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This Year’s Best Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s finally Spooktober, meaning everyone’s favorite ghoulish holiday is just around the corner. ‘Tis the season for buying blood and fangs online, and I have personally done a bunch of research into this year’s Halloween costume market to make your life easier. It’s our mission to keep El Noche readers ahead of the curve.

Let’s be honest, being fully prepared is the key to an enjoyable Halloween. So, as well as providing some awesome costume ideas, I have included a list of this year’s best accessories that will help bump your costume to the next level. Buy yourself the blood and fangs you deserve!

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This Inflatable Alien Abduction Costume Is Hilarious

alien abducting man halloween costume

Who doesn’t love those funny inflatable T-Rex costumes? Well, this year you can dress as all sorts of inflatable monsters, including this giant alien who is actively abducting you. I saw a few other spooky new designs, but this one has the best effect and I think you’ll get a good laugh at the party.

Note: It needs 4 AA batteries, which are not included!

This Hazmat Suit Will Be Perfect For A Pandemic Halloween Party

hazmat suit halloween costume

Show up to the Halloween party pandemic-style, and by that, I mean in this hazmat suit. Not only will you be relevant, but you can also walk around the party with an air of superiority because of how well protected you are. This costume is very well made, and versatile: wear it once as hazmat costume, wear it next time as a Breaking Bad costume!

Dress As A Plague Doctor And Bring Some Classic Flair To This Year’s Spooky Season

plague doctor halloween costume

When the bubonic plague hit, this was the protective suit plague doctors wore when they treated patients. They would stuff the beaks with Theriac, an herbal concoction which contained various powders and narcotic plants, to help alleviate the smell of death and prevent miasma (bad air). Seeing as Theriac is not around anymore, and narcotic plants aren’t normally legal, I don’t recommend going that deep into historical accuracy. However, as far as the costume goes: this one is legit and has great reviews.

A Classic Full Body Skeleton Suit

skeleton halloween costume

If you’re looking for a halloween costume that is easy and relaxed, look no further than this ultra-comfortable skeleton suit. You aren’t going to break down any walls with excitement or spookiness, but you’re going to be cozy as heck and fully costumed up. The hood detaches, so after you’ve given a few scares you can remove it and enjoy some candy.

Be A Couple Of Massive Emojis For Halloween With Your Partner

emoji halloween costume

If you and your boo are trying to coordinate a costume together, allow me to suggest this eggplant & peach matching inflatable emoji set. They look awesome, and you’ll definitely be the only couple wearing inflatable emojis at the party. Think of all the jokes you’ll be able to make!

Note: These need 4 AA batteries, which are not included!

Be Lt. Dangle From Reno 911 And Maybe Even Use His Patented Sock Stuffing Technique For The Shorts

Reno 911 halloween costume

I’m not going to lie: this is 100% going to be my costume. So, if you know me personally, please move along. There’s only room for one Lieutenant Sheriff Dangle in this town, and it’s going to be me. Honestly, this is the best Halloween costume because Reno 911 is the best show. $35 for all of this is a steal! Someone should dress as Terry, too, but I couldn’t that costume for sale anywhere.

Give Off The Steve Buscemi “Hello, Fellow Kids” Vibe With This Among Us Costume

among us halloween costume

If you are over 30 and decide to get this costume, do everything you can to not seem suspicious. I can’t make this more clear: avoid acting sus, and everything will be okay. The best way to achieve this is to actually play Among Us a few times and figure out the lingo so you can enjoy the costume to its full potential. Either that, or you’re going to be called out for being sus. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Note: This needs 4 AA batteries, which are not included!

This Is Probably The Creepiest Chicken Costume On The Planet

terrifying chicken halloween costume

Something about this chicken costume is utterly terrifying. I really can’t pinpoint why, but its overall vibe feels like that of a campy horror film antagonist. Terrifying or not, the quality of this mutant poultry suit is top-of-the-line — so if you’re in the market to own a dependable yet creepy chicken costume, here’s your chance!

This Ghost Costume Is Customizable, And It’s Really Affordable!

ghoul halloween costume

This Halloween costume is great because the overall theme is open to interpretation. For only $36, you can either wear this as is, or you can customize it with some help from our selected accessories. Add a mask and some blood to make it extra horrific; the possibilities are endless. With a little creativity, you can be the ghoul you always knew you could be!

Scare The Trick-Or-Treaters With This Decapitated Vampire Costume

decapitated vampire halloween costume

Do you want to freak out the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood? This headless vampire costume is an easy solution. Pair it’s grotesque appearance with a bucket of fake blood, and you’ll send the local children running for the hills.

Be A Furry Monstrosity With This Werewolf Costume

Wolfman Halloween costume

We need to bring back werewolves! This costume comes with everything you see in the picture aside from the pants and boots, but you probably have those at home already. Reviewers remark on the surprising quality of the materials, helping to make it one of the most positively rated halloween costumes on Amazon.

This Adorable Pooh Costume Is Sure To Be A Conversation Starter

Winnie The Pooh costume

I understand that Winnie The Pooh isn’t scary, but hear me out. I’m thinking if you modify the hood by covering the black stitching on Pooh’s face, you could then use yellow makeup and draw his facial features directly onto your face. Then, you could buy some fangs and fake blood, and BAM: Zombie Pooh. Or you can just wear it as-is, that’s probably easier.

Probably The Scariest Costume Of 2021: This Coronavirus Cell

Coronavirus halloween costume

Let’s be honest: someone is going to dress up as Covid-19 for their Halloween costume, so it may as well be you. This might be the most relevant Halloween costume of all time, and I feel like it hits on multiple levels. If on the off chance someone else shows up at the party with this costume, you two can go around calling it a super-spreader event.

Fan Of WandaVision? Check Out These Movie-Ready Costumes

Vision halloween costume

This Vision costume is great because it’s so simple but looks picture-perfect. So much so that everyone is going to be impressed, trust me. All you need to complete this Vision ensemble is some red makeup. The same company, BestLee, also makes costumes for all the other WandaVision characters, which you can see if you click through to the Amazon page.

This Creepy Doll Halloween Costume Is Terrifying

This is another one of those costumes that just struck me as creepy, and I feel like it could be customized with some scary accessories to bring it to the next level. The costume only comes with the dress, so you’ll need some makeup to finish the job.

Flo From The Progressive Commercials Is So Famous She Has Her Own Halloween Costume

Flo is one of the United State’s best marketing characters of all time. How long has she been doing these Progressive commercials, like two decades? It’s time to show her a little respect and celebrate her accomplishments. How? Go as her for your Halloween costume!

Fan Of What We Do In The Shadows? Grab This Nadja Costume And Be The Energy Vampire Your Party Needs

I was trying to figure out how to put together a good costume from What We Do In The Shadows, and here’s my idea: this dress and these fangs, and you’re instantly Nadja. I understand that she is not Colin Robinson, but you probably already have everything you need to dress like him: maybe a flannel and some blue jeans. Just don’t forget your ancestral soil, otherwise you won’t get any sleep!


These Masks From The Squid Game Are Utterly Terrifying

The Squid Game halloween mask

Bong Joon-Ho knows how to make something scary, and he’s proven that once again with The Squid Game. Wearing just this mask and hoodie is perfect if your friends understand the reference, but here’s the thing: not everyone has seen this show. Not a problem! I propose that you can add this mask to any costume and really maximize the creepiness. Think about pairing this mask with this ghost costume — it would be awesome.

The Highest Rated Costume Makeup On Amazon

Stop using poor quality face paint for your Halloween costume, it’s bad for your roleplay and bad for your skin! This kit comes with 10 brushes and 12 colors, so you’ll be able to acheive any look with minimal effort. Don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews!

16 Ounces Of Standard Issue Blood

Fresh blood isn’t socially acceptable, so this Vampire Blood is the next best thing. Don’t waste your money on those overpriced unrealistic capsules, this bottle is 16 ounces of blood is so life-like that the only person who would know the difference is an actual vampire.

Create Realistic Wounds Using This Scar And Coagulated Blood Wax

Let’s face it: rubber masks look crappy. Seriously, no one is impressed by it, and it’s time to look for another approach. This facial sculpting wax and fake coagulated blood will help make you the scariest looking person in town, allowing you to put giant gashes across your throat, or bullet holes in your skull. Seriously, this stuff is so fun to play with. It comes with a sculpting tool to help with the design and application process.

If You’re Going To Be A Vampire, You Need These Realistic Fangs

Let me repeat: if you’re going to be a vampire, you’re going to need these realistic fangs. These are the only fangs I’ve found that are reusable and actually look real. They may be a bit on the expensive side ($18), but you’re not going to regret the purchase. Go ahead and buy a cheap pair if you want, but you’ll wish you listened to me.

Take Your Creepy Costume To The Next Level With A Medieval Cowl Hood

This hood will work to add some layers to your customized costume. It fits with any look, but it meshes particularly well with some sort of death costume. I bought one just to have, maybe for next year.

Pay Your Respects To The GOAT With This Steel MF Doom Mask

I’m putting this here because I think we all need to pay our respects to the greatest MC who ever lived: MF Doom. The costume is simple: just wear this mask. You will undoubtably be the coolest person at any Halloween party.

This Professional Grade Bald Cap

Sometimes you need a bald cap, but make sure you don’t get a crappy one! This bad boy from Mehron is movie-quality, making sure you don’t look ridiculous at the party. It also works great for wearing under a wig, skillfully creating a seamless hairline.

Make Sure You Have Some Good Spirit Gum On Hand For Use As Prosthetic Adhesive

If you plan on using anything that requires adhesive on your face, I recommend this spirit gum that easily washes off with hand soap. Don’t use other adhesives that are tough to deal with and leave your skin feeling rough, you’ll regret it. Spirit gum isn’t even expensive, so make your first purchase the correct one.

These Hyper-Realistic Foam Prop Weapons Look Awesome

These weapons look so realistic that they could easily give someone a spook if they see you coming with one. I bought this barbed bat, but they have a few dozen designs to choose from. They are made from 100% soft foam, so no real damage can be done and no one will get hurt.

Don’t Forget A Good Mustache, Like These Great Ones From Rubie’s

Last but not least: a classic mustache. Rubie’s makes a bunch of designs, so you can pick any and know you’re getting great quality. I got this one for my Lt. Dangle costume!

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