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Our Favorite Amazon Surprises In 2022

Have you ever been on Amazon searching for something specific, then unintentionally stumbled across something else more attention-grabbing — eventually succumbing to an Amazon rabbit hole that eats all your free time? Well, I do that professionally. It’s not easy, but it’s honest work.

So, let me save you some of your valuable time and showcase 30 of the top items I ended up grabbing after hours of clicking through the Amazon matrix. I like to call these Amazon Surprises.

For example, I was looking for a large suitcase for an upcoming move when I discovered these awesome compression sacks and saved myself a ton of money on shipping. Or last week, when I was trying to organize my desk and untangle the wires, and I found these amazing colorful wire clips. It just shows that you can really upgrade your life for under $20 if you put your mind to it. Okay, enough chit-chat. This list has 30 things on it, and you’re going to be doing a lot of shopping when I’m done with ya.

We love giving recommendations that help improve your life! In doing so, we participate in affiliate programs and receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Finally, A Light Bulb With A Realistic Flame Effect

When I was a kid, my mom would always put fake candles in all the windows around Christmas. I always thought these things looked fake and crappy, even back then. Well, apparently, pretend flames have come a long way, and this LED Flame Effect Light Bulb is a testament to that. It looks so real that your brain anticipates heat coming off it, like some sort of magic. I find myself constantly checking if it’s warm like some sort of dummy. Check out this video review and see for yourself! 

A Keyboard You Can Roll Up, Seriously

Let me tell you, as a distinguished and very notable writer: there is nothing like a full-sized keyboard. Using a clunky laptop keyboard cramps me up, makes me upset, and is overall the bane of my entire existence. Amazon presented me with this travel solution: a portable, waterproof, foldable, silicone keyboard that gives me access to a full-sized layout whenever I need to write while on the go. It’s also so, so easy to clean — just wipe it with a wet towel!

About Cleaning That Keyboard…

Now that we’re on the topic of cleaning a keyboard, I know the one for your main computer is gross. You can’t lie to me. It’s time for you to suck up those crumbs between your dirty keys with this mini vacuum from HONKYOB. You touch that keyboard all heckin’ day, why not maintain basic hygiene for it?

Dry Your Soaked Shoes Fast With This Shoe Dryer

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there is nothing worse than a wet foot, especially when it’s cold outside. Then what happens? Of course — the next day you try to put those shoes on and suddenly remember that they are SOAKED.  Get yourself this shoe drier and move on with the rest of your life. This thing is perfect for anyone living in areas with heavy precipitation, and who has a loathing for soggy shoes.

Outsmart Criminals By Storing Your Cash Inside This Belt

Store some cash in this super handy travel money belt and keep all your money safe but close. I usually put the bulk of my cash in this belt and just carry a few dollars in my actual wallet — a tried-and-true system that’s worked flawlessly thus far.

Turn Dinnertime Into Gametime With This Fun Meal Tray

The old adage “don’t play with your food” no longer applies, ever since these meal trays from Genuine Fred came on the scene. They basically turn mealtime into a fun board game, using different spaces for the food and revealing facts or fun catch-phrases when something is eaten. They have all types of different themes, like pirates and dinosaurs, keeping your kid — or annoying husband — thoroughly engaged throughout the meal. 

Pop Open Jars Like A Pro With The Kichwit Jar Opener

How come there are so many tricks to open jars, but it seems like they only work like 10% of the time? It’s time to end this nonsense. Is that jar of pickles not opening? Stop trying to invoke spiritual powers by alternating vibration sequences into the lid, and twist the top right off using one of these bad boys. I recommend you also terminate the use of Tik-Tok lifehacks in general and come back to reality. Real life problems call for real-life solutions. 

These Face Wipes That Have Zero Chemicals

I love face wipes, but I hate putting hydroxichorlinated-polyxolpropaline on my skin. What is HCPP? It’s a chemical I just made up, but it seems pretty true-to-life, right? What the heck are we putting on our skin when we “clean” it? I stopped all that nonsense when I picked up these all-natural wipes from Hello Cider. They contain extracts of Rose Geranium, Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Rose Geranium, Chamomile & Lemon Grass — resulting in the perfect non-toxic skin cleanser! I’m honestly a new person because of these things. Stop the chemicals and get back to the basics!

Keep Your Panties Seamless With Edgies From Naomi And Nicole

Keep your panty lines out of sight with Edgies, the ultimate seamless underwear made by the masterminds at Naomi and Nicole. They are super stretchy and have a thin silicone waistband, pretty much guaranteeing to fit everyone comfortably. I don’t think I could go back to wearing tight-fitting clothing with traditional underwear. The flat stitching just looks so good and basically ensures you’re going to look sexy AF in that dress — trust me. 

Increase Your Storage Capacity With These Space Savers

These bags are the perfect way to free up space — whether it’s in your wardrobe, in moving boxes (like me), or in your checked luggage. Just toss any textiles into the bag, roll that sucker up, and congratulations: you’ll have compressed your garments 3x smaller in under a minute. Grab a couple of these and finally get to organizing that mess of an attic you have.

 A Dish Rack That Folds Up For Storage

My tiny kitchen has no space to spare, so it can be a nightmare every time I have to air dry any dishes I wash by hand. It’s a real pain in my butt, to be quite frank about it! This drying rack helps make two ends meet by folding up and storing away after use. I have a dishwasher, but I find it silly to put things like cups through it when I can just as easily clean them myself. I can’t stress how much it rules to finally have a proper way to dry stuff in my tiny cocina!

 The Retractable Clothing Rack That Mounts On Any Wall

Speaking of pint-sized spaces, my bedroom is so small that I affectionately call it ‘my bed’s room.’ Of course, this means I need to maximize every square inch. That’s why I needed to own this space-saving retractable clothing rack the instant I found it on Amazon. This thing literally reinvented how I use the space in ‘my bed’s room’ altogether, no joke. It’s super easy to install and holds up to 60lbs, which is crazy for something that folds up to basically nothing. I think it’s perfect for any room, and can work to serve any purpose you can think of. Cheesemaker? Hang those curds from this bad boy. Luthier? Hang those necks from this bad boy. Whisky maker? Strain that mash from this bad boy. I’m not short on ideas for this thing if you couldn’t tell.

The Scrigit Is Your New Fingernail  

Do you find yourself haphazardly scratching wax off the table with your fingernail because it won’t wipe off? We’ve all been there. This little device will save your fingernails from abuse by acting as your personal scraper. It’s the size of a pen, so it fits right in your pocket. I find myself pulling this out way more than expected, definitely one of my top purchases ever. Each finger only grows about 120 inches of nail during our lifetime, don’t waste it on dried paint.

Put Toilet Paper On Double Duty With This Dual Roll Dispenser

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re out of tp after you’ve already finished your business. What do you do? Perform an ill-advised trot to the storage closet? Yell for help and alert all mankind to your toilet goings-on? Be a regent on your thrown — install this dual toilet paper roll dispenser and you’ll never never be left stranded again. Plus, if you constantly have two rolls in rotation, you’ll always know when it’s time to buy more. Installation is easy and requires no tools, just place it over the top of the tank. This is king/queen stuff here, folks.

This Modernized Scarf With A Pocket

Did you know that both scarves and scarfs are correct plurals? I was today days old when I learned that. I was also today years old when I got my first infinity scarf from Pop Fashion, and let me tell you: I’m in love. It fits SO well, and the hidden pocket is PERFECT for stashing some cash. Just check out the reviews!

This Backseat Organizer That Makes Entertainment A Priority On Long Car Rides

Turn your backseat into a place people actually want to be by installing a couple of these car organizers. They secure everything within reach and make the perfect setup for watching movies or playing video games. There’s room for a tablet, two drinks, and even a little storage container for anything else you could possibly need (like snacks…lots of snacks).

Become Dazzled By This Light-Up Cable

Back in my day, computers used to be a dull affair. They were nothing more than beige boxes with little in the way of flair, sans a few tiny green blinking LEDs. These days desktop PCs look wild, with lights of every color emanating from cases reminiscent of high-end cars. I think we can all agree it looks awesome, which leads me to believe USB cables are about to make the same jump. Why not? Pick up one of these lightning cables that literally lights up — some type of foreshadowing on Apple’s part with that name, no doubt. Don’t worry, they have Android versions too.

A 6-Pack Of Awesome Cable Clips

I’m sure you have all sorts of cables cluttering your workspace. Be like me and clean up the chaos with these colorful cable clips that stick to any surface. Take a deep breath, use these things to put all your wires in their place, and I predict this whole process will relieve anxiety you didn’t even know existed. These work perfectly for USB cables, HDMI cables, and even the XLR cables you use for your podcast. 

Clear Your Shower Drain Of Debris The Real Way

Stop pouring drain cleaner down your shower drain! It’s super corrosive, and some of that crap ends up in the water system. The next time your shower drain is clogged, act like an adult and get the junk out of it the real way — with these insane 20” snakes that will pull up hair from last century. I predict you’ll look like a superhero to your family when you use this thing on a clogged drain. Here’s another business idea: go on Fiverr or something and offer to unclog drains for a modest price, but your secret technique is just that you use these badass things. Idk, you do you. I’m just an ideas person. 

This Contraption Keeps Your Sheets On Your Bed

I toss and turn in my sleep, which inevitably pulls my sheets up off the mattress. I needed something to help, and the benevolent Amazon gods answered. The Bed Band is essentially suspenders for your bedsheets: tightening up loose areas, keeping the corners snug, and keeping your mattress fully covered. This thing works wonders for me (and my irritated partner). Bed Band is the original, and it’s manufactured right here in the good ol’ US of A.

Sort Out Your Pet Fur Problem Once And For All

Cats and dogs shed, it’s a fact of life — but that doesn’t mean you should ignore that your dog is turning your hardwood floor into a carpet. It’s so easy to sweep it all up in one motion with the FURemover Broom. I’m serious Dan…if you don’t buy this and sweep up your pet hair, we may need to find a new spot to play D&D. The dungeon daster will thank you, I will thank you, Major Biden will thank you too, probably, idk.

Buy These Real Nail Clippers

Unless you’re from a wealthy family, you’ve probably been using crapola nail clippers your whole life. I bet you never thought about what good nail clippers feel like. Let me tell you: awesome. It’s time you feel the difference for yourself with these Harperton Nail Clippers. Not to mention this will be the last time you ever buy nail clippers — literally, these things have a lifetime warranty. 

This Toilet Bowl Cleaner That Requires You To Do Nothing

Let’s face it, cleaning the toilet bowl is the pits. You know who else realized this? The big brain inventors over at Fluidmaster. They made a nifty little device that sits inside the tank of your toilet, rerouting the flush water to mix with a powerful cleaner. This will have your toilet delivering odor and stain fighting cleaner to the bowl every time you flush. 10/10, would flush again.

Finally, A Blanket To Cool Down With

Humans have used blankets to keep warm since…well since a heckin’ long time ago. But some great thinkers went further. They asked, “What about a blanket that keeps you cool?” Well, science answered. This blanket cools you down using what many people describe as witchcraft. They even make entire bedsets with this Arc Chill technology, basically guaranteeing a sweat-free night sleep.

This 5-Pack Of Microfiber Lens Cleaners That Will Have You Seeing Clearly

These lens cleaners work better than a regular microfiber towel, hands down. They have a super simple design that makes you question why you ever used anything else in the to clean your glasses first place. 

Chop Your Herbs Like A True Chef With These Herb Scissors

If there’s one thing that amateur cooks get wrong, it’s mincing herbs. In my humble opinion, chopping haphazardly like a runaway from the looney bin will result in ununiform, wet, and frankly unusable herbs. Stop making mistakes and start slicing with the Chefast Herb Scissors — you’ll surprise yourself at how much of a difference a good chop can make.

These Color Changing Solar Powered Wind Chimes

Never underestimate the power of subtle outdoor lighting. When the sun goes down, these bad boys turn on automaticlly and work their magic: slowly fading between colors and giving your patio or porch the perfect glow. They even work great in a bedroom or hallway, as long as they get enough sun to charge them up!

Keep Your Curls Tamed With This Magical Hair Dryer

Bed Head does it again with one of their homerun products, this time a blowdryer with targeted action for tangles. The specially designed diffuser will allow your curls to breath and form naturally, while at the same time discouraging knots and other tangles that are the source in all our curl-related problems. Get less frizz and more volume with this all-encompassing appliance thats sure to change your world. 

A Magnetic Chess Set For Those Outdoor Kings And Queens

Chess is one of the oldest games ever made. In fact, its history goes back so far that they actually don’t know when it was created. The game itself hadn’t been updated for centuries. Then, one fateful day, some galaxy brain attached magnets to the pieces and changed the course of history forever. You need a magnetic chess set, how else are you supposed to crush your opponent when the wind is blowing something fierce? GrowUpSmart has this beautiful wood set with magnetic pieces, putting plastic magnetic chess sets to shame. 

Treat Your Hair The Way It Deserves With This 3-In-1 Biotin Hair Serum

If you haven’t incorporated biotin into your haircare regiment, you’re definitely missing a vital part. It’s one of the only nutrients that targets hair growth and health specifically, keeping your lushous locks healthy. This 3-in-1 hair serum acts as a conditioner, volumizer, and blow-out treatment while it also pushes biotin deep into your roots. It promises to feel the results after one use, so try it out!

Spark Your Creativity With This Holographic Nail Powder

Wow your friends with this vibrant holographic nail powder from Belleboost. If you’re interested in doing nails professionally, this is a really cool kit to experiment with! It includes everything you need to turn boring AF nails into future AF nails.

A Game That’s Like Jenga, But Better

Don’t Tip The Waiter is seriously so much fun, but I my years in the service industry might make me a bit biased. During the lockdowns last year, my family and I played this to the point where everyone was constantly smack-talking between games. Think of it like Jenga, but instead of removing pieces each turn, you have to add more plates to balance on top. It’s so popular that it frequently sells out on Amazon, so grab it while you can!

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