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Our Favorite Products For Keeping Cool This Summer

I love summer. The only thing I can’t stand is the unbearable heat my area tends to get a few times a year. That’s why I’ve prioritized being prepared in these situations, and I want to share my insight with you. Amazon is the best place to check for the latest products and gadgets to help regulate your temp.

In this article, I’ll go over my favorite things I use to keep cool all summer. No AC? No problem! Keep reading to get the low down on the latest deals and steals from Amazon!

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Stop Unwanted Chafing With Gold Bond Friction Defense 

a reviewer photo of a hand holding up the gold bond friction defense stick

Gold Bond has been my go-to medicated powder manufacturer for years. Now that they’re making this roll-on friction defense stick, I’m hooked AGAIN. They honestly can do no wrong, it seems. This stuff does an excellent job of soothing skin irritation quickly and thoroughly. Just apply it like you would deodorant, and voila! Relief! Don’t let sweaty summer skin win!

This Rechargeable Travel Fan Made To Use Anywhere

reviewer holding up a black personal fan outside

Looking for a travel fan that you can whip out whenever you need a quick cool down? Look no further than this bad boy from VersionTECH. It’s got 3 speeds and a rechargeable battery that lasts for a very long time between refills. Don’t get just mope around lifeless on hot, humid, windless days — bring your own breeze with you.

A Hands-Free Fan For The Ultimate Cooling Convenience

photo of a reviewer wearing an orange neck fan while wearing a mask

A fan that hangs around your neck is something you don’t know you need until you use one. Wearable fans are literally the coolest accessory you can wear. Another plus is AMACOOL has designed these fans to not grab hair, so it’s safe for everyone with a long, well-maintained mane!

Upgrade Your Work-From-Home Setup With This Portable Bamboo Desk

person using a bamboo desk to work on their computer

Has your home, like mine, turned into a makeshift office over the past year? Does your computer sit on your lap most days? It’s time to give yourself an upgrade and grab one of these bamboo lap desks. They make working on the couch so much more comfortable, plus the desk itself has holes to allow proper ventilation for your laptop. No more hot lap, no more uncomfortable positions.

The Strongest Antiperspirant Available Without A Prescription

reviewer holding up a packacge of certain dri prescription strength deodorant

Got sweaty pits? You’re not alone. It doesn’t have to be such a big deal, just grab a roll-on stick of Certain Dri Prescription-Strength Clinical antiperspirant and forget all about it. This stuff lasts for up to 72-hours, so you’ll probably forget you ever had a problem in the first place.

The Best All-Natural Deodorant On The Market

stick of natural deodorant in a mint green case

You don’t always need to rely on chemicals for your sweat protection, CORPUS has made an amazing all-natural deodorant that really packs a punch. All the ingredients are derived from plant sources, and it comes in seven wonderful scents. It’s even vegan, and CORPUS is committed to high supply-chain standards — so this is a product you can feel good about using.

The Ice Roller Made To Cool You Down Quickly

reviewer holding up an ice roller with a lime green base

Sunburns can strike when you least expect it, and they always seem to affect your face more than anything else. That’s why I picked up this ice roller, and honestly — it’s been amazing. Just detach the roller from the handle and pop it in the freezer after each use, this ensures you always have a cooling face roller ready to go. It also has the added benefit of preventing wrinkles, shrinking pores, and even curbing fatigue!

This Reusable Cooling Pack That Is Flexible Even When Frozen

model holding up a beloved pack with a light blue, patterned sleeve

Maybe you need cooling relief on more than just your face. No worries, I got you covered with the ICEWRAPS reusable ice packs. Normal ice packs are stiff and rigid, but this one form-fits to your body even when completely frozen! ICEWRAPS uses clay and natural oils as filler, allowing their ice packs to stay cooler longer than traditional ice packs. I picked up a couple and haven’t looked back.

This Dry Shampoo Will Keep Your Hair Fresh Longer

white bottle of briogeo scalp revival dry shampoo

This life-changing scalp-repairing serum uses peppermint and tea tree oil to give you a blast of cooling relief every time you use it. It will also return your dry, flakey, and/or oily scalp back to pristine condition, all with 98% naturally derived ingredients and 100% vegan and cruelty-free. No harsh sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, DEA, or artificial dyes.

This T-Shirt Dress That Keeps The Heat Off

reviewer photo of a person wearing a black dress while standing in front of a cactus

These amazing dresses are the perfect intersection of comfort and style. It’ll never be too hot for this dress because you’ll stay cool with the supreme breathability of it’s polyester material. These dresses are essentially like wearing a giant t-shirt, and I’m all about it this year!

Keep Your Hair Off Your Skin With These Amazing Clips

reviewer photo of four claw clips lying on a white surface

Keeping your hair off of your neck is the #1 way to stay cool when you have long hair like me, according to me. It’s always essential for me to have a few of these claw clips handy whenever the temperatures start rising, and this summer has already started showing signs of being a scorcher. These particular clips from TOCESS have unbelievably positive reviews, and they’re only $14 for 4 big clips!

This Padded Bra Will Change Everything About Your Workouts

person wearing a pink sports bra while at the gym

Finding a well-fitting sports bra can be a mission, especially if you’re searching online and can’t try them on. These moisture-wicking sports bras from Lemedy have fit me perfectly every time, and they look great on their own or under a top. I love these. Stay cool and stay supported.

This Lightweight Bra Made With Comfort In Mind

model wearing a nude-colored bralette and boy short

Need to upgrade your bras to the 21st century? Sick of annoying underwires cutting into your ribs? Boody Body has made something just for you. This seam-free crop bralette will give you comfort you didn’t even know was possible in a bra. No fasteners, no wires, and no padding. Just comfort.

These Charcoal Blotting Sheets That Clean Your Face

reviewer holding up a used blotting sheet full of grease

Sweat leads to oil, and oil leads to greasy skin. Avoid this dilemma altogether but picking up the always amazing Natural Charcoal Oil Absorbing Wipes by PleasingCare. Each pack comes with 100 sheets, so you’ll be covered for a while after you pick one up.

Keep Your Drinks Cold For Longer With This Double Vacuumed Tumbler

reviewer photo of a two toned insulated tumbler cup with a straw in a car

Keeping your drink ice cold on days when the sun is sending its evil fire down at full strength can be difficult. Using a typical insulated cup can help, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. These Simple Modern insulated cups can do it, however. Their double-walled vacuum insulated cup will outperform the competition and for only $25, you’d be a dummy not to pick one up.

This Oscillating Fan Will Get The Air Moving In Your Home

reviewer photo of a black standing tower fan that's plugged in to the wall

If you’ve never owned a tower fan, get ready to be amazed! These bad boys really pack a punch and have much more coverage than regular circular fans. The Dreo 42″ is bladeless, so it’s ultra-quiet and perfect for those who like a breeze on them while they sleep. It comes with a remote, so you can literally control the weather (inside your house, kinda…you get what I’m saying).

Keep Yourself Cool All Summer With This Funboy Kiddie Pool

two adults sitting in a large kiddie pool with oranges printed on it

Sometimes a personal fan or some lotions aren’t enough to stave off the extreme heat. When this happens and you feel those familiar feelings, you’ll know it’s time to pick up one of those kiddie pools you’ve had your eye on — like this beauty from FUNBOY. It fits two adults and maybe a bottle or two of champagne. We’ve used ours way more than we expected to and it’s only July.

Make Playtime More Fun For Your Pupper With This Ball Launcher

a reviewer photo of a person holding up a blue ball launcher outside

Play a strenuous game of ball with your pupper without getting yourself worked up using the ChuckIt! Sport Ball Launcher. This thing allows you to easily launch the ball further than ever before using minimal effort. Tire your dog out while keeping yourself cool; what more could you ask for on hot days?

This Misting Attachment For Your Hose

reviewer photo of a green mister outside by someone sunbathing

Remember running through the sprinklers as a kid? It was always my favorite thing to do in the summer. These days, however, I’m hooked on using this misting hose attachment by Orbit. On hot days, I just lay on my deck in the mist — it may actually be the most relaxing activity on the planet.

Keep Your Makeup Perfect All Night With This Setting Spray

black and purple bottle of urban decay allnighter setting spray

Wearing makeup on hot days can really suck, especially when it starts running down your face. I picked up a bottle of All Nighter by Urban Decay and haven’t looked back. This stuff keeps your makeup in perfect condition all day (and, well, night) regardless of temperature or humidity. It lasts up to 16 hours total, which is great because you should be sleeping the other 8!

Keep The Sun And Head Off Your Head And Neck In Style

model wearing a beige wide brim visor

Sunvisors are back, and they’re awesome. They protect your face from sun and sweat but leave your head open to the breeze. This big one from Simplicity Women is awesome because it comes in a bunch of colors and the brim goes basically around your entire head. I honestly won’t go to the beach without this thing packed with me.

Stay Protected With This Massive Beach Umbrella

rainbow colored beach umbrella shading two people in beach chairs

Another thing you won’t find me without at the beach is my massive 6.5ft beach umbrella, just like this one made by Bumblr. It screws right into the sand and will withstand any gust of wind this damn planet can muster. The huge canopy keeps my skin shaded from the flaming ball of gas in the sky that is constantly trying to take me out. It even comes with its own travel bag!

This Instant Pot Will Change How You Cook

stainless steel instant pot with an air fryer attachment. fully roasted chicken next to it

Owning an Instant Pot is like a badge of honor these days. No kitchen is complete without one, and the fact that you can use the newest Duo Crisp model as an air fryer is just icing on the cake. There are so many Instant Pot recipes on the internet that it will be effectively impossible to run out of uses for it. It’s my most prized possession in the kitchen.

These Blackout Curtains Will Keep Your House Cool

A reviewer photo of a room with the curtains open

The biggest culprit of a hot home is the hot sun, pushing its evil heat rays into your home through the windows. Stop the heat cold in its tracks by using these blackout curtains. They also work the other way around in the winter, helping you keep heat in. I always have a set on hand for my bedroom just in case!

This Memory Foam Pillow With Built-In Cooling Technology

memory foam pillows sitting on a queen sized bed

One of my biggest problems in hot weather is my hot head sweating up a storm at night. I need a fan pointed directly at my face, otherwise I wake up with a puddle around my head. This pillow uses its patented cooling gel technology to wick heat away from your head while you sleep. I have no idea how it works, but honestly, I can’t keep up these days. 10/10, would buy again.

Six Pairs Of These Moisture-Wicking Socks To Keep Your Feet Dry

reviewer wearing one grey athletic sock with a tab on the ankle

What’s worse than a wet foot on a hot day? Well, it can happen to the best of us — that is…unless you’re wearing a pair of these BERING water-wicking athletic socks. There’s no reason for foot sweat to ruin a good day, so prevent a soggy sock before it happens and grab a six pack of these bad boys!

This Summer Comforter That Helps Regulate Temperature While You Sleep

white fluffy comforter over a bed

Comforters are either too warm or not warm enough. I tend to run hot when I sleep, so I’ve had a hard time nailing down the right bedding — until now. This breathable, down-alternative comforter from Meritlife allows the air to exchange, regulating the temperature perfectly. Pairing this with the gel cooling pillow has been a big game-changer for me.

A Pair Of Paperbag Shorts Will Be The Most Comfortable Pair You Own

reviewer wearing blue paperbag shorts while on a boat

This last one is just because I like these shorts, and I’ve been wearing them so much the year already. They’re super cute and super breezy, I love how lightweight they are.

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