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The Most Suggested Products From Our Readers

We love getting suggestions from our readers. Every now and again, we receive a recommendation that just has to be shared, and we don’t want to leave you hanging. Once we build up enough of a backlog, it’s time to share our top reader suggestions with everyone!

So, without further ado, I present to you the best stuff from Amazon that our readers have discovered and want to share with you! From hair products to coffee mugs, this article covers the whole gamut.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Chic Modern Woven Bag

The round rattan bag

This awesome handwoven round rattan bag is on everyone’s radar right now. It looks great when you’re rocking a vintage look, but it’s definitely not tied down to that aesthetic — something it owes to its classic simplicity. Each bag is handcrafted in Vietnam by master artisans, making this a unique find for all the fashionistas out there!

A Grout Cleaner That Will Take Your Bathroom From Shame To Fame

A tub with dirty grout

Grouting isn’t the easiest thing to clean, or at least it wasn’t until this magical cleaning serum was created from Skylarlife. The Home Grout Stain Whitener will turn your bathroom or kitchen into a whole new room, making those dark mold spots disappear. It’s so easy to use, literally just set it and forget it (until 8 hours later, then you have to wipe it off — so don’t actually forget it).

The Original Interactive Cat Toy That Will Drive Your Fur Child Nuts

A cat playing with a dangling toy

Who would have thought a wire with some cardboard on one end would be such a remarkable cat toy? Well, not me. But I was wrong. This toy brought some behavior out of my elderly cat that I haven’t seen in years. She’s jumping and smacking this thing all over the heckin’ house, getting tons of exercise. Worth every penny!

A Vacuum Attachment That Helps Clean Your Lint Trap

A person using the vent cleaner attachment on their dryer

Some lint traps aren’t easy to clean, especially if the exhaust tubing runs through the walls. Lint can build up and potentially become a fire hazard, which is why it’s important to frequently clean it out. This vacuum attachment gets the job done quickly and easily but letting your snake deep into any exhaust system and suck up all the nasty bits.

This Zombie Pack Face Mask That You Can Feel Working On Your Skin

A before and after of someone's face

This weird face mask is something I had been meaning to try for the last few years. During the lockdown, however, I finally set myself up with a few different masks from different brands. This one stood out as the winner, miles ahead of the other ones. You can actually feel this one working from the second you put it on. Then, once it hardens, you can walk around your house looking like a crazy zombie, scaring your family. It’s a true multi-purpose face mask!

This Baby Yoda For The Mandalorian Fans In Your Home

The Child plush

Do you have a Mandalorian fan in your house? Get them one of these adorable stuffed Baby Yodas, and they’ll be forever indebted to you. Kind of like how everyone is indebted to Yoda in Star Wars. We can all agree that this baby from Yoda’s planet is the cutest Star Wars character, so get on this before the hype dies and the plush toys of this guy are gone!

These Miracle Tablets That Deep Clean Your Water Bottle

A before and after of the inside of a Hydroflask

Your reusable water bottle is probably dirty, even if you can’t see the grime. Bottle Bright is the best solution to cleaning it thoroughly, removing all the stains — even coffee and tea. Don’t bother with the imitators, get the original Bottle Bright.

This Classy Ottoman That Works With Any Style

This ottoman is the perfect match with any sofa. It’s available in almost every color and is unbelievably soft. Honestly, I’m in love with this thing. It’s like this furry foot rest was forged in heaven and Amazon somehow procured a shipment. It works great as a stool, too!

This Teeth Whitening Pen Will Remove Impenetrable Stains

Having whiter teeth is something we all strive for. When brushing isn’t yielding the results you want, it’s time to find a new solution. Our readers swear by this whitening pen from AsaVea. I always keep one in my toiletry bag, so I can attest to its amazing whitening properties. It gives results after the FIRST use and in under ONE minute! Seriously!

The Most Thorough Garbage Disposal Cleaner On The Market

I didn’t even realize I had to clean my sink garbage disposal until a stink started steaming out of it. Gross! But have no fear, because Glisten’s Foaming Cleaner cleared my issue up after just one use. Trust me, as someone whose sink once smelled like death, you wanna keep that disposal clean.

These Reusable Toaster Bags Are Perfect For People With Celiac

As someone with a celiac sufferer in the family, I know how necessary toaster bags are to have on hand. Not only do they keep our gluten-free bread separate from contaminants, but they also allow us to toast entire sandwiches in the toaster. These really open up a ton of possibilities in the kitchen.

The Game That Is The Next Cards Against Humanity

Not enough people are playing card games anymore, and I really want to know why. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is so much fun that it leaves you with no excuse for not playing it. Take some time off from the idiot box and play a freakin’ game with your friends and family, especially one of these fun ones made by Dolphin Hat.

This Perfect All-Purpose Sports Bra/Top

I’m a simple gal with simple needs, and being comfortable is at the top of my list. Lemedy’s Fitness Top is probably the most comfortable top I’ve ever owned. It comes in tons of colors and looks great with any outfit. 10/10, will buy again.

This Magnetic Chess Board That Hangs On Your Wall

A person playing chess

Speaking of board games, what about this awesome magnetic chess set that hangs on the wall? Use it as interactive wall art, or just a regular old chessboard; the choice is yours, chess master!. I have one in the kitchen so my husband and I can play a long game over several days. It has become a serious competition in our house!

A Lanyard That Fits Your Vaccination Card Perfectly

The vaccine card protector

Now that the vaccines are out, why not slip that vaccination card into this plastic sleeve? You’re gunna want to keep that thing in pristine condition, because who knows how frequently someone will check it. Keep your vaccination card safe, protected, and on your person worry-free.

The Touch-Up Pen Will Hide All The Dings On Your Walls

The paint pen

If you have kids, your walls have dings and dents. There’s just no way around it. It’s time to take care of those wall scars with the Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pen. Simply load it up with whatever paint you want (I suppose it’s probably best to use the same color you used on your walls) and cover those cracks! It works great on anything that has a coat of paint!

This Gold-Plated Smiley Ring For Those Who Want To Wear Their Mood On Their Finger

A smiley face ring

Who doesn’t want to look at their hands and see something smiling back at them? That’s exactly what’ll happen when you buy this gold-plated smiley ring. I bought a bunch of these for my bridesmaids and it made the other wedding guests jealous. For only $12, why not?

These 400-Thread-Count Sheets That Make Life Worth Living

The sheets

Everyone deserves to sleep in comfort. I am all about comfort. That’s why I can attest that these sheets are probably the most comfortable ones under a hundred bucks. Honestly, why did I wait until my thirties to get 400-thread-count sheets? It’s a mystery Robert Stack should have covered on Unsolved Mysteries before he died. Those new episodes are kind of bad.

This Privacy Film For Your Windows That Still Let The Light In

The window film

Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned privacy? Create privacy where it didn’t exist before with this stick-on window film from Rabbitgoo. It lets the light come in without the prying eyes of your annoying neighbors. Always looking. Always judging. What made them such looky-loos in the first place? Don’t they have their own kitchen?

A Scraper Tool That Won’t Scratch Your Surfaces

The scraper

Scraping dried crud off your nice wood table doesn’t have to be a destructive process. Sometimes you just need something with hardness between a razor and your fingernail, and for that reason alone the Scrigit Scraper should be in every toolbox and junk drawer. It’s also great to scrape in narrow spaces around the kitchen or workshop.

Put Your Plants In A Butt Vase And Always Have Something To Look At

The butt planters in various colors

Pull your head outta your butt and put some plants in there instead. Seriously, I love my butt vase so much that I bought another one. Now my front porch has more booty than the entire neighborhood. If I get any more prying eyes staring at my porch butts, I’ll have to install more privacy film.

This Microfiber Mop And Easywring Hands-Free Bucket Are Gifts From The Amazon Gods

The mop

Take the effort and mess out of mopping with this all-in-one Easywring Microfiber Mop and Bucket System from O-Cedar. This set comes with everything you need to get your floors looking like new, including a replacement mop head. If you’re still mopping with that old bucket and mop, treat yo self to an upgrade.

A Transparent Bird House So You Can See All The Action

A cat looking at a squirrel next to a bird feeder

Birds are heckin’ cool. I didn’t realize how amazing it would be to watch them go about their day, but that’s exactly what I discovered when I got this clear birdhouse for our window. My kids are obsessed with it, and they now think they’re Steve Irwin or Jane Goodall or some such person.

A Cotton Rope Basket That Will Handle Your Dirty Laundry With Class

The basket in a living space

These cotton rope baskets are the latest trend in home goods. They’re multi-purpose and super easy to clean, just toss them in the washing machine! Use yours for dirty laundry or dog toys, or anything else! I won’t judge, promise.

This Miracle Carpet Cleaner Literally Called Carpet Miracle

A before and after of a dirty carpet

Bash out those nasty carpet stains with this all-natural carpet shampoo from Sunny and Honey. They didn’t mince words when they came up with the name, because this stuff is an absolute miracle — especially for pet owners. Kill odors and bring your house back to homeostasis in no time.

The Hand Massager That Will Knock Out Finger And Joint Pain

The hand tool

Arthritis in your hand is what I like to call no bueno. Not only is it debilitating, but it’s an achy type of pain that doesn’t stop. To get some non-drug relief, I highly recommend picking up one of these finger massagers from Gaiam. It works by allowing you to grip and pull your fingers (and other hand bones) to relieve pressure at the joints. This thing is awesome to always have handy, especially for musicians.

Soothe Your Dark Circles With This Amazing Turmeric And Vitamin C Eye Cream

The eye cream

I’m a big proponent of vegan and cruelty-free products — especially if they WORK! Sweet Chef’s Turmeric Cream definitely WORKS! It’s unbelievable. It clears up bags under your eyes with its combination of turmeric and vitamin C, this stuff really has the ultimate revitalization power. So many people have written us with this product on the top of their list that we definitely couldn’t exclude it.

This Herb Storage Container That Keeps Herbs Alive For Ultimate Freshness

The herb keeper in a fridge

Keeping your herbs fresh can be tough. Using the crisper drawer in the fridge sometimes yields the exact opposite result: soggy, floppy herbs and veggies. This magical box has a small reservoir of water on the bottom to keep everything fresh and ensures the proper humidity all-around!

A Coffee Mug That Will Come In Handy During Your Zoom Meetings

The mug with the words "you're on mute" on it

Get the point across in your zoom meetings with this mug that everyone has. I don’t know if you NEED it, but you definitely WANT it. Plus, you’ll look cool!

Reduce Scars And Hydrate Your Skin With This Skincare Oil From Bio-Oil

The body oil

Scars and stretch marks suck! I have a bunch, and when people started sending in this Bio-Oil Skincare Oil as a recommendation, I was very excited to try it. Wow. Just wow. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle. It’s like I got my scars taken care of professionally. 10/10.

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