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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Tech Lovers

What gift do you give to the personWhat gift do you give to the person who has everything for Valentine’s Day? New tech, of course! The problem is, the more you dig, the more gadgets you’ll find. It’s a never-ending rabbit hole. There are so many cool new gadgets coming out every single day—how does one choose?

Well, we figured now might be a good time to give you some gift ideas for that nerdy loved one in your life. Here are our current favorite tech items that we think will make any Valentine’s Day extra special, except the PS5. We didn’t include the PS5. You’re not going to find one before Valentine’s Day—we already tried. Forget about it.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. 

The Almighty Oculus Quest 2

Technology has brought us to a point where virtual reality is available on a consumer-grade device for a couple of hundred bucks, and that’s crazy to me. The Oculus Quest 2 is the perfect gift for someone who loves gaming but hasn’t made the leap to VR. This bad boy is a standalone system, no need for a powerful PC or game console. It’s available with 128GB or 256GB of storage, both are more than enough for a bunch of games, honestly. Also, when you order from Amazon, you’ll receive a $50 credit on your account, so it’s a win-win-win Valentine’s Day purchase.

A Fire TV Stick 4K

Let’s be honest with ourselves: we all watch Netflix more than we care to admit. Using a laptop is fine, but I think everyone would rather watch movies on a 4K television. What’s the best way to do that? With a 4K Fire Stick, of course! These are essentially powerful computers that are the size of a flash drive, and they can even perform cloud gaming! If you know someone who needs a little boost in entertainment, this is an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for around $25.

A Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Kit

Speaking of tiny computers, I’m pretty sure any tech addict in your life would love getting a Raspberry Pi as a gift. They are perfect for anyone who would describe themselves as a “tinkerer” because these bad boys can do anything, from creating a remote control car to installing an operating system and becoming a fully-functioning computer. This kit comes with everything one needs to get started, including a case, a fan, and a power supply.

Nespresso Vertuo Machine

Everyone loves coffee, but not everyone enjoys making it. This little machine takes all the work out of the equation and allows fresh coffee to be just a button press away. It even automatically adjusts the brewing temperature for each coffee blend, creating the perfect cup every time. Any caffeine addict would appreciate this gift, especially if they’re kinda lazy!

A Fitbit Versa 2

Time to get yourself a Fitbit. It’s 2022, and you’ve been on the couch for two years, come on! But in all seriousness, this little exercise device makes it so easy to track your progress. Seriously, I’m not writing this as a suggestion for a Valentine’s Day gift, get this for yourself. Don’t sit around and wait for health to come to you.

This Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames are the coolest technology, have you ever seen one in person? They’re not technically new tech, but they’re definitely nearing their final form. This miracle of science from AEEZO connects to the wifi, allowing the sharp 2K screen to display any digital photo with a tap on your phone.

This Portable 4TB SSD

This ultra-high-speed and portable 4TBB SSD drive is the future. It runs at almost double the speed of traditional SSD drives, making it perfect for multimedia applications. It can even handle capturing and editing 4K video footage, which is pretty remarkable for a portable drive! If your loved one hasn’t upgraded their storage for the last decade and still carries around a 64GB USB stick, it’s time to gift them this.

A GoPro HERO 8

GoPros have come a long way since their debut on the market in 2004. Now, you can record videos in 4K at 60fps without spending an arm and a leg. The HERO8 isn’t the latest tech (you can check out the GoPro MAX for that), but it has all the features anyone would want in a camera. It’s completely waterproof down to 33 feet, can reduce playback speed to 8x, and even can shoot still photos in RAW format. It’s the perfect gift for your most extreme loved one this Valentine’s Day.

This JBL Speaker

JBL, as a brand, has become synonymous with the portable speaker, and for good reason. These badass cylinders pump out incredible sound from an incredibly compact device, including booming bass and clear highs. Just check out the reviews because the negative ones only rant about shipping problems. Everyone needs a jam box, even nerds!

This Modern Victrola Record Player

First of all, don’t believe the bad reviews. Every single one I’ve read about this was—”sounds great! But after a few months, it doesn’t sound great!” These folks don’t realize you need to clean (or change) the needle. In my opinion, these little boxes sound fantastic, and this one has like every input you could ever need already built-in. For $130, you really can’t go wrong. This will make a great gift for someone who wants to spin some records!

A Blazing Fast Router

The router supplied by your internet provider is the worst router on the market, guaranteed. Sometimes, they even try to upsell you on a faster router, but honestly, it’s cheaper in the long run to buy your own. That’s why this makes the perfect gift because you can instantly upgrade someone’s home internet connection to the next level, and sometimes they didn’t even know they needed it! Any gamer, or work-from-homer, is going to love this thing.

A Huge 20100mAh Portable Battery

Who couldn’t benefit from a power bank with 20100mAh capacity? That’s more than four charges on your iPhone, and I don’t think anybody needs more than that on the go! Are you in a relationship with someone who is on planes every day, constantly shuffling around the country, somehow always on 10% battery? Get them this massive battery as a gift and they’ll never be on 10% battery again.

How About A Drone?

A drone is one of the coolest pieces of tech money can buy. They’re pretty affordable now, too, clocking in around $200 for a drone that has all the typical features. The best part is this bad boy has “RTH” or “Return-To-Home,” meaning that you’ll most likely never lose this thing — it will always fly home! Perfect gift for your favorite content creator or aspiring filmmaker!

An Instant Pot Is The Perfect Gift For Food Nerds And Tech Nerds

What’s left to say about the Instant Pot that we’ve not already said? This thing is a kitchen miracle, there’s no doubt about it. The 9-in-1 can literally do everything — air fry, pressure cook, slow cook, roast, broil, bake, sautee, steam, and bake. It’s the highest-rated cooking device on Amazon as a whole. There are hundreds of cookbooks and websites you can visit with ideas and recipes. Seriously, give the gift of food this Valentine’s Day.

How About A Mini-Fridge For The Game Room?

Remember when everyone wanted a mini-fridge? Then we got older, moved out of our parent’s house, and forgot about them. Now, we need them again. Like everything else, it’s cyclical! I want one in my office, and anyone who works from home probably feels the same. This is something I might never buy for myself, but if it were gifted to me I would lose my mind! HINT, HINT!

This Temperature-Control Smart Mug

A cup that stays warm as you drink? Yes, please! Seriously, who wouldn’t LOVE this gift? Coffee, tea, glühwein!? Whatever! This thing is rated the top-selling novelty mug on Amazon, but it’s hardly a novelty! This thing is more like the #1 most practical mug of all time. This is a great gift for any human who likes their drinks warm.

A MagSafe Charger For Your Apple Products

If you have a newer Apple device, chances are you can charge it with a MagSafe magnetic charger. This thing is the cutting edge of Qi-certified wireless charging technology. Is your spouse constantly losing all the charging cables? Give them the gift of wireless power.

This 2021 Apple iPad Pro With An M1 Chip

The new M1 chip from Apple is amazing. I am not kidding, it’s seriously a game-changer. While an iPad may rank up there as one of the more expensive gifts, there’s no question that it’s 100% worth it. I don’t need to explain an iPad to you, but this one is blazing fast and even has 5G capabilities. Give the gift of future-proofed technology this Valentine’s Day.

Apple TV 4K

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a new Apple product, just look at the Apple TV 4K. For less than $200, you can get the functionality and reliability you get from Apple products without mortgaging your house. If your loved one is watching 1080p Netflix or Hulu on their 4K TV, this will change their life. You can watch Dune in 4K, think about it.

The Bose Soundbar 300

Bose has always made the best-sounding speakers, so it’s only natural that they maneuvered themselves into the home theater audio market. This thing will blow you mind, sonically speaking! Most people stop at the big TV, and forget about what good sound will do for their entertainment system. Give the gift of full-spectrum audio.

This New Polaroid Instant Camera

Remember when Polaroid stopped making instant cameras like 5 years ago, but then a year later started making them again? So weird. These days they’ve upgraded their old cameras and make the Polaroid Now+, which has Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to control it from an app on your phone. Seriously, you can even control the aperture. We all got so addicted to our cellphones that we forgot what holding a physical photo feels like. This is the perfect gift for anyone, and you’ll look better in these photos than your boo’s cell phone. It’s a win-win gift.

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