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24 Must-Have Items Going Viral On Social Media

Be honest with yourself, because we all know you are constantly seeing cool products on YouTube and TikTok videos and wondering where you can find them. It’s a story as old as time itself, as long as we pretend the beginning of time was in, like, 2003.

It doesn’t have to be this way. All you need to do is a little sleuthing, add in some search engine skills, and you’ll quickly figure out that most of this stuff is already being sold on Amazon. It’s all about the search terms you use, and luckily for everyone, I am the Queen™ of figuring out exactly the right keyword combinations!

Keep reading to see all the things that my crafty little brain was able to suss out via the search bar!

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Seal Up Any Plastic Bag With These Two Handheld Battery-Powered Sealers

The tool

Create fully sealed baggies from other baggies, or however the heck you want to do it. One thing is for sure: these mini bag sealers come in handy more than I care to admit. They reseal almost any thin plastic bag, as well as chip bags — which I guess those are plastic too, I don’t know, they’re kind of like foil-rich plastic? All I know is our snacks are lasting a lot longer around my house, I’m no longer running to the store at midnight for chips, and we now reuse our plastic bags instead of throwing them away. Michael Scott would call this a “win-win-win”.

Make S’mores Every Day With This Dedicated Flame

A reviewer's s'mores maker in use with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers in the tray

How do you feel about s’mores? I am obsessed, and I don’t really know why. They’re just marshmallows and chocolate, but damn, they’re SO good. Anyway, I saw this thing on some TikTok video trend thing and had to pause the video to ask myself WTF WHERE DO I FIND THIS? I found it, I love it, and now I eat s’mores in the winter.

This Inflatable Mattress That Takes Convenience And Comfort To A Whole New Level

The main problem with inflatable mattresses is the damn setup process. Some need an independent inflator to do the job right, and that’s an extra purchase right there. A good air mattress should have its own inflation method, and it should also be easy to set up and put away. This one from Ivation checks all the boxes, plus it seems to be the camping mattress of choice for YouTube glampers.

Glide Through Life With This Lint Roller That Doesn’t Use Wasteful Sticky Tape

Reviewer photo of a black pillow covered in white dog hair and you can clearly see which side they brushed with the fur remover because all the dog hair is gone in that section

Not to be overshadowed by sticky paper lint rollers, this waste-free one from ChomChom grabs and traps pet fur quicker and easier. Lint rollers are one of those things that generates more trash than it’s worth, and I’m not down for that. I saw some influencers on TikTok using this bad larry, and I absolutely had to have it. So I found one, and it’s amazing. It uses friction instead of glue to grab the hair and lint, pretty cool.

Pretend Your A Mad Scientist When You Apply Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste To Your Orchids

left: reviewer's orchid with many buds right: the buds have now bloomed into a shocking amount of flowers, i think over 20

People used to spend their whole lives trying to synthesize gold, doing all sorts of misguided experiments without ever yielding any results. We called these people alchemists. While Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste won’t generate gold, it definitely makes it possible to use magic on your orchid plants to produce more flowers. Basically, what I’m trying to say is you’re going to be a plant alchemist. Anyway, that’s what some YouTuber said in a video I saw.

Feel The Difference In Your Posture While You Work From This Standing Desk Add-On

A reviewer using the riser to prop up their laptop

No one is sitting at a desk anymore. Most of us are sitting at home, on the couch, doing our work in what we think is absolute comfort. The problem is sitting like a potato all day is actually bad for your body. Be like the influencers of the modern internet era, and start using a standing desk to correct your posture. With this awesome desk add-on from FLEXISPOT, you can convert any desk to a standing desk for just about $100.

A 10-Pack Of The Most User-Friendly Dish Towels Ever Made (IMO)

A reviewer using the cloth to clean a plate

I saw someone picking up some crazy liquid spills with these dishcloths, and I had to have them. Be like me: stop using wasteful paper towels, grab these 10 ultra-absorbent dishcloths, and quickly forget about all your spills without producing any garbage. They also work great for scrubbing dishes — they are dishtowels after all.

Keep This LED Touch Lamp By Your Bed And Become Lord Of The Light While You Charge Your Phone

A reviewer's lamp with two cords attached

Getting power next to your bed can be an issue, especially if you’re part of a couple and one of you gets the side without an electrical outlet. Fix the issue at hand, like those YouTubers I saw did, by using this magical Macally Table Lamp. It has a bunch of USB ports and a long power cable, putting light and power within your reach. Every vlogger has one of these things, just have a look in the background of their videos.

Give Your Sponges A Place To Rest That Isn’t The Basin Of Your Sink

A sponge resting in the dispenser caddy

Your sponges get gross, that’s the inherent nature of rubbing an absorbant material against dirty dishes all day long. They don’t, however, only have to last a few days. This soap pump from Aeakey also doubles as a resting area for sponges currently in rotation, keeping them useful for longer periods of time.

The Eyes Your Car Always Wanted (To Keep The Interior Cool During Summer)

Here’s another one I saw in a movie, and that movie was indeed Cars. I watched it with my nephew, but honestly, it was a good. After, I was wondering if anyone was selling sun visors in the shape of the car’s eyes, because obviously I needed that — and of course, some absolute madman was. Do you live somewhere hot? Have some fun with these!

You Better Believe That My Butt Is A Priority, And These Booty Pants Put It On Display

reviewer wears leggings with ruched line in the middle of the butt area and web-like texture

TikTok turned me on to these miracle yoga pants that make my butt look spectacular. Like, my posterior is literally a spectacle with these on. I look super hot at the gym. My husband has called my doctors to see if I had a secret Brazilian butt lift performed. Owning these bad boys has been life-changing.

You Need This Sleek Alarm Clock Next To Your Bed

A reviewer's alarm clock with two devices plugged in

I bet you use your phone as an alarm clock. While that may seem like the logical choice, what happens if your phone is low on battery and dies during the night? Or, what if you leave your phone at a friend’s house? C’mon, man. I think it’s stupid to not have a standalone clock for your alarm, situated all nice next to your bed. Plugged into a wall. Pick up this sleek number I saw in some YouTuber’s viral product breakdown and stay classy.

You Need This Dry Food Dispenser That You’ve Seen In The Holiday Inn Breakfast Room Since You Were Born

The cereal dispenser holding two kinds of cereal

There you are, at the grocery store, looking at the cereals like a small child: eyes wide, jaw dropped, sugar cravings intensifying. It doesn’t have to be a struggle, all you have to do is own one of these dry food dispensers and buy TWO kinds of cereal at the same time. Cap’n Crunch and Cookie Crisp? Idk. Just rip open the bags and pour the contents into their respective side of the dispenser and live your best life.

Get Privacy In Your Home Without Eliminating Natural Light By Using This Magical Film

gem sticker with fractured rainbow light

Trying to deal with nosey neighbors but not sure how to? A quick fix is getting yourself a good window laminate that allows light in while, at the same time keeping the goings-on inside your house completely private. This one from Rabbitgoo looks like stained glass, which is awesome.

This Foundation That Will Last All Day And All Night With No Need To Reapply

before and after of model wearing the foundation

As far as beauty products go, there’s nothing worse than a bulky, chalky foundation. Then, what happens if you get it wet? Well, lucky for you, I watch every beauty YouTuber and saw this foundation from L’Oreal that will change the game for good. It comes in 15 shades, so there’s probably a match for your skin.

Note To Self: Get Your Nephew This Camera So He Stops Asking To Use Your Phone Every 5 Minutes

small handheld pink camera

This one is for me. Eva, get your nephew this $25 digital camera I saw on that one YouTube review channel.

Stop Putting Your Toothbrushes In A Cup, That’s Just Nasty…

The toothpaste holder holding two tubes and three brushes

Okay, hear me out: don’t you think it’s weird we haven’t developed a good way to store toothbrushes? They either go in a cup, which collects rancid liquid at the bottom over time; or they go on a rack, which puts the bristles in contact with a hard-to-clean surface. It’s 2022, we have robot police dogs — why can’t we figure out a smart way to store the only hygiene tool we use consistently twice a day? Well, this all-in-one brush station comes awfully close. All the surfaces are easy to clean, and it has storage for everything. Also, some TikTokers are going off about them — so, did I really have a choice? I am a millennial, after all.

Here’s Another Mechanical Lint Roller, This One Works Great On Clothing

wood handle with metal scraper

As you can tell, I’m very serious about removing pet hair. As much as I love my fluffy children, I really dislike their fur all over my clothes. I also don’t necessarily like the lint rollers that have tons of sticky tape (pre-garbage, as I call it)—which is exactly why I love this thing. It removes the lint and fur, and that’s it — you just empty the reservoir and reuse it. I found this bad boy on Instagram, in case you were wondering.

What About Your Carpets? Pet Owners Need Help With Those Too, So Grab This Bissell Crosswave

the vacuum

Now, for the rest of the house, you’ll need something with more power. You’ll need a vacuum. This vacuum, in fact. The Crosswave Pet Pro focuses on handling one of the hardest parts of living with pets (accidents), and lets you enjoy more of the good parts (literally everything else). I saw this vacuum in action on TikTok a few weeks ago and bought one immediately.

A Candle That Has No Waste, Is 100% Vegan, And Smells Fantastic

ceramic pot with candle

Zero-waste and re-usable candles? Yes, please! These Hyggelight candles are sweeping across social media, and people are raving about their long-lasting flame and awesome smell. The packaging contains seeds and plant food which you can plant anywhere, so there’s no trash. Talk about recycling!

Get Yourself A Full-Sized Above-Ground Pool And Stop Driving Somewhere To Swim

people hang out in inflatable tub

Apparently, everyone has a pool now, and I only found this out by watching way too many TikTok videos last summer. The truth of the matter is that above-ground pools are now super cheap, and I’ve seen a lot of folks with this one from Intex. It’s over 3 feet deep, 15-feet across, and has a high-quality 1000-gallon water pump; insane for under $300. I haven’t bought one yet, but I really think I should.

This Multi-Colored Keyboard For The Ultimate Gamer In Your Family

glowing keyboard

If you’ve watched YouTube tech vloggers at all, you’ve seen the rainbow lights emitting from every piece of electronics in the room. It looks awesome, and I know you want some. Welp, my expert keyword-oriented brain has found an affordable keyboard to help you scratch your itch. This keyboard doesn’t just look good, with it’s ultra-bright rainbow LEDs; it’s also super reliable and even spill-resistant. The reviews for this thing are massive, just check it out for yourself!

This J.J. Abrams Book, S., That Is Essentially Interactive, With Weaving Storylines, Included Cache Of Physical Clues, And Story Notations Throughout The Text

the book with all the cards and more around it

Maybe you’ve never heard of this book, and that would be understandable. It’s not a common book, and that’s because it’s not a normal book. S. is a book within a book — well, TWO books within a book, actually. It’s hard to summarize, but basically it’s two investigators searching for clues about an author of fictitious book, which also exists in the context of the actual book, S.. This intense mystery book is more than a book, it’s a game. You’ll become engrossed, and then you’ll begin to understand why I’m telling you to buy an $80 book about a book within a book.

Transformer Shoes That Turn Into Roller Skates? Yes, Please!

stock photo of the wheeled sneakers

Okay, let’s get serious for a minute: how badly do you need shoes that turn into rollerskates like some sort of fabulous transformer? Really bad? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I saw some absolute babe wearing a pair of these on TikTok, obviously stealing the show from anyone who stood in her way. I immediately found them on Amazon and added them last minute to this list. You’re welcome.

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