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20 Hidden Gems From Amazon’s “Black Friday-Worthy” Epic Deals Sale

While we may have moved away from shopping malls and toward online marketplaces, some things have remained the same. I am, of course, talking about Black Friday sales. Some say it’s the United State’s greatest cultural export since capitalism, others say it’s the bi-product of unfettered capitalism. I say it’s time to save MONEY!

Although it may be a month away, Amazon has already started putting up unbelievable sales on their Epic Deals page in preparation for the consumer-fueled holiday. There are thousands of products on deep discount, so I understand it can be an overwhelming prospect to sift through all of that. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and created this article as a helpful guide, saving you time and money simultaneously.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. All prices are accurate at the time of publication.

This 2020 MacBook Air Has The Latest Processor Technology That Will Blow Your Mind

MacBook Air computers are probably the most value-for-money product Apple makes. Buying an iPhone from 2020 is going to cost you more than this MacBook Air, and you’re only going to get 10% of the functionality! The biggest selling point, besides the price, is that this bad boy comes with the new M1 processor, which is absolutely unbelievable. Apple has once again made a major innovation in technology in an area that desperately needed it. Writing this actually sold me, I’m going to buy one right now.

edit: I bought it.

The AirPods Sale Is Here

Thankfully, the price of AirPods is finally starting to descend. In fact, I have never seen any Apple products on sale until today, let alone for almost 20% off. AirPods, if you’ve been living under a rock, are the latest earbud technology dreamed up by the wizzes at Apple. If you own a iPhone and you don’t have AirPods, how are you even listening? Like, there’s literally no headphone jack!

Give Yourself True Power, And By That I Mean This MagSafe Battery Pack That Clips On To Your iPhone

Speaking of cool Apple sales, these wireless battery extenders are super cool! For $80, you can effectively double your phone’s battery life. Who wouldn’t want that? It works great for any iDevice that has wireless charging.

Treat Yourself To A New 4K TV!

TVs seem to be evolving at an incredible rate, with upgraded specs coming out more and more frequently. What’s that called again, Moore’s law? Anyway, this Samsung Frame TV is so awesome. It’s razor-thin on your walls, with no indications that it’s a TV, allowing it to stay hidden when turned off. You can also program it to display perfect renders of art when you’re not watching 8-hour marathons of Stranger Things, hence the name “The Frame.” This amazing 4K TV is for sure the next step in display design, with Samsung quite literally thinking outside the box to create it.

These Are The Best Headphones On Earth, I Use Them For Everything

I’ve owned these for years, so when I saw them on Amazon’s Epic Deals I got a rush of excitement. There’s no better person to hype up these headphones than me! They sound INCREDIBLE. The noise cancellation is so good that I can’t go back to normal headphones. I even use these sometimes without any sound, just the noise cancellation feature turned on, so the world goes completely silent. Seriously, $160 is the best price you’ll ever see for these technological marvels.

A Solar-Powered Security System Is A Blessing

Everyone has a home security camera these days because they’re affordable and easy to install. What makes this one stand out is its ability to operate autonomously from your power system, keeping you safe and aware of your surroundings even if the power goes off. It has all the bells and whistles of the best brands, including remote viewing, two-way audio, and 1080P video quality.

64GB Of Flash Storage For Under $10 Is Finally A Thing

You know what an SD card is, I know what an SD card is; let’s just skip the formalities. With this deal, you’ll get 64GB of flash storage for $8. Your storage problems are over for less than a burrito at Chipotle.

The Echo Show 8 Truly Changes The Game With Personal Devices

Are you familiar with the Echo Show? It’s a nifty Amazon device that is essentially a video call / Netflix box, eliminating bloat and giving you exactly what you need. This model, the Echo Show 8, is fully equipped with an updated camera and speakers, allowing for crystal clear Skype calls. You can also remote view into your Echo Show and see the camera feed, allowing you to check on your pup (or husband) when you’re not at home to make sure they aren’t sprawled on the couch all day eating your leftovers.

WiFi Terrible In Your House? Check Out This Awesome WIFI Extender From TP-Link

Extend your wifi like a pro with this TP-Link high-range extender. Easily achieve speeds approaching 750Mbps and a range of 1200ft2, unheard of with other extenders. Unless you want to spend an arm and leg installing more routers and modems, I highly recommend just picking one of these up and forgetting about lousy signals forever.

Own Tried And True Trimmers For The Deal Of The Century!

Stop buying trimmers at TJ Maxx, you’re an adult now. Get yourself a professional trimmer and get yourself lined up whenever you need. Whether it’s for you or a gift, no one is going to be upset about owning the best buzzer on the planet. It comes with 15 attachments, allowing you to trim hair essentially anywhere — even in your ears!

A Dash Cam Could Save You Money And A Headache, Not Owning One Is A Bad Idea

It’s 2021, if you don’t have a dashcam in your car, you’re definitely reckless AF. Are you asking, “why do I need a dashcam!?” Well, how much time do you have to read my dissertation? Because I could go on for hours and hours about exactly why you need one. If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know what I’m talking about. This bad boy records in 4k, giving you a crystal clear image of the license plate of the car that smashed into you before they drove off. How’s that for a visual?

If You Don’t Drive A Car, Maybe This Souped-Up E-Scooter Is What You Need!

Remember Segway? Well, they’re back, and they’re designing e-scooters better than any other manufacturer. This thing DESTROYS vertical inclines and bumpy roads due to its impressive motor and built-in shock absorbers. At under $600, the E22 will easily pay for itself in under a year if you stop using public transport and driving your car for small trips.

Don’t Spend Your Life Savings On An Over-Priced Parka, Get One Of These For Sub-$100

This 100% polyester parka is exactly what you need this winter. It comes in tons of sizes and colors, and the reviews say that it’s way more impressive than customers expected. Getting a high-quality coat under $100 isn’t common, and I think maybe it’s time to jump on this deal. It’s rated for extreme cold, so this is ideal for anyone living in the north!

This Electric Arch Lighter Is The Last One You’ll Ever Need To Buy

Here is another one of the Epic Deal items that I already own: this electronic arch lighter. What is an arch lighter, you ask? Well, it’s a lighter that uses no fluid and can produce a “flame” in any conditions. How? With electricity, of course! It’s the size of a normal pen, and when it runs out of juice you just plug it in. I love having this because even though we occasionally have traditional lighters in the house, this one is ALWAYS ready to go in a pinch.

These Edison Bulbs Are A Whole Mood

Edison bulbs are fantastic, mostly because they aren’t fluorescent and don’t constantly flicker and damage your eyes. These bad boys come in two temps, 5000K and 3000K, allowing you to choose between mood lighting and bright, energetic lighting. The other thing that really sells me on these is the look, they don’t appear like normal crappy lightbulbs. They look they were made by an artisan, giving your home a real rustic aesthetic. Receiving 12 of these bulbs for $35 is a steal!

Don’t Use A Light-Weight Lock For Your Expensive Bike, Get Yourself This High-Security Lock

Are you still locking your bike up with your lock from high school? Time to upgrade, sweetie. DadyMart has made the choice of replacement easy with their super-affordable and virtually indestructible cable lock. Give you peace of mind when you park, every time. It comes with a mount, allowing you to store it easily while you’re riding.

This Little Heated Tub For Pet Baths Will Save You A Lot Of Hassle

Giving your dog a bath isn’t the easiest task. They refuse, they flail, they bork, and then they run around the house soaking wet, doing the classic water wiggle, and ruining your couch and carpet. It doesn’t have to be this way. Farm Innovators has done exactly what their name implies and innovated how to clean animals. This tub heats the water and allows you to wash Rover outside, eliminating the chance of any mishaps.

LED Strips Like This One Can Completely Transform Your Home Interior

Strip LED lighting is perfect for your kids or the gamer in your house. The colors are totally customizable from the remote, allowing you to change the ambiance in the room at any given time. This roll is 65ft, meaning it will most likely wrap all the way around your room, or bed frame, with extra length to spare. It even functions exceptionally well as a TV edge light!

So Can This Heavy-Duty Air Purifier!

Let’s face it, the air quality in our homes isn’t necessarily as good as we think it is. Dust, smoke, pollen; so many things can stay stagnant in your air and cause problems with your lungs or sinuses. The best solution is an air filter, and boy did I find the deal of the century with the Shark! It has a digital screen, allowing you to check the lifespan of your filter and get a reading on your current air quality. It will completely filter a large room easily, letting you rest assured that you’re breathing in the best air possible.

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