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The Top 30 Amazon Recommendations From Reddit

The best way to know how well a product works is to go to the source: satisfied customers. There is no better place to do this than Reddit. Why? Well, because it’s the front page of the internet, obviously! For your reading pleasure, I put on my hacker sunglasses and dove straight into countless subreddits on a mission to find out which Amazon items Reddit users recommend the most.

The end result is 30 items that are universally praised and guaranteed to satisfy…according to Reddit. I mean, obviously, a Nintendo Switch is going to get high praise, but who would have thought owning a weighted blanket was such a game-changer? Or this severed hand gag gift? Yup, people loved it, and apparently celebrities love to sign it.

Keep scrolling for a well-curated, reddit approved list of the top trending products!

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Roombas are so easy to use that your dog can operate it. Don’t believe me? Read this anecdotal evidence from u/writenroll:

Our roomba cleans the family room every night during dinner. Not by choice. Our dog learned that tapping the button on top wakes up her robot friend, which entertains her while the family is dining. We’ve learned to talk over it, plus we get to enjoy a clean carpet when we retreat to the family room after dinner.

So, yeah, if you want a vacuum that works really well and is easy enough for a dog to use, buy a roomba.

Having to plug in your phone somewhere out of reach can be emotionally taxing. Get yourself this 10’ cable and forget the short cord life for good. Reddit user u/Kayhazel echoes my sentiments:


It’s no surprise Leatherman pocket tools are considered the best in the world, mostly because they are super durable and last forever. However, in the event you do encounter a problem, Leatherman will send a replacement like they did for u/Kromulent:

I got one of the first generation Supertools and I’ve stayed with it ever since. When I finally wore out the old one, they gave me one of the new versions for free when I sent back for service. I’ve since bought a second one to keep on my trail bike.

They make a nifty little socket driver attachment for it too.

For those of you who don’t know, Reddit very much loves all doggos and catos. Through careful scientific experimentation, Redditors have discovered that your furry friends are surprisingly obsessed with electric blankets. If you want to become Lord of the Pets in your home, just switch on this heated blanket and watch the animals come running.

WARNING! Beware the dangers of such responsibility, as noted by u/Catzy94:

My dog steals electric blankets. I’ll go to sleep nice and warm and wake up freezing next to a spoiled rotten dog on a heated blanket throne.

Forget about jarring yourself awake using abrasive alarm sounds! Instead, use this highly-praised Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up light and ease back into the world each morning. It’s seriously such a game changer — but don’t take my word for it, listen to u/workingonit3005:

I have the Philips HF3520 and love it. Bought it about a month ago. I went with this model because some of the less expensive ones have jarring/repetitive sounds. This model is very bright (adjustable) and has soothing alarm sounds. I live in the PNW where it really helps to have some light in the house when waking up and this works great.

I love KitchenAid appliances, and apparently so does Reddit. In fact, Reddit really wants you to make buttercream using this rubber attachment according to u/wotsit_sandwich:

Flex edge is great for buttercream. You can just buy it individually on Amazon US. I even got mine refunded by Amazon for some unexplained reason.

You won’t need a new pair of Red Wings every year because these shoes are built to last a lifetime. Reddit literally won’t shut up about them, and u/ReallyNotBobby agrees with the Iron Rangers hype:

Damn fine piece of footwear

Most Redditors agree that a quality power strip is necessary to keep your electronics safe. They also seem to agree that you want something like this, which will clamp onto the side of any desk. Apparently u/flyingsailor wants one:

I didn’t know I wanted something like this till I saw it. Pretty sweet.

It seems there are a lot of Redditors who enjoy sending gag gifts, and the consensus is they all love this dismembered hand! Some people even get these halloween props signed by celebrities for absolutely no reason, according to u/kemp666:

I have a similar hand signed by Chuck Palahniuk. What’s the deal with autographed fake hands?

Wahl made the right decision when they decided to color code the combs on their Color Pro Clippers. Reddit loves this thing, particularly r/malegrooming and r/barber, just check out what u/nicksais65 said about it:

Are you all a fan of the Wahl Color Pro? Had mine for a while and I really like it.

Reddit thinks Breathe Right Strips are so functional that they can single-handedly correct major sleep issues (and possibly repair broken relationships). Well…u/working_title3 thinks so, anyway:

I’ve been using nasal strips for the last 2 years and it was a game changer for my sleep.

Everybody wants a memory foam mattress. The problem is that they’re prohibitively expensive. Well, according to Reddit, the solution is to get a memory foam topper and continue using your current mattress. Why waste your money on an upgrade when one of these will do the same thing for less? u/EXIT_SUCCESS has some kind words about memory foam toppers:

I sleep on a 4in topper after having given up my temperpedic after moving from school. It’s the same experience to me. I’ll never buy the full sleeper mattress again.

If you’ve been on any cooking subreddit, then you’ve definitely been exposed to the Instant Pot army that lurks around that site. In fact, they even have their own sub: r/instantpot. The main driver of this obsession? How fast it cooks and the diversity of its applications! Just look at what u/alohadave has to say:

I just made carnitas for dinner, 35 minutes cook time under pressure. Crock pot time is 8 hours.
Hard boiled eggs are a quick and easy thing to cook.
I make yogurt every week or is good for recipes.
I generally use 1 cup of water, no matter what i’m cooking. I have the same model as you, and one cup is all you really need. Soups and stock obviously needs more. Frozen takes a little longer to come up to pressure, and you extend your cooking time a little, but otherwise it’s not a problem.

Here’s another product with it’s own dedicated subreddit: r/Dashcam. Not only can they save you a headache, but they can protect you against bad drivers and their footage is mostly admissible in court. Read what happened to u/B0h1c4:

I got a speeding ticket from an officer that said I recklessly passed a truck and almost hit him head on….

But I had my cruise control on the speed limit, I was relaxing eating a breakfast sandwich on my way to work, and didn’t pass anyone. So obviously it wasn’t me. I pled my case to the officer and he repeatedly said that he didn’t know why I was lying to him. I went to court confident that his dash cam would reveal that I was not the one to almost hit him….

Their department doesn’t have dash cams. So I got a ticket and had to pay court costs. I was so pissed I went and bought a dash cam. They are so insanely cheap on Amazon that it’s almost stupid not to have one.

When AirPODs first came on the market, they were the hottest item money could buy. Now, a couple years later, the cost of manufacturing has come down and it’s time to reap the benefits. TOZO makes a truly high-quality Bluetooth earbud. They have great reviews on Amazon, and they’re fully supported by the Reddit community — like u/koolaidsitheshit:

The tozo earbuds are pretty great. You get higher end sound and hardware for not a lot of money…I love mine, when they die I’ll buy the nicer tozo ones more than likely.

I’ve seen enough videos on LiveLeak to know that protecting your house with cameras is pretty much mandatory these days — especially at your front door. Reddit loves these cameras from Google Nest, including u/compiled:

I really enjoy [my Nest cam]. I sprung for the IQ just for the hell of it and it’s great quality. Incredibly easy to setup and install. It currently watches my front door and yard. I plan on getting a non IQ to monitor my backyard and garage.

Are you a vampire like a good portion of Reddit users? Then you need blackout curtains in your life. Using these in your windows may be up to personal preference, but this Redditor explains the benefits:

Pitch black bedroom with wake-up light alarm clock. I live near the Arctic Circle, so half of the year it is bright day and night, around the clock, and then it is dark the other half of the year, and the older I get, the more it gets me. Heavy duty curtains and wake-up light (also light therapy lamp rest of the day during polar night) are must.

Do you have an essential oil diffuser yet? Reddit thinks you need one. They actually think you need this particular one, that functions as a humidifier and has a doggo in it. Don’t take my word on it, u/gimmeyourbadinage has a lot to say about why you need this in your casa:

I love mine. It can run all day with no supervision, you can set it to constantly stream or intermittent burst, you can put a timer on it, and it smells up my whole apartment way more than a candle and without the smokiness of incense.

If you’re not sold on the TOZO Bluetooth earbuds I was talking about before, maybe you’d prefer a name brand? Well, Bose is here to give you the best sound quality on the market. Vastly superior in every way to the AirPODs, the QuietComfort 35’s will have you making up excuses to put them on. Just ask u/global_ferret:

The bass is solid on these, as good as any true wireless I have heard, definitely better than airpods pro.

If you need motivation to floss, just know that you’re not alone. I think the entirety of Reddit is pretty much in the same boat. I see people talking about the Waterpik over and over again, so I figured I’d give it a shoutout on this list! u/PsychedelicDoc can give you the reason Reddit loves it:

My Waterpik got me back into flossing again. I hated…HATED…flossing. That Waterpik was cool! Lots and lots of bleeding at first, even with the low pressure nozzle. I am now using the high pressure nozzle daily and it’s inspired me to start flossing. I realized I will do these things if I don’t have to put my hands in my mouth – the floss holders are great for this. I use the Listerine one because it seems like less waste. And, thanks to the Waterpik, flossing is more pleasant because I’m not bleeding anymore.

Fitbit has come a loooooooong way from their original fitness trackers. Now, for under $200, you can get the latest technology for keeping tabs of your workout. These smart watches are essentially an entire doctors office worth of monitors attached to your wrist. I think the Versa 3 is amazing, and Redditor u/Hussut agrees:

I love my Versa 3

Although Americans might not be ready for it, the global community agrees: a bidet is the best way to clean yourself in the bathroom. The Neo 120 from LUXE is less than $50, attaches to your existing toilet, and u/CharlestonChewbacca has nothing but nice things to say about:

It works 100% as intended. I’ve had mine for about 2 years now and I’ve never had any issues.

You can spend a bit more money if you want something made out of more premium materials, but I don’t feel like the cheapness impacts performance at all.

No learning curve. The first time might seem a bit weird, and you’ll probably soak your butt a little too much (which means you’ll use just as much TP as before), but you’ll get the hang of how much to clean and how to position your butt after just a few uses.

I’m sure you’ve boiled some meat in your life — but do you even sous vide, bro? Vacuum sealers are a crucial part of that technique, which is essentially vacuum sealing meat with marinade and boiling that whole package directly. It’s amazing. I got this one for under $60 and it works great, u/Stoney6421 agrees:

I use this one and have had really good luck with it.

Literally almost every house in the US has one of these, why don’t you? Is it because you think they don’t work? u/starjammer107 says it like it is when they were confronted on r/IsItBullshit with this exact question:

I just bought one and it definitely works.

I don’t have to tell you how much the Nintendo Switch rules, I feel it speaks for itself. I mean, come on — it’s still the only way to play Skyrim on the toilet. Obviously, Reddit loves the Switch, and it of course has its own subreddit. I’ll let u/ATrueFool tell you why you should buy one:

A switch is a very good investment and can be even better with a few things:

1. Do you have kid’s or have a lot of parties? Great it is useful for playing with friends and kids

2. Do you travel a lot? Great it’s portable

3. Do you have no one to play with? Not great but still great since the Switch has many great single player games

All around the switch is a great console with many great exclusives

This little device is perfect for a little extra stimulation. It comes very highly recommended from Reddit u/amelie190:

I second [the] Lelo Mona 2. … Very high quality. I’ve used [it] frequently and it’s lasted for 3 years or more.

Reddit wants you to drink coffee all day so you can stay on top of the current events unfolding…on Reddit. For a while, Reddit was obsessed with these microwavable travel mugs. I don’t think the hype died per se, it’s just that people don’t need to buy new ones because these are built to last! u/Scoyne0 explains it better:

I have the same mug, works great in the car/office, keeps coffee warm for a decent amount of time, the lid doesn’t leak, but there is no cover for the opening, so it can’t be tossed in a bag without a disaster.

If my cat could talk, she probably wouldn’t because she’d be too busy napping on this heated cat bed. Reddit is 100% on-board with napping cats, trust me. Some pet owners love this one because of how durable it is, according to u/abbarach:

We bought one of the H&K Thermo-Kitty beds on Amazon. The top of the bed has a soft cushion that’s several inches thick, and then the heating pad goes under that, in a little pocket that’s lined with fairly stiff fabric. The pad itself is also wrapped in fairly heavy plastic/vinyl. We have two cats that use the bed, and we’ve not had any issues with claws over the several years we’ve had it… I don’t see any marks at all on the heating pad, and even if they could get a claw down that far, I don’t think they’d be able to puncture it without REALLY trying to destroy the thing..

Vitamix is the pinnacle of blenders. I’m not even sure this would be considered a blender, considering how many different things it can do. Get the facts from u/Hamsterdam:

You will be amazed at what an amazing blender this is. I use it to make powdered sugar from granulated, to make fresh flour, taco seasoning from whole spices, hot soups, grind eggshells for my garden, it makes ice cream, crushed ice, the list goes on and on. It is truly a pleasure to use.

This blender comes with a 7 year warranty and the company will actually pay the shipping costs to have it repaired. If you want to save money buy a refurbished model. A lot of people buy these from Costco on impulse then return them. Costco sends those models back to VitaMix, the company inspects it and issues a new warranty.

Expedite the process of mincing garlic by getting this Reddit-loved garlic press from Zyliss. It actually looks like everyone on Reddit is a Stan for this brand, just look at what u/nordvess_canabis said on a post titled “The absolute best garlic press, you won’t regret this purchase”:

I have the same press and I love it. Cooks Illustrated did a garlic press round-up and they rated one higher than the Zyliss, but it costs $50. Oxo makes a press rated as high as the Zyliss too.

Weighted blankets rule, and they help relieve symptoms of many ailments. Everyone on Reddit raves about the brand Chilla, including u/Ganrokh:

There weren’t many reviews. We pulled the trigger on it. We’ve had it for a few weeks. It came in the winter duvet by default. It’s going to be a month before we get consistently cold nights here, but we decided to leave it in the winter duvet and not switch it to the summer one for just a few weeks.

My wife fucking loves it. She says she has had much improved sleep. It’s extremely comfortable, but it takes a lot of effort to flip over or do anything under the blanket, which takes some getting used to lol. I quite like it as well.

On warm nights, it gets hot in the winter duvet. On cold nights, it’s perfect.

Neck pain sucks, and it’s only made worse with a bad pillow. I’m a side sleeper, so I bit the bullet and bought this side sleeper pillow from Serta based on Reddit recommendations. All I have to say is WOW. This is the best pillow I’ve ever owned, and u/ParanoidOverload agrees with me:

I was having back and neck pain. Got this pillow, no more aches and pains. If for some reason I do sleep on another pillow or two (always had two pillows before I got this one), my back will bother me for a day or two. Love this pillow

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