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Our Favorite Standing Desks In 2022

No matter how comfortable your ergonomic office chair is, sitting in it all day isn’t doing your body any good. According to the American Journal of Public Health, sitting down for long hours daily can increase the risk of some chronic diseases by 10-20%.

Standing on your feet constantly obviously isn’t comfortable either. That’s why physio experts advise that intermittent standing while working is the ideal daily routine for office workers. In addition to its many health benefits, standing intermittently while working has been proven to provide an energy boost and increased focus.

In this article, we’ve gathered all that you need to know about standing desks, including information about the very best products on the market.

How to Choose the Best Standing Desk

The best standing desks are those that are:

  • Easily maneuverable and perfect for any height
  • Easily assembled
  • Stable and wobble-free
  • Easily controlled and customizable
  • Durable
  • Fit your budget

Our Top 5

Best Budget Electric OptionFlexiSpot EN1

Best Eco-Friendly OptionFully Jarvis Bamboo

Best Mobile OptionSDADI Mobile Standing Desk

Best with Large Desk Area ApexDesk Elite Adjustable Standing Desk

Best OverallUplift V2

Best Budget Option

FlexiSpot EN1

Type: Motorized
Height range: 29-inches to 48.6-inches
Desktop size: 48-inches x 30-inches
Average Satisfaction Rating By Users: 4.6/5

If you’re looking to switch to standing desks in your office without committing excessive resources to it just yet, this product is the perfect option for you.

Compared to similar motorized desks, the Flexispot EN1 is incredibly cheap — and it’s not short of great functional features. The manufacture also offers a five-year guarantee, which is slightly higher than average.

Best Eco-Friendly Option

Fully Jarvis Bamboo

Type: Motorized
Height range:
26.5-inches – 45.75-inches (mid-range frame)
Desktop size:
30-inches x 27-inches (up to 78-inches x 30-inches)
Average Satisfaction Rating By Users: 4.6/5

This product makes our list at the standout eco-friendly option. The desk is made from Bamboo material that is 100% renewable. That’s not all, it also has a very strong core build that allows it to support weight of up to 150kg. So, if you have some really heavy equipment on your work-desk, this product can carry most of it without any problems.

Best Manual Option

SDADI Mobile Standing Desk at Amazon

Type: Manual  
Height range:
27.5-inches – 45.3-inches (mid-range frame)
Desktop size:
30-inches x 27-inches (up to 78-inches x 30-inches)
Average Satisfaction Rating By Users: 4.4/5

One of the most desirable features of any office furniture or equipment is mobility. Because most of these items are heavy and delicate, it’s difficult to move them around without having to disassemble them. This SDADI Standing desks is unique in this regard. It comes with swivel tires that allow you to move it around easily. This product is a low price manual adjustable desk without the fancy features of an electronic motorized desk, but, it still gets the job done!

Best with Large Desk Area

ApexDesk Elite Adjustable Standing Desk

Type: Motorized
Height range:
60-inches to 71-inches
Desktop size:
30-inches x 27-inches (up to 78-inches x 30-inches)
Average Satisfaction Rating By Users: 4.7/5

If your job requires an extra desk area to get things done, the ApexDesk Elite is the one for you. It comes in two sizes 60 inches and 71 inches, which is significantly larger than most products on the market.

It’s built to last with quality materials, a dual-motor lifting system for effortless height adjustment, as well as a strong center beam that provides adequate stability.

Best Overall

Uplift V2

Type: Motorized
Height range:
25.5-inches – 51.1-inches
Desktop size:
42-inches x 30-inches (up to 80-inches x 30-inches)
Average Satisfaction Rating By Users: 4.7/5

This desk stands out among the rest with its excellent build, smooth and quiet moving parts. It also has many sizes and color choices. Lastly, it has a lot of mounting points for accessories like USB ports for your devices. And considering the rave reviews by users on Amazon, it’s undoubtedly one of the best options on the market.

Final Word

Height-adjustable standing desks are here to revamp your work routine, beautify your workspace and improve your productivity. What’s not to love?!

With the push of a button, you can raise the height of your desk to stretch your muscles without taking a break from work. Just when you feel like leaning back in your chair again, easily push another button to lower the desk. Easy peasy.

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