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31 Of Our Favorite Top-Rated Products For Everyday Life

There’s nothing more definitive than decisions made by the court of public opinion. You can generally trust that the majority of folks want what’s best, and that goes for anything. Reading product reviews can give you a better understanding of the quality and value than anything else, which is why they’re such an important aspect of online shopping.

Don’t just take my word for it, judge for yourself! I’ve included snippets of great reviews for each product so you can see just how much people love this stuff.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Organize Your Pans Like A Pro With The SimpleHouseware Pantry Shelf

Stacking pans definitely makes them more storable, but it also increases the risk of scratching your pans. Get yourself this storage shelving and keep your pans scratch-free.

u/Schmarol: “This little contraption is a simple but helpful way to storage pans without having to nest them, and bang them around. It’s sturdy enough to hold cast iron fry pans. If you have the space in a cabinet (it needs about 18″ of vertical space), it’s worth the $10.

Lift The Haze From Your Home With This Top-Rated Air Purifier

Having clean air in your home is very important for your overall health. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as opening the windows — sometimes you need some help from a friend. That friend? This Levoit air filtration device.

u/James: “This is still the least-expensive, but most effective, out of now five air purifiers I’ve bought over the years. I like to do the “flashlight test,” with every air purifier I buy, because combating dust in my older Bay Area home is the main reason I bother with these machines. I hold a bright flashlight beam up against the entry points to the filter and see how much dust is being drawn in. If a lot of dust is being drawn in, I know the purifier is a keeper. If not, then either the room I’m in is somehow cleaner than the rest of the house or (more likely) it’s just not moving a lot of air. With the Levoit 300s, I can always see a lot of dust being drawn in. Levoit is a brand I’ve grown to trust. They don’t make ridiculous claims about their filters, square footage or CADR. You can count on the fact that their numbers are legitimate and independently verified.

Keep Your Phone Within Reach With The Best Phone Cradle On The Market

It’s no secret that we all need our phones while driving these days, but it’s important to not be distracted by them. A hidden ringing phone could take your eyes off the road for too long, and the results could be disastrous! Keep your phone front and center while behind the wheel, see directions and use voice commands easily, and stay distraction-free with this awesome iOttie holder. There are several mounting options, so pick what works best for you!

u/Will England: “The phone bracket – the part that matters, as it holds your $1,000 investment in place – is incredibly solid. No amount of vibration could shake it loose out of the bracket. (see video). The mount bar and sticky pad haven’t been tried yet, but I’m far less worried about them. I’ll update the review once I install the mount into the car with the included sticky pad and suction cup. At this point – 5+ stars; I’ve never had a mount this solid, with the capability to display the phone in portrait or landscape mode.

Don’t Let Your Furniture Scratch Your Hardwood Floors!

Never scratch your beautiful hardwood floors again with these amazing furniture pads. Not only will you not make giant groves into the floor when you’re shifting a heavy table, but honestly, these pads help everything glide effortlessly.

u/Plumb: “These are working great so far. I have applied them to a few furniture items as we are laying down new bamboo flooring. We have not had to move the items too much, but this far these do a good job balancing allowing movement while not slipping too easily, and have prevented any scuff marks or other damage on the new floor planks

These Satin Pillowcases Will Upgrade Your Sleep Comfort To The Next Level

Satin and pillowcases, name a more iconic duo.

u/Kate: “I was originally looking for silk pillow cases, but decided to give these a try because they were a better price. I am not disappointed! I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair in the mornings and overall they are so smooth and comfortable to sleep on. I’ve washed them several times and haven’t seen a difference in the quality. I would buy again

Crush Unwanted Pet Odors Into Dust With This Magical Spray

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: pet accidents are the worst type of accident, and Rocco and Roxie are my go-to brand every time disaster strikes.

u/Kathrine Wright: “I’ve tried Nature’s Miracle advanced formula and This Rocco and Roxie formula. Rocco and Roxie formula works every time. It kills, completely eliminates oder. Okay, so not only does it work for cat pee but arm pit oder removal in shirts too! Rocco wins against the other brand, crushed the competition!

The Top Rated Knife Sharpener On Amazon By A Long Shot

Everyone I know has dull knives in their kitchens. Why? It doesn’t have to be this way, yet no one does anything about it. Just buy this dang knife sharpener and sharpen your knives. It takes about 20 seconds to make any stainless steel knife razor-sharp, so do it already. Lazy jerks.

u/Gluten Free Mama: “I decided to actually come back to this nearly two years later to review it because it kind of got lost to me to review it back then. However, since I’ve bought it, I’ve heard my husband talk about it on and off. Just yesterday with my daughter he was going over sharp knife safety, and he just said how much he still absolutely loves it. Of every gift I’ve ever given him, this is the only thing I’ve heard still get praise nearly two years later”

This Hairbrush That Dries While You Comb, A Miracle Of Modern Science!

I used to struggle with blowdrying my hair. It was always followed by unsuccessfully trying to tame it with my comb. It was always a disaster. The Revlon One-Step Dryer fixed the problem outright, and bad hair days are now a thing of the past for me.

u/Elizabet: “For background: I do not have hairstyling experience, neither have I blown dried my hair, and my hair looks like I went to the hair salon. Like many people I read the comments before buying, however after trying it, the comments honestly don’t give this product enough justice. I have curly hair and I’ve seen professional mess up when blow drying my hair, but with this product I was shocked!”

Raise Your Laptop To Eye-Level With This 5-Star Stand

I do a lot of work on my laptop, and pulling it up off my lap is necessary to keep it from overheating and slowing to a crawl. Having one of these little laptop stands in your arsenal is a must for all remote and at-home workers.

u/Al Tone: “It works perfectly! Puts my Mac exactly in the best position with my external monitor. Very sturdy and I do not have to worry about my laptop falling even when I adjust the height of my desk. Very Very well made, quality product

Organize 12 Pairs Of Shoes On Your Bedroom Door And Free Up Closet Space

Unclog your entryway and stick your shoes upon your door. I mean, you wouldn’t leave your hats thrown around your house, so why your shoes? Treat your shoes (and doorway) right for once and be organized, you slob.

u/TobiLea: We bought this product, not for shoes, but to use on our cruise! We paired it with 4 strong magnetic hooks and it was known as “The Wall of Wonder” – the walls of cruise ship cabins are metal and magnetic hooks attach everywhere. We had everything in the pockets of this thing – it was perfect for keeping stuff off the limited counterspace. First aid items, sunglasses, hairbrushes, phone chargers, toiletries, you name it – it had plenty of room and held up great. It’s now a permanent part of our “cruise kit!”

Skip The Line At Starbucks And Make Your Own Lattes At Home With This Milk Frother

Being able to recreate barista-quality coffee drinks at home is something I never thought I could do. But, as it turns out, all you need is a milk frother. For $15, you’d be committing a crime if you don’t get one.

u/Heather Michael: I’m a barista at Starbucks so obviously I know how I like my coffee. For a while I was using an immersion blender to froth my milk for my morning cup of coffee but it just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. I finally bought this frothed and I’m so so happy with it!! It doesn’t need to be plugged in so it takes up way less space. It is a lot quieter than the blender, and I can use any size cup I want because the frother is so small. Not only can I heat up my milk for a hot coffee, but I can also use it just the same with cold milk for my iced coffee!! Highly recommend this product!!

If You Have A Single-Use Coffee Machine, You Need This Cleaning Solution

If you’re using any type of machine coffee brewer, you need to use descaler a few times a year. Don’t skip this crucial step in maintaining your at-home caffeine addiction machine, or it’ll be back to Dunkin’s for you!

u/Gp: “I had my keurig for 4 years and never knew about “descaling.” Well within the last week, my keurig would take forever to cycle water and my cups would be half as full. i used this as directed, and its like new again!!! you can get 2 uses out of one bottle but MAKE SURE you cycle enough water through your machine after you use this or your coffee will taste funky and im sure isnt good for you!”

Get Knots Out Of Your Muscles You Didn’t Even Know Existed With This Top-Rated Massage Gun

My father-in-law has one of these things, and wow — just wow. This particular one comes with a truckload of attachments and vibration settings, ensuring you can find and eliminate every knot in your body. Just don’t turn the power all the way up!

u/Cammeron Landes: “Darkiron percussion gun is super simple to use and really “hits the spot!” Comes with a manual to explain each one of the heads use for different body parts, Very helpful! Battery life is great and the screen on the gun easily show battery life left as well as massage levels

A Pack Of 120 Top-Rated Poo Bags Which Are Also The Top-Rated Pet Supply Product Overall

Every dog owner has to deal with poop everyday, why not use the best-rated poo bags that also happen to be guaranteed leak-proof AND good for the environment? You actually have no excuse.

u/Amazon Customer: “I love these bags. They are extra thick which means I won’t accidentally poke my hand or fingers through at a bad time! They smell nice witout being overpowering, and I like the fact that they are eco friendly as well.

This Power Strip Is The Sleekest We’ve Ever Seen

Why are electrical plugs so knobby and in-the-way? No, I’m not a fan. This solved a lot of problems for me, several of them psychological in origin.

u/Nilzr: “Very very nice. I am a renter so putting a huge hole in the wall to hire my wires was not going to happen, after searching for something that can help with the look of the wires in my living room I am glad to have come across this socket! I love love it. I just installed it last night, I’m extremely happy with the look and the adhesive works really good. I highly recommend. Take a look st my before and after pics 🙂

These Top-Rated American-Made Sheet Fasteners Will Keep Your Bed Tidy

Do your bedsheets slip and slide around all willy nilly? Stop that nonsense in its tracks with these bed suspenders.

u/TinkerbellAPixie: “I have a pillow top and pillow bottom queen sized bed that is a little too small for king sheets and with queen sheets I have battled to keep the sheets from popping off. I have tried everything! I was about to try to customize some king sheets because it was so frustrating. Then I saw this product advertised on Facebook in one of those posts about the amazing products that people love. So I figured it was worth a try. It works. I was shocked. My sheets have not popped off once. I ordered this in February and it is May now—and they have not popped off once! They used to pop off EVERY …. SINGLE… NIGHT. To say this is life changing is not an exaggeration. Such a relief to be able to sleep through the night without ending up in rumpled sheets.

This Water-Resistant Curtain Liner For Your Shower Means Less Time Scrubbing Mildew In The Future

Are you done pretending you know what you’re doing as far as shower curtains go? Good. Pick up this LiBa PEVA mildew-resistant with rust-proof grommets ASAP.

u/Homer’s Mom: “I have waited 6 months to write this review and my original liner looks as good as the day I hung it. No mildew or rust. The magnets have weight and stick well to the bath. So I replaced the liner in my other bathroom with another one of these. Excellent value and quality.

Skip The Bubble Bath And Step Into The Top-Rated Shower Bomb

Aromatherapy shower bombs are insane, you just need to try one for yourself to understand how I feel about them.

u/Emmy: “I recently moved into a new apartment, that had no bathtub. Normally after work to unwind I use a bath bomb and take a hot bath, which now I cannot! I did some research and found these shower soothers!! The smell is great, even better unwind than taking a bath!!! Will continue to use and buy them!! The little box they come in is also adorable!!!! I can’t wait to come home from work and use them everyday!!!!! Love the lavender one!
-Also really helped with my stuffy nose!!!!

The Rapid Egg Cooker From Dash Is Astounding

This isn’t the first time the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker has appeared on one of our lists, and it probably won’t be the last. The reason? These things rock.

u/SunscreenAl: “I don’t like watching my pot to find out when the water starts boiling. So I bought this Dash Egg Cooker. It delivers perfect eggs by steaming them until the water placed in the device has evaporated. The exact amount of water is added to the cooker before it steams the eggs–there is a measuring line on the plastic cup that comes with the device. Next to each measuring line are the following words: “Hard Boiled, Soft Boiled, Poached, etc.” Fill the cup with water to the line for the egg type you want and then add the water to the device. Then simply puncture each egg with a spike that is attached to the measuring cup, place the eggs in the device with the hole on top (duh). You close it, press the button on front and walk away. When an alarm sounds, it turns off automatically. Your eggs are done. No need to watch water boil. No need for daily cleaning. It’s quite small. Love this thing. For under 18 dollars, what’s not to like?

Protect Your Pipes And Never Have A Hair Clog Again With The TubShroom

Here’s another returning product, the TubShroom. It honestly prevents so much drain chaos, and that’s why it’s one of my all-time favorite little inventions.

u/Megan: “Update #2: 2.5 years later and I’ve only had to unclog the drain once, and I believe it was just because of soap scum”
“Update: more than a year later and I have yet to have to unclog the drain!”
“I am one of those people who clogs the shower drains with my hair. It got to the point where I brushed my hair well before getting in and then kept a brush in the shower to wrap the excess hair in while shampooing, and would STILL clog the drain every 6 weeks or so. I’ve had this about 2 months now and thought I’d really test it out by no longer brushing my hair before or during the shower. No clogs! It’s amazing how much this thing catches considering it’s this cheap looking piece of rubber that doesn’t even fit well. I will say, it’s much easier (and a lot less slimy) to clean when dry. And the loose fit (& lightweight) means sometimes my cat thinks he can play with it again and I’ll find it in the bedroom floor. I tell everyone I know about this thing

Sanitize Your Phone (Or Anything That Fits) With This Magic UV Box

We sanitize everything in the post-2020 world, so why would you not sanitize your phone as well? This UV sanitizer will do it without any chemicals or products, pretty neat, eh?

u/Arya: “Wow! I love this device! As you see in the picture, I tested the bacteria on my phone before and after use of Phone Soap (B: before; A: after).
I swabbed both the back and front of my phone and what do you know, apparently the back of your phone is way dirty ( left is back and right is front of phone in the pic). The after use shows no sign of bacterial growth which is amazing!
Totally worth buying it!

Make Cold Brew At Home For Pennies On The Dollar With This Top-Tier Brewer

Cold Brew doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor, just make it at home using this amazing brewer from Takeya. I promise you won’t regret getting one of these!

u/Jessica M: “Great cold brew system! We had been putting off getting one for so long. We have a keurig and simply put brewed coffee in the fridge overnight. But as our keurig seems to be dying, it was time to explore other options. I wish we had done it sooner! This system is so easy to use – add your coffee of choice and water, place it in the fridge and wait for the next day. That’s it!! So easy, great tasting coffee that goes far enough for both of us. It easily fits on a shelf or the door. We’re considering buying a second because of how much coffee my husband drinks or if we have company.

Toss Your Pet Brush Into The Garbage And Pick Up This Grooming Glove That Does Twice The Work In Half The Time

You love your pet, so why are you not helping them shed that massive mane regularly? It’s not comfortable for them, or for you when your house is filled with rogue fur deposits. This glove will solve all your problems, as well as relieving your doggo.

u/Jazzy: ” I have a long haired Maine coon cat and he absolutely LOVES this! Literally begs for it as you can see in my video! And I’m getting waaaayyyy more hair off than the standard brushes ever could! For $7 and prime 1 day shipping, you just can’t beat this!

Angry Orange Changed The Game With Their Citrus Pet Clean-Up Spray

You may want to pick up a bottle of Angry Orange if your pet is prone to stinky messes. After all, it is endorsed by Snoop Dogg, so…

u/Ohio Rose: “I have two dogs my carpet really smelled I shampooed it twice it did take care of some of the odor. I seen the reviews on this product I thought I would give it a try. It has a nice orange smell to it and lasts thru out the day. I gave it 5 stars because it really does take bad odors away I will definitely buy again.

Add Precious Inches Of Depth To Your Bath With This Overflow Extender From SlipX

Here’s another neat invention that I should have thought of myself. I love baths, and I love them to be as deep as possible. Sometimes I overfill the tub and it hits the overflow drain too low in my opinion, but this bad boy makes it so the water can be several inches higher due to its shape.

u/anonymous: “Baths have changed for me forever now! I can actually FILL THE TUB and not hear that dreaded sound of half my water (and my expensive magnesium flakes, essential oils, organic bubble baths and other fancy therapeutic ingredients) tragically vanishing down the drain. If you’re a larger person trying to fit in a smaller tub, especially, you know… THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Now I can take more baths, enjoy more relaxing warm coziness… all because of this little bit of silicone! Be careful if you have a refinished tub, as I do… remove those suctions SUPER gently and don’t let them stick on too hard. Technically you’re not supposed to use suctions with a refinished tub.

The Tablift Is Hands-Down The Most Comfortable Tablet Stand Available

Watch movies on your tablet comfortably for once by using this stand. My neck already hurts thinking about how many hours I’ve kinked it to watch Netflix on my iPad. Those days are past me now!

u/Design Div: “This is exzactly what I needed! And apparently everyone else in my home now too! All the other tablet stands we have purchased were so rigid, cheap or were only good in one or two positions! This one can form to any position I’d like it too it’s so flexible, yet very stable, it will stay where you finally get it perfectly adjusted to be! The base that holds the tablet can be angled along with the legs as well that was when I started to proclaim its true awesomeness. It does take a few tries to “mold” it right where u want it though due to so many moving parts to adjust. And I thought I should add that I did buy this with my own money for full price

A Bedside Table That Attaches Directly To Your Bed Frame

My bedroom is so tiny that we affectionately refer to it as my “bed’s room.” We needed a side table, and this thing delivered (even in the tiny space available). These are made with the highest-quality materials possible, so you don’t have to worry about it being some crappy particleboard product.

u/Allison M: “At first, I was going to try to find something inexpensive but after looking at everything and reading all of the reviews I ordered this product for my son’s dorm room. It arrived well packaged and even better than I had hoped. The quality of the product is exceptional, very well built and super easy to install. My son was confident about putting his expensive notebook on it even though the shelf is on the highest part of his loft. The shelf is very solid and looks great.

Avoid Costly Repairs To Your Hot Tub By Cleaning It Regularly With Oh Yuk

Cleaning your tub regularly? I friggin’ hope so! Oh Yuk makes it super easy with their cleaning solution, which allows your hot tub to have a much longer, cleaner life!

u/KW: “I want my Mommy!!! Wahhhh! So gross! Caused dry heaves and I don’t even have a weak stomach. I had just cleaned my jets two weeks prior and they were running clean with no “black monsters” shooting out. I just thought they were clean. Oh no. I was wrong. Ran once with Oh Yuk and this greasy green and brown and black goo kept coming out. Then I ran a tub of pure water and all these 1″ by 1″ flakes of biofilm were floating around which I’ve never seen. So I’m assuming the Oh Yuk loosened this stuff up from the tubes. I noticed that if I cut the jets on and off several times it’s almost like the pressure just made more and more shoot out. I would recommend turning them on and off several times as well as running them for 15 minutes. Ran the Oh Yuk again (more goo) followed by another one with pure water. It now runs clean!!! I highly recommend watching the suds…mine came dangerously close to overflowing the tub. I also took a full bucket of water and poured over the filter several times and all this crap came out. I will never ever use a public hot tub again. And I really don’t want my jetted tub. Next time it’ll be a soaker tub! I’m here to order a gallon of this stuff. I recommend this to any jetted tub owners!

Add Collagen And Protein Back Into Your Damaged Hair With This Cream

If you’re going to take care of your hair, don’t half-ass it! The CER100 collagen hair coating will complete your hair care routine, and leave your hair looking absolutely gorgeous.

u/Therese-Claire: “I have 4C hair and was looking for a protein treatment for my thin and fragile. I had recently used a product in my hair that had so much alcohol in it; that reeked havoc on my hair, leaving it pretty damaged. I was very skeptical about this product because I have never seen anyone with my hair type use it. Boy was I wrong to doubt this product, it left my hair looking and feeling beautiful. I highly recommend it to anyone natural or with curly hair

Your Friends Are Sick Of Looking At Your Dirty Ceramic Burners, So Pick Up Cerma Bryte And Fix It!

Cleaning your stovetop is important, especially if it’s ceramic. Don’t let overflow from your rice leave that weird starchy stain forever on your stove, grab Cerma Bryte and fix it!

u/Peyton: “Magic!! I thought my brand new stove stop was ruined after a week !! New and powerful was shocked when water mixed with seasoning boiled over and made a huge mess in a panic without thinking obviously, I used the microfiber cloth and tried to clean it while it was hot – yeah I know , really brilliant needless to say I had a real mess on my hands the microfiber has melted into the stove top so instead of just water I was dealing with what o thought was a permanent disaster , hey rushed to Walmart with my sidekick Peyton who is my goldendoodle and thankfully this couple had to come and say hi to him I was in such a panic I told him what happened and they swore by Cerama bryte , I bought like six other products for the interim since I didn’t have it there, i’m nothing would help , I ordered from Amazon and two days later it was here and now my stove looks brand new again ! I can’t even express to you the relief that washed over me after thinking this brand new stove oven where is ruined thankfully because of this incredible product it is perfect again!

Say Hello To The Number One Body Oil On The Internet

Self-care involves self-love. Treat yourself and your skin to some bio-oil and rejuvenate your body. This stuff works great at healing scars and imperfections, highly recommended.

u/Amazon Customer: “Bio-Oil is the BEST skin product on the market. I use it as a twice a day, morning and before i go to bed. Small lines have disappeared. My skin is very smooth and seems to glow. A doctor recommended this to one of my friends who told me about it. I have bought several bottles as gifts.. Be patient. It will take a few months for you to see notice the changes.
Now I am using it on my arms and hands. I hope have the same result. I am 71 years old. No one paid me to write this.

Get Yourself The Best Jewelry Cleaner On The Planet

Why would you not clean and polish your jewelry? This stuff works miracles, taking your dirty gold and turning it into perfection.

u/Sarah Ryan: “I could not be happier! I have a morganite engagement ring and it gets cloudy so easily. I dropped it in the cleaner for a few hours (I only planned on 30 minutes but I forgot about it) and it’s stunning! I highly recommend this cleaner!

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