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30 Kitchen Tools That Will Unlock Your Culinary Skills

Dinner is in two hours, and you’ve offered to cook for 6 of your friends. How comfortable are you with just a knife, a cutting board, and a skillet? Could you conjure up a whole meal with just the bare minimum, and do it completely alone? While I’m sure I personally could, that doesn’t mean I want to!

There are so many tools you can use to simplify cooking tasks, it would be stupid to ignore them. Pull off amazing meals, and dazzle your friends and family. Eliminate hovering over the rice to make sure it doesn’t overcook, just pick up a rice cooker. Stop wasting money on crappy canned beans and buy yourself an Instant Pot. I think you should have no shame in relying on these appliances.

Work smarter, not harder.

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite kitchen tools and wanted to share it with our readers.

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An Electric Potato Peeler Will Save You Tons Of Time In The Kitchen

A potato being peeled

Peeling potatoes might be one of my least favorite things to do when I cook. I usually just end up eating the skins because I’m lazy, but also because why not? It was getting out of control, people were complaining. I had to find a solution, and I had to find one fast. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the automatic potato peeler. No work, just mount the root veggie and watch the machine do it’s thing. Delicious. Peeled. Taters.

Toast Your Whole Sandwich With These Toaster Bags

A sandwich in a toaster bag in the toaster

Buy these bags and toast the whole freakin’ sandwich, what the heck are ya waiting for? I think the idea that we only put the bread in the toaster is dumb, which is why I have a ton of these toaster bags in my kitchen. Sandwiches, leftover fried chicken, anything. I don’t have limits, and neither do these bags.

This Two-Tier Sandwich Maker Will Rock Your Breakfast

Egg bacon cheese sandwich being created

Toasting a sandwich in a bag is one thing, but grilling each individual part of your sandwich at the same time and then smashing it together all without having to use a spatula? That’s heaven. That’s also what this Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker does. Grab one and ball out for bkfst.

Did You Know You Could Microwave Pasta? Me Neither…

Microwavable Pasta Strainer

While it may be against all societal norms to microwave pasta, there’s a reason this nifty device is the #2 selling pasta pot on Amazon: it actually works. For real, the Fasta Pasta promises (and delivers) perfect al dente pasta every single time. I honestly don’t know which aspect of the Fasta Pasta I appreciate more — the convenience of microwavable pasta, or the reliability of perfect pasta every time.

This Meat Defrosting Tray Rapidly Removes The Chill

Are you still using the sink to defrost your meat? Stop, because it’s kinda gross. Pick up one of these defrosting trays, and you’ll see why I’ve stopped using the old running water technique. For real, I am fully converted to using my new professional defrosting tray. Defrost, slice, wash, and hang up; it’s as easy as that.

Stop Fumbling With Forks And Get This Empanada Maker

I frequently dream of empanadas. Delicious sweet (or savory) empanadas. The only problem is I don’t live near anywhere that sells empanadas, so I have to make them myself. When I do, I use this thing to fold and seal them because it takes all the guesswork out of the process. 10/10 empanadas, both in my dreams and in my kitchen.

It’s 2022: Time To Get An Air Fryer

Want delicious french fries without all that guilt? Get yourself an air fryer and be done with it. These fryers may be the latest kitchen trend, but it’s all for good reason. Don’t need to take my word for it, just read the reviews on this bad boy. It’ll even save you money, think about it! You’d spend, like, $55 on oil after a few weeks of owning a deep fryer.

Keep This Air Fryer Cheat Sheet Handy, Too

Now that you have an air fryer, you better learn how to use it! New appliances require new skills, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be difficult. It’s all about timing, which means you only need to know a couple variables to do it right. Just pick up this cheat sheet from Willa Flare and consistently cook your food perfectly!

The Instant Pot Changed My Life, It’s Like Hiring A Private Chef

If you want to go all out, consider this Instant Pot slash air fryer. Instant Pot is the top brand of pressure cooker, and this one does it all. It’s a one-stop shop, and it will undoubtably change how you cook. Imagine the possibilities!

Stop Under-Cooking Rice And Evolve With This Rice Cooker

Having issues getting rice cooked to perfection? You’re not alone. 9 out of 10 people* have no idea how to cook rice. Even folks who know typically resort to pre-cooked rice and other easy ways out most of the time. So why don’t you have this rice cooker yet? Buy raw rice grains for cheap, cook them perfectly without fail, and live a better life. I know I do.

*made up statistic

Shred Your Meats Like Wolverine With These Claws

Claws to shred meat? Yup. I honestly love popping these on and going to town on some shreds. I really don’t know why I like these so much, but it probably has to do with the fact that they make playing with my food both productive and (more importantly) fun. I’ll never go back to the old way of shredding meats, which tbh I never did before, so I don’t even know what the old way is.

Make Perfect Eggs Every Time

One time when I was in Thailand, I was offered some hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. The server was like, “how many?” and I said, “just one is fine!” It turns out that when she asked “how many,” she actually was asking how many minutes she should cook the egg for. One minute, if you didn’t know, isn’t long enough. Don’t let this happen to you: get a Dash Rapid Egg Cooker and always cook your eggs right.

And…Why The Heck Not: Get Yourself A Corn And Potato Cooker While You’re At It

Okay, okay, so you didn’t expect so many microwavable products on this list, but let’s be honest: it’s so convenient! I bought this Rapid brand corn and potato cooker and have been absolutely amazed by it. BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed by Rapid. Save the stove space for the protein.

Grill Your Sammies To Perfection With This Hamilton Beach Panini Press

Is there any reason you don’t have a panini press yet? C’mon, man! These are the grills that those boxer-endorsed home grills decided to rip off, it’s the original! Toast your sammies, melt your cheese, and live a better life.

Stash Your Meal Prep Or Leftovers In These Handy Silicone Bags

These little silicone “bags” are the perfect storage solution for anyone looking to keep your food fresh in short-term storage. Stasher bags work amazingly for dried food, cooked food, raw veggies, spices; you name it. Much more durable and moldable than traditional Tupperware at less than half the cost.

And If That’s Not Enough, Pick Up These Oven-Safe Glass Containers

Imagine cooking lasagna in the oven, and then, when dinner is over, you just have to pop a lid on the container and store the leftovers in the fridge. That’s exactly what these god-sent food containers do. Oven? Check. Microwave? Check. Freezer? Check. Tonight’s dinner for lunch tomorrow? Check.

Boil Water Like A European With This Electric Kettle

Still boiling your water on the stove like some backwoods old-timer? Bring yourself into the new millennium with this stand-alone water boiler, and never use a saucepan for your tea again. Seriously, why are you doing that? It’s 2022.

Pick Up This 8-Pack Of Refried Beans On The Shelf For Meal Insurance 

Ever have one of those days when nothing sounds good to eat, so you don’t make yourself dinner, but then at like 10PM you think you’re going to pass out from hunger? This is what I like to call a Hanger Attack, and I always need to have a bunch of ready-to-go food on hand for these events. A Dozen Cousins makes these delicious refried beans that continuously come in clutch when I need them to. An 8-pack for $30 is a good deal!

Strain Pasta Like A Pro With This Sauce Pan Attachment

Reduce the clutter in your kitchen storage by eliminating traditional colanders altogether and upgrade to this new design. It fits into your existing pots during both straining and storage. Kitchenware is all about innovation, and this device takes it up to the next level. Plus, it’s made to last a lifetime!

Turn Your Veggies Into Noodles With This Amazing Spiralizer

I love my Fullstar multi-purpose spiralizer, and I’m sure you’ll love yours too. It makes it easy to whip up a quick meal with its 8 attachments, including multiple spiralizing slicers, graters, and even two different juicers. It’s not difficult to see why this thing has almost entirely positive reviews. Watch as it quickly becomes your go-to cooking tool.

Or Just Chop Up All Your Veg At Once With This Wild Contraption

Can’t be bothered to do all the slicing and dicing required of cooking a big meal? Fullstar has you covered again with this veggie chopping device that also has a spiralizer attachment. Apparently, Fullstar loves this spiralizing technology, and this bad larry works great to make perfect zucchini pasta, but dicing a whole onion in 5 seconds is where it truly shines. Love it.

Get Yourself These Herb Scissors And Simplify Your Daily Chopping

OMG these herb scissors are so awesome. I grow my own basil, and it’s so great to be able to just roll up some leaves, give it a few snips, and my meal is ready to eat. No need to dirty up the cutting board and knife just to chop some garnish, just pick up the Jenaluca Gerb Scissors.

Never Deal With Food Stuck On Your Baking Trays Again With This Two-Pack Of Silicon Baking Sheets

I have, many times, gone into the kitchen to do some baking and not had any parchment paper around. It totally ruins my plans. Taking away the prospect of baked goods in my life is something I don’t take lightly. These silicone baking sheets are like a dream come true. Now I always have something to bake my cookies on, and it’s perfect.

Slicing Cherry Tomatoes One-By-One Is Ineffective, So Get This Slicer

Ever try to cut a bagel by just eyeing it? Yeah, it’s impossible. Don’t even try. Grab the Rapid Slicer and improve drastically your ability to evenly slice bagels, or tomatoes, or any other small round foods.

Get This Meal Calendar And Make Grocery Shopping 100% Easier

Weekly food planners are going to drastically improve everything about your kitchen. Imagine this: you know exactly what you’re going to eat this week, and your dramatically reduce overspending at the grocery store, all at the same time. Yup, it’s possible, and these planners will make it happen. They’re $10, what do you have to lose?

This Is The Best Kitchen Invention I’ve Ever Seen

Scissors where one arm is a miniature cutting board, and the other is a miniature chef’s knife. Yup, that’s what this is. I, too, am speechless.

Stop Pretending You Know How To Slice An Avocado And Just Get This Slicer 

Avocados are complicated. The big pit, the weird skin, the mushy flesh. Avos are generally hard to manage and require a plethora of kitchen tools to work with properly. That is unless you own this specialized tool, a tool that does it all. Cut, split, remove the pit, and cut into slices; all with the same device: the OXO 3-in-1 Avo Slicer. Don’t accept an imitation!

Slice Up A Storm Without Risk Of Cutting Off Your Fingers Using These Protective Gloves

Speaking of slices, ever slice your hand in the kitchen? It HONKS. You should take knife safety precautions to the next level and pick up this chainmail glove. Every professional kitchen has one or two of these baddies, so don’t think it’s “cheating” or anything. It feels great to chop away with no worries, I promise.

I Present To You: The Best Measuring Cup On The Market

Time to upgrade that old measuring cup in your cupboard to the latest technology: this one with the units visible from above. Feels great to pour a liquid and know exactly how much is going in, instead of pouring and checking.

A Cutting Board That Folds Into A Funnel? Yes, Please

The idea that your cutting board could just fold up and turn into a funnel is just…well, it’s just amazing. This thing helps you live the dream, so pretend to be Anthony Bourdain and chop your mise en place on this kitchen miracle.

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