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28 Items That Upgrade Your Bathroom Into The 21st Century

The bathroom is probably the most frequented room in my home, so why wouldn’t I want give it all the bells and whistles? I’m a creature of comfort, so I’m constantly looking for ways to make my house as luxurious as possible without spending too much money.

So—yup, you guessed it. I’ve put together another list. You know me, I’m only trying to help, and this time it’s helping you find ways to spruce up and improve your bathroom situation. Hopefully, if I do this just right, you’ll find the perfect upgrade to turn your old and worn latrine into a world-class throne room.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Smooth-Gliding Shower Curtain Hooks Attach Both The Curtain And Liner

These fancy-schmancy shower hooks are double-sided, allowing you to put your curtain and liner on the same piece of easy-gliding hardware. They come in bronze, chrome, or brushed nickel; and they’re totally rust-proof. Each pack is a set of 12 hooks, more than enough for any size tub. For only about $13, you really can’t go wrong here.

Clean Your Toilet—Like Actually Clean It—With This Clorox Wand

You’ll find a more organic way to clean your toilet down on the list (the Pumie!), but if you need some serious cleaning fast, don’t sleep on the Clorox ToiletWand tool. It comes with a caddy so you can keep it right next to your toilet, giving you easy access whenever you need it.

This Ingenious Sticker That Reminds Your Idiot Boyfriend (Or Husband) To Put The Seat Down

C’mon, hurry up and resolve the issue of your husband/boyfriend/sons/son’s friends leaving the toilet seat up with this reminder sticker. I feel like it should say “or else…” so it seems ominous, but hey, what do I know? I’m just a dummy.

Get Rid Of That Scum And Grime In Your Bathroom — For Real

Cleaning up soap scums and grime can be a nightmare, and I’m not talking about your family. The Bucko turns cleaning dirty contaminants into a cakewalk with absolutely no bleach or harsh chemicals to worry about it.

Take Care Of Your Tongue The Same Way You Take Care Of Your Teeth With This Combo Scraper & Brush

Cleaning your tongue is very important, I don’t understand why it’s not more of a focus when we are learning dental hygiene. Seriously, it’s not too late! Start cleaning your tongue and use this brush to do it today. It takes, like, 5 seconds and will greatly improve your life (and everyone who has to interact with you.)

Really Get In There And Unclog Your Toilet Like A Plumber With The ToiletShroom

Difficulty unclogging that toilet? Well, as long as it’s not because someone installed a toilet with a tiny joke hole, you can easily remove the clogging debris with the ToiletShroom! From the makers of TubShroom, which you’ll know about in 3…2…1…

The TubShroom, Would An El Noche Article Be Complete Without Including it?

The Tub Shroom has been on basically every list we’ve made. Why? Because it’s amazing. You’ll seriously your drain clogged with hair because the TubShroom prevents that from ever happening, Honestly, you should already have one of these. Buy one and be amazed!

Pull Your Hair Dryer Out Of The Drawer And Mount That Baby On The Wall, Which I Think Is Probably Something Marie Kondo Would Do—I Don’t Know, I’ve Never Seen Her Show

Where the heck are we supposed to put our hairdryers? They either take up too much shelf space or too much drawer space, there isn’t an in between. My recommendation to you is to put up one of these suckers! They function so well but also look so nice, helping you get that perfect aesthetic in your bathroom.

A Toilet Paper Holder That Doubles As A Shelf For A Phone? Yes, Please!

Need a spot to put your phone while you’re taking care of business? Stop putting it on the floor (why would you do this?) and put it on your new toilet paper dispenser/shelf thingy. What a handy invention, one that will make your time on the loo much more enjoyable and sanitary.

Keep Your Toilet Bowl Squeaky Clean For Months With The Fluidmaster

I prefer my toilets to be self-cleaning, thank you very much! That’s why I’m suggesting the Fluidmaster, so you don’t have to clean anything. It also smells nice, which is more than I can say for most stuff that goes into the toilet.

Now That Your Toilet Bowl Is Clean, Let’s Light That Sucker Up With This Motion-Detected Toilet Light

Imagine your toilet bowl lighting up all types of colors, literally any color you’d like. It’s possible, and all you need is the LumiLux Toilet Light.

Keep Everything Visible With This Three-Tiered Organizer For The Bathroom

I really like having all my toiletries in full view, and what better way to get this effect than with a small three-tiered shelf? A lot of my bathroom products would probably get lost in the shuffle if I couldn’t see them. Now I use all my lotions and creams right down to the bitter end. Pretty awesome!

Attach These 9 Mesh Pockets To Any Curtain And Organize Your Shower In A Unique Way

Does your shower curtain need pockets? Probably! These mesh pockets do make it easier to access my shower gels and whatnot. It definitely makes our shower more unique, and who doesn’t like that!

This First Period Box Is Perfect For The Young Adult In Your Life About To Go Through Some Changes

It’s best to be prepared for your first period, so talk to your kid and give them this box. It’s the perfect gift, and honestly, it will help someone so much.

Get Yourself A Grout Scrubber That Does It All

Cleaning your bathroom is much more involved than just some paper towels and glass cleaner, you actually have to scrub every nook and cranny like a crazy person to get a good clean. I know most people use a toothbrush to get the grout whitened, but Rubbermaid makes a specialized tool to do what a toothbrush does but even better. Check it out!

No More Soggy, Mushy Soap With The Idea Works Waterfall Soap Saver

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that your mushy soap situation makes your bathroom an unwelcoming place. Maybe what you need is this Waterfall Soap Saver from Idea Works. I don’t know, I’m not an interior designer, but I personally think this thing is excellent.

It’s Time To Reject The Paper And Embrace The Bidet

We wipe our bottoms just like they did in the middle ages: with paper. Now that we’ve had indoor plumbing for, you know, the last hundred plus years, let’s upgrade how we clean our butts. I know I won’t convince you all to buy an entire new bidet, but maybe this little toilet add-on is simple enough for ya. Easy to install, and you’ll have the cleanest buns of all time.

If You Need More Than A Hook, Grab This Basket To Hang Your Bathroom Appliances

You need to organize stuff in the bathroom, I’m certain of it. Go have a look for yourself! Instead of doing a whole renovation, just grab one of these over-the-door baskets from mDesign and clear up some counter space.

Get The Stains Out Of Your Toilet The Same Way You Scrub Your Feet — With Pumice!

I love my porcelain to be clean. Seriously, why is it so hard to clean a toilet bowl? The Pumie uses pumice to annihilate stains and get your privy sparkling clean, good as new. No chemicals, no synthetic materials, just good old-fashioned rocks.

Organized Scrunchies Are Good Scrunchies, So Get Organized!

My house has an infestation. It’s not bugs or mold — it’s my giant collection of scrunchies! I had to get it under control before my family sent me out to pasture, so I picked up a couple of these scrunchie holders and haven’t looked back. 10/10

Have An Unruly Shower Curtain? Pick Up These Clips And Contain Your Spray

Is your husband leaving too much water on the floor after his shower? Are your kids turning your bathroom into the engine room of the titanic during their baths? Quickly resolve the failures of your shower curtain by using these neat wall clips from Eonmir. It won’t fix your husband, but it’ll help!

What?! A Peacock Toilet Paper Holder? Uhh, Yes!

Have you ever wanted to put all your spare toilet paper into a giant metal peacock? Of course you have, so pick one up ASAP on Amazon.

If You’re Not Ready For A Bidet, Get The Fohm Dispenser And Turn Toilet Paper Into Wet Wipes!

Fohm is awesome because it’s not just a lotion, it’s kind of a lifestyle. It comes with a dispenser that moistens your toilet paper, making wiping a pleasurable experience. The high viscosity of Fohm creates a tighter seal on the toilet paper, so you won’t need to worry about any ripping mishaps.

Hiding Pimples Has Never Been Easier Than With The Nexcare Acne Cover, Which Also Acts To Absorb Oil

Everyone who has had acne knows what a nightmare it can be. Getting it under control is almost impossible, so the next step is usually trying to find something to remedy the symptoms. Nexcare Acne Cover works as a small, circular band-aid that keeps your acne blemishes dry. The absorbent and breathable material aids in faster healing. These bad boys also take away the urge to pop or scratch, so they can actually prevent scarring.

Keep A Bottle Of This Magic Spray Next To Your Toilet Never Have A Stinky Bathroom Again

I really don’t like when my bathroom is…well, when it’s stinky. I ALWAYS have some Poo-Pourri at the ready (usually on top of the toilet tank), so if anyone has to go #2 at my place it won’t ruin the vibe. When I say vibe, I’m talking about the smell.

Clean Your Hairbrushes With This Super Effective Cleaning Tool

How often do you clean your hairbrush, and I mean REALLY clean it? I bet hardly ever. Denman developed a specialized tool that makes removing and disposing of dead hair a cinch, just scrape and dump in one swoop. It is essentially made up of multiple different brushes and brush sizes, all mashed together with the ability to get every bristle clear of debris.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Is An Elixir From The (Amazon) Gods, And It Magically Helps Fade Stretch Marks And Scars

Not all skincare oils are built the same, and Bio-Oil makes that very apparent. This stuff works incredibly well to help repair damaged skin and even helps prevent scars from forming during pregnancy. Just check out the reviews, people swear by Bio-Oil.

And Finally, Stop Sitting And Start Squatting With The Original Squatty Potty!

If you haven’t used a squatty potty, you’re missing out on the best bathroom experience you can have. Our bodies, as it turns out, aren’t meant to sit at a 90-degree angle while’ we use the toilet — we are meant to squat. The Squatty Potty is simply a small stool that brings your knees up to your chest, giving your body a more relaxed posture. I have one, and my guests always come out of the bathroom talking about it.

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