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31 Things That Will Make You Scream “Take My Money!”

Going online and browsing Amazon with no intentions can be a dangerous game, especially if you’ve had a couple of adult libations. Sooner or later, you’re going to wake up to several packages at your front door with no recollection of what you bought. Did you really need that knockoff Friday The 13th t-shirt for $30? No, you didn’t, because that’s just not a good deal!

A better solution would be to start with some ideas first, and then narrow down what you need. I know impulse shopping can be fun, but it’s usually full of regrets. That’s where I come in. I test the waters so you don’t have to, and I’ve gotten my feet quite wet writing this article.

So, without further ado, here are 31 products that made my inner consumer impulse demon scream “TAKE MY MONEY!”

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Use Your Puzzle Skills To Build This Mesmerizing Miniature Library

Do you like puzzles? I do, and that’s why when I found this series of tiny 3D puzzles, I knew I had to give them a try. I’m so glad I did because they are so much fun! They’re great for teens and adults, but probably not for little kids because of the difficulty level. Build one and you’ll be hooked, I promise! Soon enough you’ll be designing homes like Frank Lloyd Wright, maybe.

Start Celebrating The Month Of October Now With These 210 Spooky Nail Wraps

Do you love Halloween as much as I do? I like to start my ghoulishness early, like exactly on October 1st. I keep it subtle for the first week, and slowly work my way to being fully spooky in public by the 31st. My first step is ALWAYS putting on some festive nail wraps, and this set of 210 is only $8! If you’re like me, you need this!

Recover From That Beach Sunburn Faster Than Ever With Burt’s Bees Aloe & Coconut Oil After-Sun Soother

Burt’s Bees is (and has always been) the best brand creating salves and creams for your body, so obviously they also make the best sunburn relief cream. Made with Aloe and Coconut Oil, this stuff will run circles around its competitors all day long.

This Set Of 12 Different Blooming Teas Will Wow All Your Senses

Flowering tea is like magic. You pop the bulb in and watch your tea flower spring to life, it’s so amazing. It’s one of those things that feeds all your senses and gives you a sort of meditative feeling. I always pull these out at small gatherings with my friends and they always love it. You’re going to feel real fancy with this stuff, I promise.

Light Up Your Daily Hose-Down With This Multi-Color LED Shower Head

Have you ever showered in the dark? Lord knows I have, too many times to count. I don’t know why I do it, it’s a very zen experience. Then I found this shower head with LEDs built-in, which essentially lets you rave while you bathe. If it’s nighttime in my house and you hear me in the shower, this is what you’ll see: the lights are off, the shower head is glowing, and I’ll be in there for 45 minutes.

If You Like Truffle, Don’t Sleep On This Affordable Seasoning That Will Knock Up Your Recipes To The Next Level

Truffles are a huge part of foodie culture. My husband might hate it, but I would put it on everything if it were socially acceptable. Unfortunately for me (an fortunately for my husband) truffles and truffle oil are prohibitively expensive. I did a little hunting and picked up this seasoning zest from Sabatino Tartufi on a whim…and holy crap! I was actually blown away, it’s so good! For only $13, I can now officially put truffle on everything. Thanks, Amazon!

Make Your Own Popsicles At Home With These Cute Acorn Molds And Holders

How many times have you finished dinner and been like “damn, no dessert!” Well, if you’re like me, it happens literally every night. I’m not completely sure why, but I mostly boil it down to an unyielding sugar addiction. Anyway, these popsicle molds from Kanva are perfect for our house. No need to bake big desserts, just a few ounces of fruit juice into the acorn mold, 2 hours in the freezer, and BAM! Dessert!

Remove Scratches From Most Wood Surfaces Using This Miracle Wood Polish From Howard Products

My house is all hardwood floors, and apparently, they were pretty worn and torn (according to my husband, I really couldn’t tell!) I bought this wood polish and conditioner to solve the problem, which I picked only because of the good ratings on Amazon, and the results surprised everyone in my family. My floors now shine with the best of them, and my whole house looks brand new. Name a cheaper way to rejuvenate your home interior, I’ll wait.

Let Your Cat Be Independent With This Drinking Fountain Built For Pets

Cats hate drinking filthy water. Heck, one of my cats dunks their food in the water while they eat, and therefore neither of them end up drinking the tainted elixir afterward. My solution? This fountain constantly filters and cycles the water, keeping it fresh and clean for your gatos. I still leave some water next to their food like normal, but I put this one up and away so it’s completely separate from the food. Now they drink their fill every day, and no more kitty complaints! 10/10 purchase!

Give Your Feet Some Flair With These Top-Rated Bacon And Eggs Socks

Yeah, I’m a sucker for fun socks, so what? Hot Sox makes all types of designs to bring life to your dull feet, why wouldn’t you want that in your life? These might say they’re for boys, but the police haven’t arrested me yet!

If You Already Have The Trampoline, Why Not Go All Out And Turn It Into A Waterpark? Your Kids Will Thank You

When I was a kid we used to just pop a hose onto the trampoline and let ‘er rip. It was absolutely one of the more dangerous things we used to do, as we didn’t have any netting to protect us if we slipped near the edge. Times have changed, kids toys have better safety systems, and now you can spray water all over your trampoline without fear of injury. It’s a beautiful world we live in, this is just one of the many perks.

Clean The Gunk Off Your Ear Buds Completely With This Awesome Kit From KeyBudz

Do you ever look into the speaker area of your earbuds? If you haven’t, I don’t recommend it. Hint: it’s disgusting. You need to buy this cleaning kit before you put those nasty bits back into your ear hole. I’m not asking, I’m telling you.

Maybe Storing My Shirts On The Door Was A Good Idea After All, Now We Have Room For Everything Else

Roll your shirts up and save yourself storage in the process by popping them on the door with The Roll Keeper. It’s simple design means I’m constantly mad at myself for not creating this storage solution myself. Now I have tons of room in my drawers for the 100 pairs of bacon socks I bought.

Want A Pair Of Yeezy Slip-Ons But Aren’t Willing To Pay Hundreds For Them On The Black Market? Here’s A Highly Rated Alternative

When the Yeezys dropped, they were affordable. Now they’re all on the black market for an insane mark-up of like 300%, creating the need for a competitor. Litfun accepted the challenge and makes basically the same exact product with the same exact materials for a fraction of the cost. These are so comfy and have become my go-to for relaxing summer days by the pool or at the beach.

Reverse The Rusty Curse In Your Bathroom Or Kitchen With The Iron OUT Spray

Iron can rust, it’s just a fact of life. Most of the iron in our homes has been treated, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see rust stains begin to appear in your kitchen or shower. That’s what happened to me, and a friend recommended this stuff to scrub out the redness. I’m happy to report that it works 100% as advertised, and now people think we bought a new bathtub. I tell them we did, but I’m lying. I used Iron OUT!

Relieve Your Pupper’s Dry And Itchy Paws With This All-Natural Paw Pad Rejuvenation Salve That Smells Like Vanilla Cookies

I live in a cold place, and seeing how winter is coming I figured I would include a little trade secret for keeping my doggo’s paws healthy during the winter months: Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter. The salt from the winter roads can seriously irritate my pup’s paws, so instead of letting them lick away at the pads for hours on end, I do an application of this stuff for quick and effective relief. If my furry child could speak, he’d say “thank you” to me. You and your dog could be on the same level as us — if only you thought about their dang paws!

A Giant 1 Pound Bag Of Cereal Marshmallows That Will Take Over Your Life And Become The Only Snack You Crave

Marshmallow cereals are magically delicious, we can all agree about that. But what if you just want a big handful of the marshmallows? Not so easy, unless you buy this massive 1-pound bag from Medley Hills Farm, which is almost identical to that famous leprechaun’s delicious marshmallows. One thing: no stars or rainbows here, just different colored moons. If they become a little soft, put them in the fridge to revive the crunch!

Sun Bum Is My Spirit Animal, And This 3-In-1 Leave-In Conditioner Is Why

In case you haven’t heard, UV protection is absolutely necessary for a healthy body, and that includes your hair. UV rays are essentially the sun’s way of trying to kill you, and using UV protection makes you invisible to the fiery death star. Sun Bum wants your hair to be protected, and I don’t blame them. A couple of sprays in my hair protects my luscious locks when they’re exposed. No more damaged hair cooked by the sun; just perfectly moisturized, frizz-free hair for me.

Force Your Lazy And Sedentary Cat To Be Active By Teasing Them With The Cat Dancer

My cats are picky about everything except toys. They’ll play with anything, but they truly LOVE this dangly Cat Dancer toy. Whenever I pull it out, they get all gooey and meowy and won’t leave me alone. It’s basically a fishing rod, but instead of a fish, you catch a sentient fur ball.

A Certain Brand Basically Has A Monopoly On Thermo Mugs, Iron Flask Is Ending That With Their Superior Product

An insolated bottle is another one of those items I need because I live in a cold climate. Unfortunately, getting one of any quality around here is tough. You either spend too much for a name brand or you get a crappy product. Iron Flask saw this injustice and decided to act on it by creating an extremely high-quality product at a fraction of the price of the name brand. Their bottles come in many colors and sizes, and they will make the perfect gift for literally anyone.

Turn Your Boring Soap Into A Luxurious Foam By Forcing Air Into It With This Marshmallow Whip Maker By NOONI

Foaming hand wash was a fad for a while, but why didn’t it stick around? Probably because these companies were selling you much less soap/moisturizer than you thought just by pumping air into it. Now you can make your own foam with the Marshmallow Whip Maker, and have customized foamed up soap for pennies on the dollar.

This Affordable And Completely Customizable Light-Up LED Keyboard Is Perfect For The Gamer In Your Home

LED keyboards are probably coolest way to upgrade your desktop. If you need a sign that it’s time to get yourself a gaming keyboard, here it is. This bad boy is compatible with literally everything, so no guesswork required. Will it work? Yes. Does it light up in customizable colors? Yes. Should you buy it? Yes.

A Ceiling Fan And Light For Your Tent? Uh, Yes, Please!

You might not consider a lamp or a fan as being essential camping supplies, but I assure you after one trip with this thing you won’t pack the tent without it. This bad boy is completely battery-powered, allowing for up to 20+ hours of continuous lighting, or 10+ hours of continuous use with the fan and light both on. It’s also great for when the power goes out, and living in the Northeast means that happens all the time during winter.

Yes, These Are, In Fact, Bacon Flavored Bubbles For Your Dog

Does your dog love bubbles? You won’t know until you try! These are made specifically for dogs and they’re bacon flavored. Yes, you read that right. Your dog is definitely going to love these, trust me.

Live In A Dry Climate Like Me? Get Yourself This Space Doggo Humidifier And Forget Your Arid Woes

Do you have a lack of humidity in your home? Do you need a small statue of a dog inside a weird rocket ship? Well, I’ve got the perfect humidifier for you. It works exceptionally well, and this particular one is USB-powered so you can take it anywhere!

This Vegan & Gluten-Free False Lash Effect Mascara Is One Of The Best Beauty Products On Amazon

Make your lashes the focus of your face with this amazing mascara. It won’t run, allowing hours and hours of bold lashes and killer looks. It may seem like you have lash extensions, but that’s really the work of the black magic inside this bottle.

Aira Soy Candles Are Hands Down My Absolute Favorite, And They Will Inevitably Be Yours Too

Most candles have petroleum in them, it’s a sad bi-product of a fossil fuel-based world. But not all candles are the same! Like Aira, who makes their delicious smelling candles from 100% soy oil, absolutely no paraffin at all. This one smells like your grandma is making dessert in the kitchen. You know you want this!

Remember Lisa Frank? Well, She’s Back And Better Than Ever

Remember when everyone used to put Lisa Frank stickers all over their Lisa Frank binders? Well I was basically a Lisa Frank fanatic, and imagine my face when I saw these back up for sale. I haven’t seen LF stuff for years, now I’m reliving my childhood. For $15 you’ll get 1000 stickers, tons of markers, party supplies, a sticker case; literally everything. You can even get the deluxe set with over 2000 stickers!

Say Goodbye To Bulky And Annoying Electric Toothbrushes, Welcome The Quip Into Your Life

Electric toothbrushes are back, and they’re no longer big bulky monstrosities. Quip has done an extremely good job of redesigning and reimagining this old-school dental hygiene tool, and my teeth have never been cleaner. It also has a tongue scraper on the back, so you can toss that weird tongue scraper device you have in our bathroom, Mark.

Glossier Might Be The Fastest Growing Beauty Product Brands I’ve Ever Witnessed, And These Lip Balms Are Their Bread And Butter

the tubes of semi sheer lip balm

Glossier is basically a name brand at this point, so I won’t pretend you don’t already know about their products. You won’t find a better quality lip gloss anywhere, just read the reviews!

This Halloween Stationary Kit Is Perfect For Both Teachers And Students Who LOVE Being Spooky!

Spooktober is upon us, so let’s start it off right! This set has a ton of stuff for festive students and teachers, making your classroom spooky as heck! Pencils, snap bracelets, stickers, erasers; need I say more? 168 pieces.

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