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Everything You Need For A St. Patrick’s Day Party

I hope you’re ready for St. Patrick’s day! If your past month has been anything like mine, though, chances are you’re not. You’ve been watching the news non-stop since the end of February, praying the world isn’t going to end. In fact, you’ve probably been watching the news for two years straight. Most of us have. It’s time to take a break (just a small break, please?) and get ready to party next week!

You’re going to need some supplies, so here’s a small list of essentials that you’ll need on hand to celebrate with the old Irish saint in traditional style.

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First Things First, A Non-Traditional Fanny Pack

When you put this thing on, everyone is going to know you mean business. Sure, you won’t be able to wear it at Christmas, but St. Patrick’s day requires fashion armaments. Let me give it to you straight: you need this fanny pack. Don’t be ridiculous. The print is very well done, and the fabric and zippers are strong and durable. It even comes with a detachable drink holder, which is exactly what you need to party correctly.

These Shamrock Banners

Are you seriously considering having a party and not hanging up banners everywhere? That might be illegal, especially on St. Patrick’s Day because it’s just a bunch of 4-leaf clovers and you’re lazy for not doing it. Let’s go, people, it’s time to take this holiday seriously! These are great for a classroom, a party, or just as decor in your living room!

Socks With A Flask Holder

Are you telling me that you absolutely don’t need a pair of socks with a built-in flash holder? Are you SURE you mean that? Like, your friends are going to wonder what’s wrong with you, but whatever, who am I to judge? I’m recommending these because I own a pair myself, and now I’m always ready to party—now I just need everyone else to catch up with me!

This Bag Of Gold Coins

You’ll probably need a pot-o-gold at your St. Patrick’s Day party, but I doubt you have the cash on hand to get a real one (unless you’re Elon Musk, in which case what are you doing on this website?). So, get the next best thing: this 2-pound bag of chocolate half-dollars in a gold wrapper. Here’s my suggestion: buy a couple bags, fill up a big pot with them, and run around the party with this leprechaun mask on.

These Shamrock Stickers For The Classroom

Are you a teacher or parent with a gang of kids who are always bugging you? Hand out some stickers, and most likely they’ll leave you alone for most of the day. I hope so, at least. 400 stickers for $10 is a great deal!

This Leprechaun Hat And Beard

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t necessarily one that everyone dresses up for, but people will get a kick out of this ridiculous mask for sure. Why not add a little fun to the celebrations? Also, do leprechauns really have weird ears like that?

This St. Patrick’s Day Runner For The Dinning Room

If you’re one of those people who is obsessed with the finest details of interior decorating, then you probably like to have seasonal runners on your dining room table. I get it, you need to let everyone know you’re better than them. Add some Irish color into your home and pick up this vibrant St. Patrick’s Day runner, you can thank me later.

A New St. Patrick’s Day Board Game: Lucky Flip

A leprechaun-themed board game? Sign me up! Lucky Flip is super easy for anyone to pick up and play, as there are no complicated rules or strategies; it’s all about how good you are at guessing! My only question is: does the winner get a pot of gold at the end?

These Festive Plastic Cups For Beer Pong (Or Just Regular Drinks)

These are another one of those products that are just as at home in a college dorm as they are in an elementary school classroom! Every party deserves festive cups! These are next to impossible to find at any store, I’ve only seen them on Amazon, so get some while you can!

Buy This Shirt And Meme All Day

You either want this shirt, or you have no idea what’s happening. It’s simple.

These Lapel Pins

Show a little spirit for once in your life and get some St. Patrick’s Day lapel pins. These well-made enamel pins look sharp, and will turn any regular outfit into festive one. They are perfect for teachers who want to show a little holiday spirit!

These 12 Koozies

Everyone loves koozies, so why not pick up a 12-pack of them for the 12-pack you’re inevitably going to bring to the party next week? Keep your drinks cold and the mood fun!

Get Yourself A St. Paddy’s Flag

Everyone celebrates differently, and maybe you just want a mellow flag for your garden. I don’t blame you, especially if it’s this welcome flag that has these adorable gnomes printed on it!

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