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The Best Halloween Costumes For Kids

Every kid loves Halloween, especially the celebration at school. It’s the one day of the year that all dress codes are off, and being a weirdo is actively encouraged. But, with so many costumes to chose from, it can be overwhelming for both kids and their parents.

That’s where El Noche comes in. We’ve looked into the latest trends and decided to put together a list of the best costumes that are both kid-friendly and halloween-appropriate. Save the violence and gore for the adults, let the kids just have fun!

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This Zalgo Costume Is So Weird!

Do you know who Zalgo is? Well, if not, your kids probably do. They’ll probably use terms like “urban legend” and “creepypasta” to describe it, but in reality, Zalgo is just some well-written internet lore. So, while it’s creepy and scary, it’s not gory and very school-friendly. This particular Zalgo costume is very well-made, and your kid will probably win best costume. Just saying.

Who Doesn’t Love Moana?!

Who doesn’t love Moana? It’s the best Disney movie, and I’m not here to argue about it. Moana is like the original Frozen, but better. Trust me. Anyway, this costume has 5-stars on Amazon because it’s absolutely perfect, check out the reviews! Your kid will absolutely find their identity as Moana, just like she did.

Luigi Is Better Than Mario, Prove Me Wrong

I hope we can all agree that Luigi is the best character in the Mario universe. This costume looks great, plus it’s very easy to wear for your kiddo because they just step in and out of it. Yeah, it looks a little cartoonish, but isn’t that the point? Don’t be such a Waluigi.

No Costume Party Would Be Complete Without An Inflatable Dinosaur

Inflatable dinosaurs should be part of everyone’s Halloween, and a part of everyone’s life in general. I bet there will be a few of these at your kid’s school, so try to get a unique color! Nothing cuter than a bunch of little dinosaurs running around!

Every Kid Wants To Be An Astronaut? No Problem!

Anybody who is anybody wanted to be an astronaut as a kid, that’s just cold, hard facts. When I was a kid, astronaut costumes looked like crap. Now, they look like the real deal, and this one even has a realistic helmet included! This costume may even inspire your kid to be the next Elon Musk, which might be the scariest part.

Is Your Kid Having Trouble Deciding Which Disney Princess To Be? Here’s A Bunch!

This Disney princess kit is perfect for the undecided princess in your life. They’re all here: Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White. After Halloween, your kids and their friends will always have costumes to play dress-up with. As Michael Scott would say: this is a win-win-win.

I Want To Dress My Son In This Train Conductor Costume Everyday

If they made this costume in adult size, I would wear it as normal clothes. I would have definitely wanted to be this if I knew it existed as a kid. They also make a costume in black, which has different sizes available.

Have A Newborn? They Can Be A Subway Sandwich For Halloween

Wrapping your infant up like a Subway sandwich is absolutely hilarious, so there’s no doubt everyone is going to enjoy this. The costume itself is 100% cotton, keeping your baby warm and comfortable while your friends inevitably pretend to take a bite.

You Already Listen To Baby Shark All The Time, You May As Well Hear It All Halloween, Too

If Baby Shark has been the theme song in your house for the past year or two, maybe consider this inflatable shark costume for your kiddo. Hopefully, this will finally get that dang song out of their system and you never have to hear it again! Probably not, though.

This Giant Hotdog Costume Is Amazing…

If your kid ever sang “I Wish I Were An Oscar Meyer Weiner” around the house, call their bluff with this full-sized hot dog costume. It’s made out of high-quality materials, so you’ll definitely get quite a few uses out of it. The best part of this is it’s actually two costumes in one — a hot dog and a veggie dog.

This Bandit Costume Is Perfect For Your Rebellious Kid

It’s not every day your kid can dress up like a bandit, so when they get the chance you should give it to them. This costume comes with everything you need to have a real thief in your midst, including a big old bag of cash. It comes with all the mustaches too, so your little criminal can also be a master of disguise.

If Your Kid Loves Zelda, They’ll Love This Officially Licensed Link Costume

This Link costume is the real deal. It’s crafted with extreme attention to detail and very durable materials, to the point where people will wonder where you got such a masterpiece. All the accessories are attached by hook-and-loop clasps, allowing for easy removal if needed. And no, the hat doesn’t stay aloft like that.

Spiderman Is Still King, And This Costume Is The Best On Amazon

Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes ever, and I’m pretty sure almost every kid goes through a Spiderman phase these days. It’s so popular that many different companies are making costumes, and the degree of quality varies wildly. This one is exceptional. It’s made to last, which is good because your kid will probably want to wear it all the time.

This Swamp Monster Costume Will Win Best Halloween Costume At School

I can guarantee no one else in your kid’s school will have this awesomely detailed swamp monster costume. It comes with everything in the picture, including the pants and shirt. All you’ll need is just a little face paint, which you can find on our accessories list from a couple of days ago.

This Wonder Woman Costume Looks Great!

Don’t let anyone tell you that a Wonder Woman costume isn’t school-friendly, because this one is a great example of that. It’s lightweight and breathable, plus it looks awesome with its shiny gold finish. Just read the reviews if you’re not convinced, this one has almost unanimously positive ones.

Every Halloween At School Needs A Vampire, May As Well Be Your Kid!

This little vampire costume is adorable, and your kid is going to be the cutest blood-sucker in all the town. It’s made from 100% polyester, so it’s not some crappy plastic costume. Your child should get a couple of uses with it and will still be good to hand down after they grow out of it.

This Bat Costume Is Terrifying, Especially In 2021

Bats are easily the scariest things from 2019 through 2021, for obvious reasons. This winged onesie will definitely garner a lot of attention due to its detailed design, and I think your unique kid will be the only one wearing it. It comes in a couple of different sizes, which apparently run a little small, so be mindful of that when you buy!

I Love This Reversible Cloak!

I love this cloak because it’s not just a Halloween costume, it’s a fabulous piece of fashion. You can wear it either way, as black or red (and black or purple, depending on which one you buy), because it’s completely reversible. It’s also well-liked, as it’s the only thing I’ve ever seen on Amazon with perfect 5-star reviews.

Turn Your Infant Into Bart Harley Jarvis

Bart Harley Jarvis is the bad boy of the competition, and this is probably the best toddler costume to ever exist. Some might say that this costume is only appealing to fans of I Think You Should Leave, but honestly, it’s also overall hilarious to anyone. I guarantee that at least several people will comment that your toddler should win Baby Of The Year.

There’s Always Room For A Mummy At The Party!

Mummy costumes are another one of those dying trends that needs to come back. This one looks perfect, so much so that it might have some folks looking for an empty tomb somewhere. You may need some Halloween makeup, which you can find here.

Your Kid Will Be So Cool With This Slenderman Costume

Slenderman is scary as heck, therefore it’s no mystery why this costume is on the list. Easy on, easy off, this bodysuit costume is just about the easiest thing to wear on Halloween. Just make sure your kid doesn’t reenact any of the lore…

Have Your Kid Be A Hero

Who has been the real superheroes these past few years? Undoubtedly the medical professionals who have kept us alive. This costume is basically real doctor scrubs scaled down for a kid, and it’s perfect. Just make sure your kid doesn’t try to perform any surgeries.

This Easy And Fun Skeleton Costume Is A Winner

Get your lazy kid off the couch and trick-or-treating in the streets with this ultra-simple skeleton costume. This one runs a little small, so make sure to get a size or two up.

This Maleficent Costume Looks Soooooo Good!

Maleficient is a great example of a villain who isn’t very violent. She’s dastardly, sure, but she won’t necessarily hurt anyone (except King Henry, obviously). This costume looks breathtaking, with every detail and nuance fully represented, totally justifying the 5-stars on Amazon.

Every Kid Needs To Be A Pumpkin Once, Isn’t That The Rule?

If you’re going to go with an old classic, you may as well make it a well-made one. This cute pumpkin is soft and squishy, and doesn’t require a lot of extra work. Just slip on the costume, pop the hat on, and you’re done.

I Think Maybe The Devi, Too

When I was a kid, my parents sent me to kindergarten dressed as the devil. I remember the costume very well: it was a red onesie with a tail, and I had plastic horns glued on my head with red face paint and a black mustache. I looked great. My teacher told me I looked “very apropos.” I guess I was a bad kid, who knows. Anyway, drop your devil off at school in this awesome satan costume!

Okay, This Is The Most Adorable Costume I’ve Ever Seen

I mean, what do I need to say here? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture should be able to do all the talking: turn your toddler into a stuffed animal for $33.

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