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The Best Things I Bought On The Internet This Past Year

Going on the internet to search for cool new products can turn into a massive time-suck. More often than not, market-based websites are set up to get you to spend money on things you don’t need, rather than on items relevant to your search. This e-commerce technique is used by all the big names, including the almighty Amazon. 

In my opinion, the best way to eliminate wasteful purchases and lost time is by getting quality recommendations from friends and family to guide you directly to the good stuff. 

However, friends and family are generally a finite resource. That’s why I created this list of the 30 best things I bought in the last year. While everyone else was binging of Tiger King, I was browsing Amazon and filling my apartment with as many cool things as I could possibly find. I didn’t always get it right, but this list only shows the best of the best. Consider these your quality recommendations for today, and who knows — you may end up sipping your next coffee made from your newly purchased Aeropress.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

A Mandoline With Added Protection

Every cook who’s worth their weight in food knows that a mandoline is an invaluable tool in every kitchen. The issue is that your typical mandoline can be extremely dangerous, and could easily slice off chunks of your finger if you’re not careful. Fullstar fixed this issue by creating a safety handle for their mandoline, so your bare hand never comes close to the slicer. They’ve even included a chainmail glove for added protection! With six interchangeable specialized blades and no mess, your kitchen is about to get a whole lot more professional.

This Silicone Mat That Measures Your Baked Goods

I had always seen these silicone baking mats in YouTube videos, but I never owned one until I bought this. All I can say is WOW. If you’re a baker: YOU NEED THIS. Never again will you have to mess around with sticky wooden cutting boards or chemically-treated non-stick pans. You’ll be able to do all your baking prep without leaving a mess, make measurements with the built-in size guide, and even use it as a non-stick oven tray! It’s so versatile and heat resistant up to 450 degrees, you’ll soon incorporate this silicone mat into all your baking experiments.

The Carbon Filters That Slips Into Fabric Facemasks

These carbon filters are the perfect addition to your fabric mask, adding a layer of protection and preventing any harmful particles from getting into your airway. With this 100-pack, you’ll be able to make sure you’re breathing purified air for months on end — without having to recycle old filters. 

The Sliding Shelf For Inside Your Cabinets

Add some functionality to your floor-level cabinets with this easy-to-install sliding shelf by Lynk. It comes in so many sizes that I can almost guarantee they have one for your kitchen. Professionally engineered from commercial-grade steel and utilizing industrial-grade ball bearings for its rolling action — this pull-out organizer was built to last. It’s no wonder it has a five-star rating on Amazon with almost six thousand reviews.

Eight Reusable Silicone Straws For Eco-Friendly Drinkers

Straws are the latest item on the environmentalist hit list, so why not take some initiative and help the planet with these reusable silicone straws. Easy to clean and free from harmful plastics, these short straws are perfectly suitable for everything — from your child’s sippy cup to your evening cocktail.

A Shelf On Wheels That Adds Storage Anywhere

Trying to fill that gap between your washer and your dryer? Sick of chemicals scattered around the laundry room? Grab one of these multi-purpose slide-out storage towers from Ideaworks and switch your wash cycle onto organized mode. Easy to set up and built to last, this rolling shelf is a welcomed addition to any room in the house.

Turns Veggies Into Noodles With This Durable 4-In-1 Spiralizer

Turn virtually any vegetable into noodles with the Veggie Sprializer from Sedhoom. Multiple blades make it easy to make the exact cuts you want, and the removable parts make it a breeze to clean. Made from high-quality stainless steel and unbreakable ABS plastics, this might be the first and last spiralizer you’ll ever need to buy.

An Easily Mountable Rack With 8 Levels Of Adjustable Shelving

If you can’t tell, I’m big on creating extra space! This versatile rack can be mounted to a wall (or securely hung from a door) easily with all the necessary hardware included. You can even personalize the shelf placement to get the perfect custom fit! Add storage to your pantry and help declutter your kitchen in style with the ClosetMaid Adjustable Shelf!

Hide Unsightly Power Cables With These Enclosed Organizers

Cables run our lives these days. Instead of letting the situation get out of control at your house, maybe it’s time to pick up one of these organizers from Chouky. Complete with ventilation and wire-ties, these enclosed cable organizers keep the tangle to a minimum while also preventing potential electrical mishaps like overheating! 

These Globe Lights Add The Perfect Ambience To Any Space

Featuring classic Edison filaments, this string of globe lights casts the perfect glow for all your relaxation needs. The weatherproof design means they’re just as at home in your living room as they are on your porch. With 26-feet of customizable lighting, you can turn any space into a perfectly lit space for everyone to enjoy.

The Carry-On Liquid Containers That Clip Onto Your Bag

Trying to bring hand sanitizer onto your flight but the bottle is too big? Easy. Just grab these refillable clip-on containers and head to the airport with confidence. Holding up to 1.3oz of any liquid, these containers are guaranteed to fly and won’t garner you any weird looks from the TSA. Their leak-proof silicone construction will keep you safe from any unexpected spills.

LED Light Bars That Will Illuminate Any Space

These nifty light bars will help you add lighting to spaces that need it most. Small enough for a cabinet but powerful enough for a kitchen — this wireless LED light bar is perfect for anywhere that traditional indoor lighting doesn’t reach. Bundled with magnets for mounting to metal and a non-residue adhesive for everything else, it comes with everything you need to quickly brighten up your home. Rechargeable and with a long-lasting battery, you won’t have to worry about placing it near a power source.

These All-Natural Aromatherapy Shower Steamers That Are Made To Relax

Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? People who prefer showers, that’s who! Cleverfy has decided to corner the market by developing a scent-releasing steam tablet that turns your shower into a spa experience. Made with all-natural essential oils, these shower steamers will have you so relaxed you may have to free up the rest of your day for a nap.

Moldable Glue That Works Like Silly Putty

Fix everything from frayed cables to your shoes with this versatile moldable glue from Sugru. Its patented formula allows for 30 minutes of hand molding, followed by several hours of drying — which results in a powerfully strong yet super flexible silicone finish on any material. Safe on electronics up to 24 volts and completely waterproof, this is the next evolution of DIY repair.

A Luxurious Shower Head With An Auxiliary Handheld Attachment

Upgrade your shower from sufficient to luxurious with the Aqudance High-Pressure 3-Way Rainfall showerhead set. Easy to install and no plumber required, simply attach where your existing showerhead was and get ready for the best shower of your life. Feel the difference immediately with any of the six adjustable settings, which include Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Mist, Rain Massage, Rain Mist, and Water Saving Pause. This showerhead is a steal for only $35!

These  Durable Leggings With Pockets

Love going for runs but have nowhere to put your phone? These killer leggings are the solution. ODODOS has modernized yoga pants in the most simplistic way possible — by combining practical design and high-quality material. Each pair features two pockets, so you can discreetly carry your necessities while on the go. They’re also built to last, constructed with a four-way stretch fabric that won’t give way when you put them to the test. Available in many sizes, colors, and designs — guaranteeing something for everyone!

An Adjustable Pillow Made From Shredded Memory Foam

This hypoallergenic pillow from Dream Rite will change the way you rest. The fully adjustable memory foam filling means you can customize the loft to however you prefer, resulting in better quality sleep. The cover is made from breathable bamboo that keeps you cool all night — ensuring you wake up fully refreshed.

The Hanging Basket That Frees Up Counter Space

Yup, you guessed it! I have here yet another item to save space and organize your life! Optimize your fruit and vegetable storage with this three-tiered hanging basket by DecoBros. Simply attach a hook to the ceiling and hang this like you would a plant. The stainless steel construction means these baskets will hold anything you throw at them, and you can even split them off to use each basket individually. I have one of these in my kitchen, and guests are constantly asking me where they can find it — well, here you go! 

The Three-Stage Knife Sharpener That Every Kitchen Needs

I’ve cooked dinner at enough friends’ homes to know that almost nobody owns a knife sharpener. The question is: why? Most knives are built to last – yet are treated poorly and discarded before their lifespan is done. That’s why you should pick up one of these three-stage knife sharpeners from Kichellence. It comes with a protective glove, so you don’t need to worry about cutting yourself if you’re unsure of your knife skills. Give your cutlery the sharpening it deserves and allow your knives to slice through tomatoes like butter once again. You can thank me later.

This 100% Cotton Fast Drying Beach Towel 

Eliminate moldy smells emanating from your towel bag after a day in the water with this 100% Turkish cotton beach towel. Its thin design is made for fast-drying, so you can reuse it between each dip in the ocean without over-saturating the fabric. The oversized dimensions mean it’s great for all ages and the perfect blanket for any outing. With over 30 colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

An Exfoliating Back Scrubber For The Shower

When is the last time you really scrubbed your back in the shower? If you have to think, then it has already been way too long. Now would be a good time to grab one of these Exfoliating Back Scrubbers from Aquis and feel the difference it makes after just one use. The two handles and sturdy material make it incredibly easy to scrub and exfoliate your back without having to contort your body. Leave the shower feeling totally clean — and your back totally devoid of itchy dead skin.

The Hair Oil That Calms Frizz Without The Grease

This hair oil from Morcoccanoil contains a blend of naturally derived argan and flaxseed oils, making it the perfect treatment for your hair. Typical hair treatments can leave your hair looking greasy, a side-effect Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil doesn’t have. This product can be used to contain frizz and produce a subtle shine, or to help untangle — even repair — damaged hair. The solid five-stars on Amazon all but ensure you will not be disappointed.

This Soy-Based Scented Candle 8-Pack

Buying candles online can be a crapshoot. They can be expensive, and you really won’t know what you’re getting until you smell them yourself. This 8-pack from Thornewolf bucks that trend by offering eight different candles for under $25, allowing you to explore new scents without spending an arm and a leg. Each soy wax candle lasts up to 15 hours, providing you with 120 hours of total burning time per order. The set comes with Lavender, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Ponderosa Pine, and more!

This Pillow For The Bathtub

If you’re lucky enough to have a full-sized bath (or even a hot tub) at your home, you should definitely consider one of these pillows that take your soak to the next level. It has a two-panel design to support your head and shoulders as you relax in the tub. It even has added suction cups on the back to eliminate any unwanted sliding. It’s machine washable and includes a built-in hook for fast drying, meaning you’ll always have a clean bath pillow ready to go!

A No-Slip Mat For The Shower That Looks Like Cobblestones

Add a layer of safety to your bathroom with this cobblestone-styled no-slip mat that suctions to the bottom of your tub. It’s made from 100% naturally-derived rubber, which means it stays flexible and soft even in cold temperatures. This is the perfect addition to any home, as it provides a stylish and necessary layer of protection to all ages. Available in blue, gray, and beige to match any bathroom!

The 8 Second Hair Serum That Will Change Your Life 

L’Oreal Paris does it again with this rinse-out moisturizing hair treatment that promises to transform your hair in 8 seconds — leaving it silkier, shinier, and healthier looking. It’s formulated with moisturizing agents, proteins & amino acids that target damaged hair, creating thin layers called lamellas to smooth out imperfections. The best part is it works on all hair types, so it’s suitable for everyone under the sun.

A Hot Air Brush That Dries While It Styles

This Revlon tangle-proof brush works like a charm to both dry and style your hair simultaneously, leaving you with extra time in the bathroom to do more important things. Switch between the two heat settings on the fly and get the exact result you’re looking for. The 15,000 five-star reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong.

A Floor Mat That Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Here’s something you never knew you needed — a scientifically designed standing mat made to improve your overall health. The ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat works by promoting good posture, as well as acting to relieve pressure on all your joints — from your spine to your toes. It’s made from memory foam with a water-resistant antimicrobial surface, meaning it’s a cinch to clean and is built to last. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you have no excuse to not try it.

Biker Shorts That Are Lightweight & Fashionable

It’s 2021 — time to step out of those old yoga pants and into these fabulous high-waisted biker shorts. The soft, lightweight material makes them the perfect choice for warm weather or intense exercise. They work with any outfit, and they’re available in virtually every color.

The Febreze Plug-In That Stops Odors In Their Tracks

The Febreze Plug-ins hunt down unwanted odors and eliminate them at the source. Each refill comes with more than 1200 hours of stink protection for any area of your house, so you can spend more time worrying about which new streaming service you should buy. Unbelievably easy to use — just attach the scent refill and plug it in. Simple and effective. Comes with two refills.

A Wine Decanter Made For Everybody

You’re about as likely to find a wine decanter in someone’s house as you are a knife sharpener — and by that I mean rarely. HighCoup decided to change all that by creating an affordable, hand-blown wine decanter designed for maximum aeration and easy, drip-free pouring. Impress your friends and become a wine snob overnight by picking up one of these affordable decanters.

A Stretchy Tank Top Made For Plus Size Woman

Amazon Essentials is known for their high-quality items at low prices — and this women’s plus-size racerback top is no different. You’ll be at the gym in style with its soft and stretchy fabric made from polyester and elastane, a proven winning combination for comfort and durability. Available in four colors. 

The Electric Griddle That Upgrades Your Chef Skills

Sick of burning breakfast because you can’t properly monitor the heat from your burners? This portable electric hot plate from Nutrichef will have you cooking perfect pancakes on the first try. The 12-inch non-stick cooking surface is easy to control with the mounted temperature dial and heat-indicator lights, taking the guesswork out of the equation. It’s such a perfect addition to your kitchen that you may stop using your stove top altogether. 

Totally Customizable Light Bulbs That Are Controllable With An App (Or Voice Commands)

Do you often forget to turn off the lights? Pair these wifi-enabled LED light bulbs to any voice command service (Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc.) and control all aspects of your home lighting from anywhere. These futuristic bulbs even come with their own app, so changing colors or adjusting the dimmer is an easy visual process. Control all the lights as a group, or isolate and control just one — these lights are so customizable that they may cause you to replace all your bulbs.

A Professional Ring Light With A Mount For Your Phone

Do you ever wonder how people get that perfect indoor lighting for selfies? Chances are they are using one of these ring lights. The circular shape helps accentuate your eyes, and 10 levels of light intensity mean you’ll be creating professionally produced content in no time. It even has a mount for your phone right in the middle, making it the perfect setup for an up-and-coming influencer like you!

A Spacious Lap Desk With Room For Everything You Need

If you work from home like me, you know the struggle of finding a comfortable position to be in for many hours of the day. This lap desk goes above and beyond to address this problem, making space for all the essentials — even a built-in mousepad and phone slot! Its ergonomic dual-bolster cushion provides hours of comfort to your lap, even with continuous use. You may be working from your home office for the foreseeable future, so why not grab this high-quality lap desk before the market is flooded with imposters.

A Lanyard That Attaches To Your Phone

The Takyu lanyard works with any smartphone, bringing you peace of mind when it comes to knowing where your device is. Simply slip the anchor into your existing phone case and attach the lanyard to the anchor — and voila! The sturdy design and durable clips create added protection from accidental droppings, making it the perfect choice for people with a hectic lifestyle.

Resistance Bands Made From All-Natural Latex

Resistance bands are to a good workout what ice cubes are to a cold beverage — necessary. These Fit Simplify resistance bands are made with tear-proof all-natural latex, increasing their lifespan exponentially over the other brands. Each order comes with five exercise bands of increasing resistance and is available in multiple color themes. 

The Most Comfortable Stretchy Crop Top On The Market

Ever wonder what happened to American Apparel? Long story short: they stepped away from their problematic founder to rebrand themselves as an entirely female-run company — and it’s working. They are still producing the most comfortable American-made clothes on the market, and this crop top is proof of that. Its ethically sourced materials and sweatshop-free production mean you won’t have to worry about your purchase having any negative impact on the global community. This top is simple, comfortable, and guilt-free — something I like to call the trifecta of fashion.

These Dispensers That Turn Your Liquid Soap To Foam

Save money and stop wasting soap with these refillable foaming soap dispensers from mDesign. The glass construction makes these sturdy enough for everyday use, and the foaming nozzle is easily removable for refilling or replacing. The ability to customize your hand soap by infusing it with essential oils is worth the $20 price tag alone. Pick up two and feel the difference a good foam can make. 

The Hand-Powered Aeropress Espresso Maker 

Want to make high-quality espresso at home but can’t afford a machine? The Aeropress is undoubtedly exactly what you need in your life. Quite possibly the most innovative coffee brewer ever created, the Aeropress uses air to force the coffee quickly through the filter and crafts the perfect cup of joe without bitterness — every time. Lightweight and portable, you can use the Aeropress anywhere you have access to coffee grounds and hot water — whether it’s at the workplace or on top of a mountain. Quickly and easily press the most delicious coffee you’ve ever had with literally a flick of the wrist.

An Amazon Smart Plug That Gives You Complete Control

Easily put anything on schedule with these smart plugs from Amazon. These wifi-enable outlets can be controlled using Alexa, giving you the ability to create schedules and routines with just a couple swipes on your smartphone. Schedule your coffeemaker for the morning or control your christmas lights from abroad — the possibilities are endless. Pop one into an existing power socket and watch the magic happen!

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