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Our Top Vlogging Cameras Of 2022

With the rise of YouTube and Twitch, creating visual media has become a lucrative career for thousands of folks around the world. To deliver high-quality content to their audience, established content creators use cameras that provide outstanding features and video quality. 

With so many compact and capable cameras available, it can be difficult to find the right one that suits your budget. That’s why I created this guide to the best cameras on the market, helping you find the best camera to fit your needs.

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Best Overall Vlogging Camera


The Sony ZV-1

With the ZV-1, Sony has nailed the features that most content creators require out of their cameras. Its compact design, flip screen, and features — such as Background defocus, skin effects, and built-in three directional microphones — provide everything a traditional vlogger needs to create amazing videos.

Out of the box, Sony ZV-1 supports 2k video recording at 30fps, which is virtually unheard of. Plus. It also has the capability of shooting pictures and slow-motion videos, all with the ultra-fast 0.4-second autofocus. Overall, if you require a dedicated compact camera for your vlog or YouTube content that provides ready-to-publish videos for under $1000, you can’t go wrong with the ZV-1.  

Best Action Vlogging Camera


Although DSLR cameras are the gold standard for vlogging, many content creators want a smaller, waterproof camera with front-facing screens. For these folks, the GoPro HERO9 action camera is the best choice on the market.

The video footage recorded on a GoPro HERO9 is automatically stabilized for instant sharing. It also comes with various mounts and grips, so it’s definitely the right camera for recording sports and action scenes.

Best Smartphone For Vlogging


iPhone 12 Pro

Cameras on smartphones have touched new heights in the last few years. For most of their new flagship smartphones, Apple provides the capability to shoot 4k, and even 8k video with support for different types of lenses.

If it’s only about capturing the moment for you, the iPhone 12 Pro has the best camera on a smartphone. With its three different types of lenses (ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto), the built-in cameras deliver outstanding video and image quality in any scenario.

With a price tag of $999, it’s not a great choice for every budget. So, if you’re on a budget, you can choose an iPhone 11, which provides a nearly identical camera system for recording vlogs.

Best Pro Vlogging Camera


Fujifilm X-T4

Most Vloggers and content creators can get away with using any camera. But, if you’re one who prioritizes cinema-grade video quality over everything, then the Fujifilm XT4 is your best bet.

With dynamic autofocus, in-body image stabilization, and high ISO performance, the Fujifilm XT4 delivers high-resolution and noise-free 4k video for high-quality content. There are many more options available at this price , but none of them delivers the class-leading performance that the XT4 offers.

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