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30 More Things Your Pets Would Ask For If They Could

The dogs are back, and they’re making big demands. They want to be healthy and they want nylon bones to chew on. They want treats for being good and they want toys to annoy you with. Do you know what else they want? They also want these buttons so they can learn to speak.

You and your dogs need this stuff, trust me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on an article titled “30 More Things Your Pets Would Ask For If They Could.” So no more stalling, let’s get on with it!

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The Best Dog Leash

If you like to exercise with your dog, you know the struggle of maintaining theIf you like to exercise with your dog, you know the struggle of maintaining the leash in the right position. It’s hard for your arms to be comfortable when your dog is trying to pull them off whenever a leaf moves on the ground. The answer? This hands-free leash! You just clip it around your waist and do your thing! The leash itself is stretchy, adding to your comfort and helping you maintain control.

This Doggo Tactical Vest

Dogs need supplies, and let’s be honest, you can’t carry EVERYTHING for them! Get this backpack for your doggo and let them haul their own snacks and water around all day! They get to sleep and eat treats all day, so the least they can do is carry their own Milk-Bones. This pack straps right on and keeps your pup well-equipped, and available in several colors and sizes. 10 out of 10.

This Indestructable Corn Toy

The reason these corn-on-the-cob chew toys are so great is that they do a fantastic job of cleaning Rover’s teeth while he chomps away. If your pup is an aggressive chewer, maybe opt for something more solid, but this one is perfect for “regular chewers.” Also, just as a personal side note, I’m going to start asking other dog owners in the park which type of chewer their dog is. I feel like this term is thrown around so much online we may as well start talking about it all the time amongst eachother.

Now Your Dog CAN Talk To You!

What if your dog could talk? For me personally, that sounds like an absolute nightmare. My dog is already trying to get me to give him treats 24/7, imagine if he had a button? Well, anyway, now your dog can talk! Seriously, as long as you take the time to properly train your dog, they’ll most likely be able to learn to which buttons correspond with which phrase, and voila! One talking dog. This is a great starter kit, and it won’t set you back too much if the whole thing ends up as an utter failure.

You’ll Need This Rubber Mat To Hold It All Down

If you get those buttons, get this mat! Seriously, you’re going to need it. Have you ever met a dog who can keep an area tidy? Me neither. Now think if you had 6 buttons slipping all around! It’s not going to work, you need this mat!

How About This Yak Cheese Chew?

Yak cheese? Yup, that’s right! Cheese made from yak milk. For dogs. No, this isn’t a scene from Ren & Stimpy, this is a real product that is actually really healthy for your little buddy! These bad boys are considered by many pet health professionals to be good for dog’s teeth and a healthy addition to any dog’s diet. Unlike nylon bones, you can be sure these are safe for dogs to munch all the way down on and eventually eat.

This Puppy Water Bottle

Taking your dog on long walks and running out of water on the way? Say no more, fam! This water bottle is designed specifically to allow your dog to slurp up water directly from the top, kind of like we humans do. It has a nice and sturdy dispenser button, so you don’t have to worry about water leaking into your bag or anything while you’re on the go! I find these much more convenient than standard travel dog bowls, which tend to be wasteful.

This Camera That Dispenses Treats

This camera is seriously so cool, I mean, do you know any other nanny cams that can spit out dog treats? No, you don’t. Do you know any camera that activates when your doggo gives it a bork? No, you don’t. This thing is amazing, it even has two way audio that you can tap into remotely, so you can praise and give treats from thousands of miles away!

This 9-Pack Of Rope Toys

Every doggo needs rope toys. That is just a plain fact, and so you better have at least a few on hand! This 9-pack will give you a good stash for that rainy day toy emergency. It’s always better to buy in bulk!

This Rope Turtle With A Treat Dispenser

Sometimes a regular rope isn’t going to cut it, and your pup needs a little more stimulation. This turtle does just that, with a 100% natural rubber shell and body, and four limbs made of 100% cotton rope. You can even put treats into the shell and have your doggo try their hardest to get them out. Watch out, this thing is kind of small, so it might not be best for “aggressive chewers.”

This True Nylon Bone For Your Doggo

Get your little beef boy a full-flavored chew toy with this virtually indestructible bone. We all know dogs love nylon bones, they love toys, and they love the flavor of meat; so why not combine all three things! This ultimate chew toy is nearly indestructible, and therefore recommended for all dogs, including aggressive chewers.

ChuckIt! Indoor Fetch Toy

It’s ball time, and the ChuckIt! is coming indoors to cause havoc all over your house! It’s lightweight, so it won’t damage any furniture or your floors, and is built durable enough to withstand moderately rough play. It doesn’t bounce or anything like that, so think of it more as a soft, spherical mop. Also, it might be a good idea to not let Rover chew on this thing for extended periods, as it’s not really made for that type of play.

This Stick Attachment Will Protect Your Doggo From Choking

The Bully Buddy Safety Device is so cool! Essentially, this weird-looking device holds your dog’s bone (or yak cheese) upright so they can chew away without worrying about the pieces getting too small. That way, you don’t have to worry about their bones becoming a choking hazard! As for that yak cheese, they can eat that all the way down!

The World’s Best Doggie Raincoat

C’mon, your dog deserves protection from the inclement weather, just like you! Are you really going to do your BEST FRIEND dirty like that? I didn’t think so! The HDE coat is one of the highest-rated dog raincoats on Amazon, and it comes in many sizes and colors. Keep your fur buddy stylish, dry, and happy!

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Just because your going out to play with your dog doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too! This Nerf tennis ball launcher is everything you hoped a Nerf gun could be when you were a little kid, for real. This thing absolutely LAUNCHES tennis balls, sending your dog to the hills and back because BALL IS LIFE. Remember that.

The Furminator Is Next Level

No one can deny that the worst part about owning a pet is the dang fur everywhere! On the furniture, on the carpets, on the bed; it heckin’ stinks! I don’t care how much you love Rover—that fur is absolutely the worst thing and will make you resent your furry buddies just a little bit. How do you take care of the mess before it becomes a problem? Enter: The FURminator. This thing lets you completely remove the loose fur with a few combs through Rover’s coat, leaving your home a much nicer place to be.

The Almighty RingBall

I am cautious to call any dog toy “indestructible,” but the RingBall comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. So, I mean…this thing is indestructible. The RingBall is also just a great toy in general, you can throw it, your dog can chew on the different parts of the ring, you can…I don’t know! You can do anything—because if it breaks, just send it back for the FREE exchange!

This Hemp Powder For Your Dogs

Dogs can be anxious, causing owners to start searching about they can do to help. I’ve heard of people giving their dog Benedryl, but there’s no way that can be a sustainable dog medication in the long term. I suggest trying these hemp & valerian root calming treats with an extra calming effect that keeps your dog calm without any chemicals first, just check out the reviews! People swear by these.

Dog Fence Portals

Imagine your dog could stick their head through the fence without the possibility of slipping through and running as fast as they can into another county for no reason, which is exactly what my dog would do? Well, that’s possible, if you just install these portals! It’s simple: just cut a circle in your fence, install the MiMu dog fence window, and BOOM! One goofy dog now visible to the whole world.

This Paw Washer

When the hounds go out, chances are they’re going to bring something back in. That’s just a fact. And, if you live out in the country like me, you know that mud and paw tracks can be regular visitors. The MudBuster solves this problem completely by acting like a squeegee for paws. Just give each paw a couple pumps through the MudBuster and forget about dog tracks in the house once and for all.

Ultra Healthy Probiotic Chews

Dogs need probiotics in their diet, but they’re probably not getting much of any from that kibble you’re feeding them. Add these bad boys to your fur-child’s diet, and watch their energy and bodily functions rebound!

A Treat Grenade For Your Buddy

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, I can’t think of anything more aggressive than this grenade toy with a pocket to shove treats into. Perfect for your overly-aggressive pup.

This Pair Of Winter Hats For Doggos

Does anyone need to be told WHY they should get their dog these ridiculous hats? No. Especially when you get two for under $20.

They Want This Rooster

I’ve never seen a plush toy with a durability guarantee, but this one does! The GoDog Skinny Rooster comes with all the things dogs love: flailing arms and legs, a squeaker in the abdomen, and a knitted body that feels nice to bite into. If your dog rips this thing to shreds instantly they will refund your money or send you a new one. Perfect.

And This Hat For The Sun

Dogs need hats! Or do they? I’m not sure, but they exist!

Stylish Shades For Your Stylish Buddy

Dogs also need ski goggles, trust me. Stop asking questions.

This Doggy Wig

Your dog is embarrassed by his male pattern baldness. What are you going to do about it? Do you care about his needs? I think you should probably pick up a couple of these wigs just to make sure he knows you love him unconditionally.

The Indestructible Chew King

It’s not a secret that dogs love to stick their giant snooters inside big rubber toys to dive for treats and other delights, and the Chew King Premium delivers on all fronts. Fill it with peanut butter and maybe some probiotic chews, and watch Rover dig inside the Chew King for hours.

This Indestructible Rubber And Nylon Bone

Your pup-pup can never have too many choices when it comes to which nylon bone they want to chew on. My dog has like 5 or 6 at any given time, and we’re always getting new ones so they don’t get too small and become a choking hazard. This bad boy is made from food-grade nylon and 100% natural rubber, so you know your pup-pup is getting the good stuff. Plus it has skulls. Skulls are always fun!

The Infamous Zombie BarkBone

Finally, a nylon bone for aggressive chewers! This Zombie BarkBone is bacon flavored all the way through, which will drive your insane “aggressive chewer” dog even more crazy.

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