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20 Best Christmas Gifts Under $20

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a mega pain in the butt. Not only do you have to guess what everybody wants, but it’s the only time of year you see some of these people, so you have to make it count! If your budget is $20 a person, and you’re all out of ideas, you have stumbled on to the right gift breakdown.

This year, I feel like everyone needs to be accounted for, but I also know that most of us are strapped for cash. You’re probably not looking to go out to the store either, so this is all stuff you can get on Amazon!

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. All prices are accurate at the time of publication.

These Awesome Plant Hangers

This is the perfect gift for that plant freak in your life. These hanging baskets will free up ground space for your botanist friend to put more practical things, like a chair to sit and enjoy their plants from.

This Miracle Red Wine Remover

Are you having a hard time coming up with a gift for your favorite wino? Well, if they’re prone to spills, you could give them this one-stop cleanup spray that will neutralize any visible wine stains almost instantly. It’s also completely non-toxic, so no more harsh chemicals trying to dominate the space while you’re cleaning.

These Cactus Coasters For The Desert Lover

I know a lot of people who are obsessed with cactuses, so I’m sure you do too. Let’s do them a favor and give them the gift they never knew they wanted, but will undoubtedly love: these stacking cactus coasters.

This Sweet Pen Multi-Tool

Even the handyman in your house needs some fun gadgets, why not take the hint and give them what they want? This thing is the top-rated multi-tool on Amazon, so I think they’re definitely going to love it.

The Perfect Tortilla Blanket

Getting a little wrapped up in holiday shopping? Well, turn that energy into a burrito, literally. This tortilla blanket will make anyone cozy, almost as cozy as swimming in a big swimming pool of guacamole. What’s that? That doesn’t sound cozy? Well, to each their own, I’m hoping for a guac swimming pool from Santa this year.

A Milk Frother For Your Favorite Coffee Drinker

If you know a coffee freak, then you may be in luck with getting one of these electric frothers as a gift for them. Frothy milk foam is, in my opinion, the #1 reason people go to coffee shops. You can brew coffee at home easily, but the foamy milk? That’s a bit more difficult to reproduce, that is unless you have one of these bad boys. You’ll be helping someone spend less money, so it’s the perfect gift.

Burt’s Bees Variety Pack

Give someone the gift of self-love with this gift set that includes literally everything anybody could ever want for their skin. It includes hand salve, deep cleansing cream, body lotion, foot cream, and lip balm; more than enough for any self-care junky.

These Earmuffs That Are Also Headphones

If you get cold really easily, you probably know the struggle of dealing with frozen ears and headphones. It’s not good, especially if you live in the north where winters can be brutal. This would never be an issue again if you had these headphones slash earmuffs, so why wouldn’t you give them as a gift?

These Cool Skull Ice Cube Trays

So maybe you know a skull freak who also likes making cocktails, and in that case you probably want to get them these awesome ice cubes as a gift. Who wouldn’t want some heads floating in their drink?

This Adult Coloring Book

Do you have an extremely anxious friend? They need this book. You need to give it to them. Christmas is soon, what are you waiting for?

A Skull-Shaped Waffle Maker

A waffle iron might be something nobody is expecting as a gift, but it will almost certainly make someone’s holiday infinitely better. Imagine this with some strawberry sauce coming out of the eyes? I dunno. It’s gunna be great!

This Shaving Kit

There’s definitely something special about a high-quality razor. If you’ve ever used a crappy razor, you understand what I mean. Ask your friends what razors they use, and then get someone who uses disposables this awesome kid from Harry’s.

This Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Everyone appreciates a good facial mist, right? You may as well get them the very best, especially for the holidays, you cheap so-and-so. This one from Mario Badescu is basically the top of the line, you can’t get better than this.

How About These Meat Claws?

Have you ever seen meat claws before? I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or smile. Seriously, what are these things? If you know someone who cuts their own meat or owns a smoker, they probably either have these or need these. Find out, and get them these meat claws. These could also make a hilarious white elephant gift.

This Awesome Bento Lunchbox

Everyone needs their lunch, it’s a requirement to a healthy life. This bento box is perfect for people who don’t want their food mixing with or touching each other.

These Ice Stones For Your Whiskey

Have you ever used sandstone ice cubes? I bet you never have, but if you know a whiskey connoisseur that needs a gift: this is it.

These Top-Rated Nail Clippers

Everyone in my house is always looking for nail clippers. Using my scientific deduction skills, and the fact that everyone’s toenails grow, I think we can safely assume everyone could use a good pair.

The Perfect Lap Desk For Folks Who Work From Home

Working from home has its positives and negatives, but for sure being comfortable is a necessity if you’re going to be sitting at a desk in your bedroom all-day. It’s not easy! If this sounds like someone you know, get them this LapGear desk and change their whole comfort situation.

This Personal Travel French Press Mug

These personal-sized French press insulated mugs from Bodum are basically the best thing you could possibly get someone who loves coffee. I love coffee, and I have one of these, and the verdict is 10/10 would buy as a gift.

This Crystal Growing Kit Is Perfect For Kids

Are you in your mid-30’s and looking to buy a gift for a child? Well, this crystal growing kit is pretty amazing, and it’s also educational so their parents will like it too. I kind of want one for myself…

This Set Of Amazing Collapsible Food Storage Containers

Do you know any chefs? Let me in on a little secret: they don’t have enough storage containers. They just don’t. Pick up this set of 4 totally collapsable BPA-free plastic storage containers, and give the gift of storage. I could use a whole pantry full of these things, I feel like I’m ALWAYS looking for one! Great gift.

An Accupressure Mat

This is definitely a novelty gift, but damn — this acupuncture mat is something else! Do you know someone who likes holistic-type stuff? Get them this mat. Relaxation, stress relief, this thing does it all.

Some Hot And Spicy Honey

If, above all, you know someone who loves food, and they love specifically spicy food, get them this honey. It’s delicious, it’s cheap; they’re going to love it.

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