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30 Summer Items That Give You A New Lease On Life

Summer can be a lot of fun, but what happens when you run out of things to do? If you’re like me, you typically end up at the pool or the beach during August and September. Yawn. It’s time to spice up your life with some fresh ideas.

We put together this list of awesome summertime products that will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Don’t sleep on this article, we have some awesome stuff in here — some of which will inevitably improve your life and probably make you more interesting.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Stop Walking And Start Gliding When You Pick Up These Awesome Roller Skates

A pair of black roller skates

If you didn’t buy roller skates last year during the skate-awakening (a term I’ve just coined), it’s not too late to join the club. You can pick up these from Amazon for under $100 and hit the pavement immediately. Just be sure to give yourself some time to get your skate legs back, it takes a little practice! See you in the park.

These Hiking Shoes From Colombia Will Inspire You To Hit The Trails

Colombia hiking boots

It has taken me so long to finally find a hiking boot that doesn’t look ridiculously ugly, but the search is finally over. Thank you, Colombia, for manufacturing the Newton Ridge boot specifically for us ladies and giving us something classy to wear. It’s summertime, so pick up these boots and hit the heckin’ trails!

Coast The Coast With The #1 Longboard On Amazon

A longboard

Maybe you’re not interested in hiking or strapping wheels to your feet, so here’s another idea: a longboard. These are so much fun to coast around on, especially if you live somewhere with good pavement and a nice beachy boardwalk. It’s only $70 to upgrade your transportation from walking to surfing the roads, so why are you still reading and not buying? It’s also good exercise!

Grab A Book And Relax In The Sun While Laying In This Top-Rated Garden Hammock

A garden hammock

Nothing beats napping in a hammock, everyone knows that. When I picked up this bad boy from Amazon, it changed so much about how I spend my time. Reading in the hammock has become my main priority, especially on days that are relatively cool. I love this thing.

Or Hike Into The Wilderness And Nap Amongst The Trees With This Wilderness Hammock

A travel hammock

Now that I’m addicted to my hammock at home, I had to get one for when I hit the trails with my new sneakers. I picked up this one from Wise Owl, which is the #1 hammock on Amazon, and holy crud — once you try it, it’s easy to see why! This thing is super duper sturdy, holding up to 400lbs with ease, yet it only weighs 24oz and packs down to the size of a softball. Hammock anywhere, hammock today!

Keep Your Knees In Good Shape By Using These TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

A set of trekking poles

Now that you’re inspired to head to the great outdoors, let’s consider the state of your knees. How well are they holding up in your old age? You should be doing more to keep them in pristine condition, and the easiest way to do that is to have some support while you’re hiking through the woods. Pick up these trekking poles from TrailBuddy and keep your knees safe from untimely degradation. The added support the poles provide also allow you to use your arms to help scramble up steep inclines and uneven trails. Be smart. Use some poles.

Keep Your Family Happy And The Mosquitos Angry With This Portable Room-Sized Tent

The canopy tent over chairs and tables

If there is one thing that irritates me about nature, it’s the freakin’ mosquitos. No doubt about it, mosquitos are my mortal enemy, and I’ll do anything to keep them away from me. This instant pop-up tent solved a lot of problems, mosquitos being at the top of the list. You can just toss this screened-in outdoor room anywhere, and it will erect itself in seconds. When you’re done, it takes a bit longer — maybe a minute — to take it down.

Stop Resisting And Get Yourself One Of These Hoverboards

a hoverboard

Let me ask you this question point-blank: have you ever been on a hoverboard? You might not be convinced to buy one of these up just because of some prejudice you have against them, but honestly — they’re so much fun. I’ve found myself wanting to ride this thing wherever possible, it’s like an addiction. Plus, it also gets me out of the house.

Bird Watch In Style With A Bird Feeder That Repels Rodents And Squirrels

a bird feeder

Now that you have your garden hammock, what are you going to do in it besides read? My suggestion is to pick up this fancy bird feeder and watch the wildlife come to you. Droll Yankee has created the only anti-squirrel bird feeder on the market, for which it has a lifetime warranty. Honestly, watching squirrels try and fail to get to the birdseed is one of the best parts of owning this thing.

Enjoy The Views Nature Has To Offer Even More With A Spectacular Pair Of Binoculars

A pair of binoculars

Now you have cool birds coming to your bird feeder and you want to get a closer look? Why WOULDN’T you pick up these binoculars? They make a great addition to your new outdoor lifestyle, and plus, they come in handy literally everywhere becuse we’re talking 10X magnification power — you can see everything.

How About Treating Yourself To A GoPro HERO8 Complete Bundle And Filming All The Action

The black GoPro set

Of course you want to film your outdoor exploits, who doesn’t? Most people just grab their phone and that’s all they use. The problem is you need your phone for real life, and when you start doing more cool stuff in nature you’ll want something that can do the dirty work as its sole purpose. It’s time you finally indulge yourself and get a GoPro. The HERO8 is super affordable for what it does, and it does basically everything. 4K? Check. Waterproof? Check. Built-in stabilization? Check. In your Amazon cart? Hopefully.

The Perfect Splash Pad For Summer Is Here

wading pool with fountains

Grab your iced bevy and hop into your new respite spot on hot days: this splash pad with a bunch of fountains. I mean, this thing is super fun for your kids, but let’s be honest — you’re going to sit in this thing, and you’re almost certainly going to have fun too. It’s perfect for cooling down, and it’s a great way to avoid heavily chlorinated pools. Plus, maybe it’ll teach your dumb friends how to spell — seriously, why are folks so bad at spelling these days?

Get Out Of The House And Camp With Your Whole Family In This 6-Person Tent

a gray and green pop up tent

Now that you’re going to be outside all the time, you may as well sleep outside, too. I mean, come on, it’s summertime. Me, the pups, and the hubby usually hit the trails for an overnight a few times a year, and honestly, I love it. The air, the stars, the possibility of a wild animal sighting — it’s all so much fun. It’s virtually impossible to be unhappy while sleeping in a tent, so what are you waiting for?

This Blanket Will Change How You Picnic.

The blanket pineapples

I used to hate picnics because the blankets I would bring along would get filthy and sometimes soaking wet. Then I discovered this new style of picnic mat, which does an amazing job at avoiding these two issues, and haven’t looked back since. It’s so good at keeping my butt clean and dry, but also totally comfortable and not plasticky

If You Can’t Walk On Water, You May As Well Walk In The Water Comfortably

water shoes

Water shoes are awesome. Not only are they useful, but they are sometimes required to not cut up the bottoms of your feet while you’re at a rocky beach. I have awkward-sized feet, and water shoes can be way too tight. Not these water shoes from SIMARI, these are different. These fit like a glove and are so, so comfortable, plus they come in almost every size — for both men and women.

Ever Dream Of An Unlimited Supply Of Water Balloons To Throw At Your Friends?! Dream No Longer

Reusable water balloons in a variety of colors

It’s summertime. It’s time to throw balls filled with water at each other, and what could be better than those balls being reusable? Nothing. No more plastic shards all over the lawn. Just good, clean, water assaulting fun.

I Didn’t Even Know They Made Inflatable Hot Tubs, Did You?

The inflatable hot tub

You’ve always wanted a hot tub, don’t lie to yourself. Now you can finally afford one because Coleman is making an inflatable hot tub that truly rocks. This bad boy fits up to 4 people and can bring the heat up to 104 degrees. You need this, trust me.

Set Up The Hot Tub And Then Set Up This Projector For The Best Evening Of The Summer

A portable projector

Sometimes you just need to watch a movie, and some of those times you want to watch that movie outside from the comfort of your new hot tub. Well, now you can do just that if you grab one of these portable projectors from PVO. It’s under $100 and supports full 1080HD, this one is a no-brainer. Now, if only you had a screen for that…

Grab One Of These Portable Screens Too For A Crystal Clear Image

A projector screen for the patio

Now that you have a projector, all you need is this awesome screen to put the image on. This one is super portable and folds up into next to nothing, but still stretches out to be perfectly flat when you’re ready to use it.

These Tiki Torches Can Use Citronella Oil, Keeping The Bugs Away While You Enjoy The Glow

A tiki torch

Yeah, maybe tiki torches aren’t for everyone, but I think they are super awesome! Having some of these lying around, waiting for the opportunity to light ’em up, always gives me peace of mind. You can even use citronella oil with these and make mosquitos (my mortal enemy) a thing of the past. Tiki torches will transform your backyard into the ultimate hang zone. You are playing with fire, though, so be careful!

You’re Already Turning Your Backyard Into The Ultimate Hang Zone, May As Well Get An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizza oven cooking pizza

You might not think of pizza as proper food for a BBQ, but that’s only because you don’t have your own pizza oven yet. Seriously, get this oven, learn how to make pizza dough, and impress everyone who comes over to your house. What’s better than a good pizza? Nothing, that’s what.

Your Summer Will Be Infinitely Better If You Have An Awesome Garden

Everything from the gardening set laid out

It’s 2021, time to turn your video game thumb back into a green thumb. Get yourself a good set of gardening tools and there’s nothing you can’t grow, for real. This 83-piece toolkit has everything you need to turn you into a legit farmer. This set makes a great gift, but honestly, you need these tools in your life too.

Finally Get Yourself An Outdoor Gas Fireplace That Will Light Up Your Night

An outdoor gas fireplace

You’ve seen these outdoor fireplaces before, but I bet you didn’t buy one because you thought they’re too expensive. Well, think again! This bad larry is only $240, and it’s a full-sized unit! I love mine, it’s super well-made and gives off a nice, subtle heat.

Learning To Paint Can Be As Easy As Following Some Instructions, Try It For Yourself

A paint-by-numbers scene

Now that you’re the most chill version of yourself, it only makes sense that you want to learn how to paint. Fair enough, you already have that bird feeder and hammock. Get one of these paint-by-the-numbers kits from PAINTKEY and learn by doing. Complete a couple of these, and I promise: your newly developed ability to paint will definitely surprise you.

Remove The Sting And Itch From Insect Bites By Using The Concentrated Heat Of Bite Away

the Bite Away

I. HATE. MOSQUITOS. What do they even do, what is their stated purpose? I guess they’re a good food source for spiders and frogs, but whatever. They are my enemy, and I think we should destroy them at all costs. However, when they DO get a bite past me, I’m prepared. That’s because I keep one of these magic wands nearby at all times, seriously. The Bite Away zaps your bites and stings with high heat for 3-5 seconds, stopping the itch in its tracks. It really works, my dudes. Read the reviews, you’ll see that other people love this thing as much as I do.

Document Your Summer In Style With This Handy Phone Tripod

A tripod for a camera with remote

Why do you not have a tripod for your phone already? It’s 2021, for heck’s sake! Well, as they say in most Commonwealth countries: no worries, mate! Just get one of these Ubeesize stands and be done with it. You’re going to need this thing to film yourself in that new inflatable hot tub with your friends relaxing on your new garden hammock in the background, am I right? That’s gunna be a killer shot.

Throw Your Phone Into One Of These Waterproof Cases And Film Yourself Jumping Into The Ocean, Everyone Will Want To See The Footage

A waterproof phone bag

Let me guess: now that you’ve got the water shoes, you’re planning to jump off cliffs now? And you want to film it? Well, if you’re not going to drop the cash for a GoPro, one of these waterproof sleeves is a great cheap alternative. I used one on my trip to Sicily and filmed so much cool stuff underwater. I feel like these bad boys make a lot of things possible, considering they’re just plastic squares.

Summer Is Hot, Running Is Hot…It’s A Bad Combo. Start Running At Night And Light Your Way With These Arm Bands

A pair of bright arm bands

Running in the dark? You’re wild. That’s okay though, you can pick up these glowing wristbands for added visibility at night. Just make sure you keep them dry and dry them out if they get wet!

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