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Our Favorite Home Decor Ideas For Autumn

Growing up, my mom always decorated our home for each holiday, inside and out. Between September and December, she was constantly changing it up, to the point where we would wonder where she stored all this stuff! Well, as it turned out, she did a lot of shopping at The Christmas Tree Shop while we were at school.

That was the 90’s. Today, you can get this all done without leaving the house, thanks to Amazon. I think it’s finally time for you to get off your lazy butt, buy some decorations, and get your home looking festive! I’ve put together this list to get you started, hopefully motivating you to live your best life this autumn!

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. All prices are accurate at the time of publication.

These Mason Jar Bouquet Lights Are Something Special

These decorative mason jar lamps are so rustic and quaint that people will think for sure you are some kind of interior design wizard, mostly because they add just the right amount of seasonal character to whichever room you put them in. Some assembly is required, but it’s super easy and takes a minute. They are battery-powered and come with a timer and remote, so they can be controlled without hassle.

Farmhouse Candles Are Quickly Becoming My Favorite Brand

If you want to give your house a truly festive feel (and by that, I mean a festive smell), you’re going to need some candles. These bad boys from Sweet Water Decor are my go-to because of how long they last, the quality of their fragrance, and the price-to-size ratio. Once you try Farmhouse, you might never go back to that old Yankee brand.

Line Your Interior With These Fun Leaf Lights

We love having the leaf lights in our house because they add those special autumnal colors that, unfortunately, don’t occur naturally with the trees in our area. I bought a couple of these and wrapped them around every railing in our home. Now our home’s interior looks like the White Mountains in New Hampshire in November. Yes, as you can tell, I have 100% taken after my mother.

These Faux Pumpkins Should Scratch Your Decorative Itch Without Rotting After A Week

Did you ever think you were going to be the type of person who looks for miniature fake pumpkins on Amazon? Well, that’s what I thought as I wrote this article, but for some reason I’m absolutely drawn to these things. Pumpkins without the mess and fruit flies is an ultimate luxury that you will only come to appreciate in your later years. With this kit, you get 12 artificial pumpkins of various sizes, shapes, and decorative themes. They’re only $10 and will last your lifetime, it’s a no-brainer, honestly.

I Absolutely Love These Little Scandinavian Nissas, I Have A Couple For Every Season!

These little gnomes are so cute. I used to think these were just for Christmas, but a couple of years ago I found out Tifeson make them for every holiday. While these two are for autumn in general, they also make Thanksgiving and Halloween gnomes if you want to get more specific with your decor.

Your Couch Needs Some Festive Love Too, So Grab This Set Of 4 Autumnal Pillow Covers On The Cheap!

What can I say? I’m an absolute sucker for couch decorations. My mom used to change the pillows and blankets on the couch depending on the season, and apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. These hand-sewn and beautifully embroidered pillow covers couldn’t be more pleasing to the eyes, giving your couch a subtle, but noticable, autumn flavor. They feel like real Americana, and I love it. Oh, and you’ll need these!

These 6 Maple Leaf Tea Candle Holders Are Perfect For Autumn And Through Winter

These copper tea candle holders are the perfect touch for any room. Personally, I keep mine on the dining room table for the fall, but usually we put them in the bathroom for the “off-season” because the aesthetic works year-round in there. These are super high-quality, and each order comes with six holders — easily the best deal on Amazon.

What Better Defines The Holiday Season Than Wreaths? Nothing!

Here’s another decorative item that is found year-round: the almighty wreath! Autumn is as good a time as any to give your doors or windows a festive ring (pun intended), so pick up this highly-rated Thanksgiving wreath with integrated battery-powered lights from Alladinbox. It may look real, but this wreath is 100% fake, so when the time comes you can store it until next season and use it for years to come.

This Metal Turkey Is Next Level Lawn Art For The Holidays

Lawn art is the new garden sphere, either you love it or hate it. I love lawn art, as long as it’s festive and not too cluttered. Each season, I like to put one or two pieces out, and this year the metal turkey stole the show. It’s not too heavy, but it’s definitely well-built! It will last you for years to come, for sure.

This Fall-Colored Bunting Will Tie Your Whole Aesthetic Together

Who doesn’t love some good, old-fashioned bunting? I just really like using that word, so I will take advantage of any opportunity to say it. Each of these is 10ft, so it covers a pretty small area. I recommend getting two and cross-crossing them on the ceiling, it looks great in my living room like this.

These Banners Look Great In Your Entryway

If you like bunting, you’ll probably like these banners too. These are great because they are reversible; with a Halloween design on one side, and a Thanksgiving design on the other. They’re about 5 feet tall, so they look great next to your front door. Made from 100% polyester, these banners are perfect inside or outside.

Maybe A Festive Table Runner Is Also Your Style, Check This One Out!

These table runners really tie the room together. When it’s not mealtime, a decorative runner looks so much better on your dining room table than a typical table cloth. This bad boy is also 100% polyester, just like those banners, meaning they’re easy to clean and won’t warp or shrink when washed in the machine.

Snow Globes Aren’t Only For Christmas, These Fall Ones Are Beautiful!

While it may seem like a trivial piece of decorative tchotchke, there is something about these autumnal snowglobes that adds calm to any room. I really can’t describe it, but everyone who comes over to our house loves this thing. It lights up and does its snowglobe thing automatically, powered by a couple of AA batteries. This makes a great gift or centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. 

This Set Of Two Fall Signs Will Give Your Exterior That Donuts And Hot Cider Feeling

Maybe banners and flags made aren’t your thing, in which case I’d recommend these beautifully painted signs. These aren’t great for outdoor use, they’re more for your kitchen and living room walls, but they look great. Each order comes with 2 signs, an awesome deal for $9.

If You Want Dim Lighting But Aren’t A Fan Of Candles, Grab These Pumpkin Flicker Lights!

Candles are great, but holiday events always call for tons of candles to be lit all around my house for ambiance. While it looks and smells great, the idea that fire is going unattended somewhere in my house fills me with fear. This year, I decided to give myself peace of mind and pick up these 12 flicker lights as candle alternatives, and you know what I found out? I realized that you can enjoy a party without thinking your house is going to burn down, PLUS no one is going to ask you where your candles are because people don’t do that.

I Love These Fireplace Scarves

If you have a fireplace, you know the area around it is usually the focal point of holiday decorations. Stockings for Christmas, Easter baskets for Easter; so why not a little decoration for the fall holiday season? This fireplace scarf will fit snugly on the mantle and make your living room pop with autumnal colors. It also works as a table runner, or anywhere else in your house that can accommodate decorative textiles.

These Collapsible Hay Bales Are Exactly What I Was Looking For, And We Can Reuse Them Every Year!

Nothing says “harvest” like a hay bale. The problem with hay bales is that they’re messy and heavy, so the geniuses at Fun Express came up with a solution: a collapsible faux hay bale. They’re strong enough to be used as a seat, and they also just look great in the yard. Two or three of these can completely transform any area into a farm scene, perfect for autumn.

This Set Of 12 Flameless Candles Are Super Classy

Remember those little pumpkin flicker lights from before? Well, here is an upgraded version of those. This set of 10 realistic-looking faux candles come with a remote, allowing you to control the lighting from anywhere in the house. You can also set a timer, something you definitely can’t do with a real flame!

Bring Some Holiday Cheer To Your Leaf Removal

Everyone had these back in the day. You love em’, I love em’, the world loves em’: it’s the pumpkin trash bags for your leaves! If you grew up in an area that has lots of fall foliage, you probably spent countless days raking leaves outside. If you’re going to rake up all the leaves in your yard and put them into a bag for disposal, you may as well turn them into decorations for a month.

I Honestly Want These Paper Lanterns In My House Always

I don’t know when paper lanterns gained so much popularity, but I can see why people like them. They do a wonderful job of filling any spacial void in any room, especially if you have high ceilings. Each order comes with 12 lanterns in varying sizes between 8″ and 12″.

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