-Pack That’s Both Portable And Useful

Safe enough for use with oils and gels, but durable enough to pack in your exercise bag — Zong’s personal massage rollers are heaven-sent. Whether it’s soreness from the gym or stress from work, getting some quick muscle stimulation from these bad boys makes everything better. Super lightweight and easy to clean, these are the perfect solution for everyone with an active lifestyle who encounters the occasional soreness.

Illuminate Your Face With This Amazing Primer That Extends The Life Of Your Makeup

Elizabeth Mott has created one of the best natural skin care products on the market. This primer skillfully hides pores and other skin blemishes, while also forming the best base layer makeup could ask for. Never tested on animals, all Elizabeth Mott makeup is 100% cruelty-free certified from PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. This is another product with a money-back guarantee, so add it to your cart today!

An Extremely Comfortable Sleep Mask To Put Your Brain Into REM Sleep Quickly

Many of us suffer from sleeplessness at some point in our lives, and using a sleep mask can be the easiest way to solve it. Typical sleep masks can be uncomfortable and put undue pressure on your eyes from their utilitarian design. However, PrettyCare fixed this problem with their patented ergonomic dome-shaped sleep mask, taking all the pressure off your face. Fall asleep in comfort and in darkness, no matter what time it is!

This Roll-On Ingrown Hair And Razor Bump Prevention Stick Is A Must Have

At this point, you probably know all about my sensitive skin (sorry about that!) That’s why after I shave I always use this post-haircare roll-on to prevent any ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Just apply to your hairless, dry skin after shaving or waxing, and forget about any discomfort. The roll-on bottle is refillable, helping reduce plastic waste. It’s an easy choice for sensitive skin folks like me, but the money-back guarantee makes it a no-brainer for everyone.

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